Thursday, March 29, 2007

Name : Apratz
Current occupation : Full time traveller, full time daydreamer, part time student
Status : On duty!

Readers, I will be off for 2 weeks onwards. I will be travelling around UK,Italy,Germany and Netherlands. See you later by 16th of April the earliest =p.

For Thou who has exam, all the best, Apratz will certainly cross her fingers on you (and not middle finger off course).

Vi ses i moneden, Farvel!
Ja mata, sayonara!
Bid you all adieu!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I feel like writing stories.

In times of adversities, insomniac, anxiety and such, myriad peculiar inspirations swell in my mind. They come up in the form of stories –sad, intriguing and angst plot to be more exact (I have no idea why I sweat so much when trying to build up lovely and pleasant plot T_T).

First Plot :

Rhapsody of Lady Murasaki

My name is ‘death’, coz my parents want me to be dead
And I want you too, to be dead

Toru, A popular composer meets a strong-willed boy-prostitute in a night club, whose fearless eyes leave him with great impression. The day after, he meets a street performer having the same eyes (and not to mention face) with him. Interestingly, he doesn’t seem to know him as well as their previous meeting. His name is Sai. He is very decent and shy but he can sing very well.

Toru then tries Sai to sing his composed songs, and he can perform it naturally without hesitation. Toru then reform a band called ‘Lady Murasaki’ with Sai as vocalist and lyricist, while he acts as just an outsider and let the band gains fame with their own effort. It is not hard times for them, since Sai’s angelic voice has power and his lyrics are so transparent and honest, both a reflection and satire of contemporary society nowadays. ‘Lady Murasaki’ becomes an icon and is loved by so many people.

Strange things happen when ‘Lady Murasaki’ released their first complete-album. A number of suicides in the town begin to increase steadily. By the time they released their third complete-album, most of their fanatic fan-girls are killed, either by committing suicide or having unnatural death. This is questioned by Toru who has neither evidence nor proof that ‘Lady Murasaki’ itself is involved. He wants to meet Sai but is unable to; since they are getting very popular.

‘Lady Murasaki’ is going to have a large-scale live concert. Toru is watching them rehearse, and suddenly realizes there is something strange with Sai. The one sings in podium is no longer Sai, that heavenly voice, those deadly moves, that infectious fiery glare, those are him. Him, whom Toru met two years ago. He noticed Toru’s presence and then smiles to him.
Welcome to the world of the dead, Toru”.

Story ends, I don’t know how to go afterwards >_<. I should spare more time to ponder and fantasize *slapped by rottentomatoes*.

It seems like I am a maniac of death issue =S. The truth is, I AM very paranoid of death, and even write these things make me shiver *it’s true*. I’ve been thinking about this plot long time ago, and I guess it has more twists at that time (but I already forgot).
The second plot is in progress, I’m still thinking of the appropriate names and title (but the theme is still around murder and death issue *boohoo*).

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gokil part I

What will you do if :

- There’s only DKK50 in your pocket
- And all hot meals cost you more than that
- Everyday is banana-day
- Nothing to do except waiting for the Easter break to come
- Presentation (assessment) is finished
- No buddies around (they are busy)

What I did :

- Went to expensive boutiques around the city
- Trying some piece of clothes
- Take pictures of them

(Did they notice the flashlights keep coming from the changing room? I wonder =S)
Okay Apratz, let’s stop these and back to ‘study’!

I can watch “4 Mata” and “Jomblo TV series” via Youtube. Sweeetttt~~~~

(NTU people will kill me for sure T_T, all the best for exam everybody! I always cross my finger on you! *run*)

Nu Haircut

Haircut (Indonesia) Rp. 20,000
Haircut (Singapore) S$ 25
Haircut (Denmark) DKK 360


So I take a pair of scissors, steal some piece of newspaper, sit down in front of the mirror, and cutting here and there.


(I’m not a narcissist, so the face is censored =p)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Arc in the Sky

I recently opened some L’Arc-en-Ciel (Laruku) forums and was quite shocked to certain extent. How come people out there who declared themselves as Le Cielers can heartlessly bitch about the existence of Laruku. I really question their sanity, as in, how come they waste their time browsing through specific forums and spread the breathtakingly terrible news about Laruku, yet they still call themselves a loyal fan.

Some of them claimed that Laruku is rather overrated. Their key success factor is merely because of the god-looking Hyde playing as Casanova attracts numbers of girls being their fans. And these fans, they said, don’t really care about their music, instead are unpretentiously fascinated because it’s Hyde who sings! Meanwhile the rest of the members got no talent at all, compare to another legendary J-Rock band such as X-Japan or Siam Shade.

One person bravely stated that his friend can play bass even better than Tetsu, whilst said that Yuki has monotonous beats on his drum (and later added that Ken’s composed songs are barely called a piece of work), as again compare to the so-called super famous band which inspire Junichiro Koizumi, X-Japan.

Some others left Laruku because they said it is no longer J-Rock band (and turned out to be J-Pop), since their music is rarely stick to one type. Laruku can turn rock into swing, pop into jazz, beat into ballad, and even combine those all into fabulous medley composition, and they said that it is inconsistent, and cannot be indigenously acclaimed as J-Rock band.

And some others keep criticizing about the way they present themselves. Before succeed as a major band, Laruku went indie and wore bizarre costumes of girls in Mediterranean era, this is known as ‘visual key’. They stopped wearing those after they gained a huge number of fans within Japan. Again, our so-called loyal fans protested that they are becoming lack of originality by leaving ‘visual key’ and such, since they go mostly by casual clothes in their performance.


It's fine if you don't come, it's fine if you won't watch
Just don't bitch about it because this is what we've decided on

Don't say "Things used to be better"
Just what do you claim to know about those gleaming times anyway?
Don't just say malicious things
If there's a fault in our chosen path... we're not there yet
you have no bravery to know the truth

(Bravery by L’Arc-en-Ciel)

Tetsu, the bassist and the leader wrote song titled ‘Bravery’ in the mid 1997 –I guess, just after they fired Sakura (the old drummer) because of drugs. This song is dedicated to their ‘fans’. The theme of betrayal and treachery is fully reflected within the lyrics. At the first time I heard this song, it feels so agonizing as Hyde sang it in an utter ballad style with his falsetto voice. This song depicts their disappointment towards the fans, that explains why they insist not to play this song in their Live performance. Reading the lyrics, I can understand their pain considering how pathetic some of their fans are.

Honestly speaking, I knew L’Arc-en-Ciel by accident. I was wandering around the store and found their cassette called “13 clicked singles best”, which I bought with no expectation. I have no idea about how hot Hyde and Tetsu are. Until I fell in love once I finished the whole tracks, as their music is so different from others, they got special characteristic in their music. Hyde’s vocal is unique, as well as Tetsu’s hardly imitated melodic bass and Ken’s exceptional guitar skill.

Then I ordered their live performance DVDs, and was surprise to find that those concerts are damn-energetic and vivacious. Even though they play the same songs for some live shows, they never failed to satisfy myself. In ‘AWAKE 2005’ concert, Hyde wears Nazi’s Uniform and sings song about war and peace, in ‘Light My Fire 1998’, he turns out to be a bloody hot vampire with tuxedo, blondie and red-eyed, in ‘Grand Cross Conclusion 2000’ he has a devil wing on his back and goes crazy when singing ‘Shout at the Devil’. They are not only selling music, but also fantasies and theatrical sophistication *grins*. How can I not love them?

Okay, I admit that I’m drooling over Hyde’s ageless beauty. A Hyde makes L’Arc-en-Ciel, L’Arc-en-Ciel. So what ? He’s not selling face over everything. He writes a gorgeous and poetic lyrics, he sings with damn-good falsetto voice, he has splendid and lively performance when it comes to Live shows.

I don’t care if L’Arc-en-Ciel is claimed to be overrated, and even always failed to grab an award from MTV Asia (even they’re not listed as nominators). So what? I admire Laruku, and not superficial and commercialized MTV Asia who promote R&B and western music (well, it is called ‘MTV Asia’, but those getting awards are always western artists, strange huh?).

Perhaps X-Japan and Lunasea are better than L’Arc-en-Ciel when it comes to J-Rock. So what? I listen to a bit Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Janne Da Arc, and even X-Japan, Siam Shade and Lunasea. They have their own characteristic as well, please don’t bother about comparing who wins over another, afterall they are all carrying the same genre of music, but I have to confess that Laruku represents my taste best.

Then if you are the real fans, please stop complaining. It’s okay if you don’t come, it’s okay if you don’t watch^^.

Ok, readers are vomiting already; I have to cut down my speech. At least I feel a bit relieved after expressing my anger into this. Finally, let me show you one of their shows, this song is super tranquil and calming. The titled is ‘My Dear’, this song depicts the condition during war (that’s why Hyde wears Nazi uniform *grin*), as I almost shed a tear when first time watching it. The lyric is very depressing, but still this is a very sweet ballad song.

My Dear

Now go out and look for love?
In the depth of the woods
That’s something I couldn’t find
Though I searched hard

Even though this world is tarnished by mistakes
I will never let your hand let go of mine
At least you can believe in that

Finally I reached out my hand and grasped it
And held it tight, overjoyed
So ephemeral it was that it died and decayed so soon

Someday when the whole world encounters joy
If I were to first meet you then
I would have never shown you
My endless sorrow

Where can it be?
Where can it be?
In my heart….

Even though this world is tarnished by mistakes
I will never let your hand let go of mine

Even if this feeling seems fake to you
It showers you with dazzling light, forever
At least you can believe that

Friday, March 23, 2007

Oh-My-Lousy Indonesian Passport

UK Visa costs me DKK575
Czech Visa costs me DKK217
Slovak Visa costs me DKK260

Balance in my wallet DKK50

Shall I go to Bratislava? *teardrops*

*singing* And everyday is just banana, slices of French bread, and banana, and slices of French bread, and banana, and slices of French bread, and did I mention banana?

Indonesia is one of the (in)famous 3rd world countries with two digits percent of unemployment rate, yet our passport is extremely inflexible, and even still have to pay fiscal tax for Thou intend to go overseas. This is a robbery T_T!*cuttingthroat*

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adolescent Retardedness in the first day of 21st

(This androgyny doll is even cuter than Barbie, Bratz or such)

I hope that Hydeist will be SOON opened outside Japan T_T

Kobenhavn University Around the Corner

I had a rendezvous with fellow Singaporeans today, to eat Greek buffet (again). Since my schedule is too-loose, I met Siang Leng earlier after she finished her class. We were sightseeing around Stroget, and she brought me around to explore Kobenhavn University in a nutshell.

This is a monument located in the frontyard of Economics Faculty. Within this area around, we can sense a strong academic atmosphere since there’re so many nerd-looking people bringing books ^0^.

This is one of the buildings of Kobenhavn University, owned by the Law Faculty. It was the oldest building of the university, and we can see statues of some famous figures that were once studied there (I could only recognize Niels Bohr and HC Oersted, pardon my ignorance).

It’s actually not a building of Kobenhavn University (KU), this is the Vor Frue Kirke (The Church of Our Lady) that was taken from around the side. The church is located just opposite the law faculty.

What’s more? I managed to enter the extravagantly classy library of KU! The interior inside is an eye-candy for frequent daydreamers (or a fantasist like me :p). I felt like spending two or three days camping here to study for the exam, since the ambience was evoking enough to make us ended up studying. Now I realized that NTU library was like a second living hell for students (the 1st one is the exam Hall), especially when the exam period’s crawling nearer *pun intended*.

Vor Frue Kirke (The Church of Our Lady)

This is the n-times I enter the cathedral/church (I have no idea of how to distinguish between those two). Siang Leng refused to take a picture inside since she said it was rather creepy.

The church has a LOT of statues inside (starting from the statues of 12 apostles), and they're all coloured in white. I can understand why Siang Leng feel scary though, since their empty sights seem like pointing at us. And, somebody played the organ once I entered the shrine *shocked*. Uh, okay T_T.

Finally, I was having a greedy lunch with Adelyn, Min Ling, Sam, Terri, Siang Leng, Yi Xin, Yeok Tho and Yee Hong altogether. Adelyn, Min Ling, Sam and Terry intended to surprise me, but I was being cool all the time and busy with my food *sorry guys, this is my proper lunch for the last 3 weeks*, but Siang Leng seemed quite surprise. Today is her birthday, so, Happy B’Day Siang Leng =).

These are the presents I received today. Really loved the necklace Siang Leng gave me; as it’s so simple and sweet. For Adelyn, Terri, Min Ling and Sam, thanks so much for the flowers as well (Min Ling said flowers didn’t fit my image, means that I should slightly change my attitude *lol*), and thanks Yee Hong for your cute rabbit ^^.

Thanks so much everyone, who keeps sending me messages, msn, e-mail, e-card, greetings, etc. You really made my day =). Luv you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ring bells through the window
I wish you smile for me
Sing songs altogether
La la la la la
('I Wish' by L'Arc-en-Ciel)

Just finished Global Market & Trade presentation today, and the responses and feedbacks from fellow classmates as well as the Prof were entirely great *grin*. At least I am finally free from presentations and projects for the rest 2 months *grin grin*. Well, the only reason for not blogging lately is because of this so-called major project.

Today is 20th of March in Singapore time, so I guess, happy birthday for myself ;). People said life begins at twenty; so according to them my life is just started. I am 21 already, means that I can legally buy alcoholic drink, cigarrettes, and not to mention watching BF *evil grin*. (No, that's just a joke, Apratz is still a good girl with good sense of humour)

Wishlists for B'Day gift :
1) Good Honour, good job, good grade (God am I asking too much?)
2) L'Arc-en-Ciel Live Concert VVIP seat
3) L'Arc-en-Ciel Live Concert VIP seat
4) L'Arc-en-Ciel Private Concert VVIP seat
5) L'Arc-en-Ciel Private Concert VIP seat
6) HYDE DOLL!! (Aaarrrgghhh where can I buy this?) *hysterical*

I think for just being here sound and safe, having so many friends who care a lot, going for exchange and primarily only taking 2 fun subjects, travelling all around Europe while waiting for Graduation ceremony, et cetera, and countless et cetera are my priceless gifts granted by God. Thank God for everything :).

Anyway, will be going to Malmo-London-Venice-Rome-Florence-Milan-Berlin-Amsterdam for the whole Easter Holiday + 1 week extended holiday *heart-throbs*. Can't wait for the break to come!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Behold, Nanyang Business School Fellows!

3 months onward to our Convocation!

All the best for our Applied Research Project, Job-hunting and the final subjects beyond the gate of graduation!

For Thou who already secured a good job, congratulations, I am proud of you!

For Thou who still struggling with Applied Research Project, all the best, I will cross my finger on you!

See you later at Convocation on July 2007 (as if XD)!

Indo-NTU-Nanyang Business School 2004

Apratz is still jobless, penniless, homeless, and loveless XD XD. Anybody has job-vacancy please tell Apratz!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Hmmph, how does a student who hates study live?" said a man, who approaching Apratz soundlessly. He smiles and opens his mask.

"I, Lelouche Vie Britannia, hereby order Apratz to STUDY... STUDY.... STUDY... study... study" (echoing)

*sounds of thunderbolt and lightning*

Apratz is stunning for a moment, and continuing to watch Code Geass episode 18 afterwards.

"This is an order from Lelouche Vie Britannia! Apratz shalt study, until thee last drop of blood! O' study, study for the sake of this rotten world, study for the sake of the Newborn Britannia, study until the end, study until there is nothing!"

*sounds of thunderbolt and lightning*

Apratz is trance for an instant, and then she sleeps.


Friday, March 09, 2007

I am not more than a mediocre student, I know my limit.

Never be on the top three during Primary and Secondary School, always on the bottom three during High School era, still on the bottom during University life. I am just a stubborn being, gifted by countless of luck from my benevolent God. It is all solely because of You.

I should spend 5 hours more on studying if people do it for 1 hour.

Be serious, Apratz!
Be more persistent to study!
Coz you are different from those superiors.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finally Amazon.Uk has dispatched my orders, God Child (Count Cain Saga) volume 2 and 3! I am truly madly deeply crazily totally in love with the whole plot and characters. For Thou who detest Shoujo Manga that much, I tell Thou that the story is not that shallow though it shows tons of bishounen as crème de la crème *grins*.


Can you not hear your Brother Abel’s blood crying out from beneath the ground, Cain?
(Alexis to Cain, in 'Butterfly's Bone')

God Child tells about a young England nobleman called Cain C. Hargreaves, a head of Hargreaves family, altogether with his faithful butler Riff, they resolved tons of murders and mysteries around them (It seems like unfortunate events always haunt him wherever he goes, a close resemblance to Detective Conan series). The story takes place in the 19th Century in London. Within the first few of the volume, it depicts some artistic murders using Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales as well as Victorian-England infamous aspects such as Jack the Ripper, Occultism and Superstitions. But as the story goes on, the inconvenient truth about the characters will be brutally revealed, which makes the story even more twisted and shocking.

And the Queen of Heart said,
“Off with her head!”
(Alice in Wonderland-Through the Looking Glass)

The pairing Cain and Riff remind me of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (though I have no idea of who becomes who). Cain is the Earl of Poison, he is collecting poisons as hobby, expert in both piano and violin, and has a splendid analytical thinking concerning murders. As for Riff, he is both a friend and guardian and will supply information that he needs. It is a perfect couple for detective story, I think. Nevertheless, Cain deals with some poltergeists ceremony and erroneous belief in some stories (as they are quite popular in England at that time), while Sherlock Holmes, to my concern, doesn’t deal with those things.

Jack the Ripper is dead
Walking in the white chapel
The sounds of steps we dread
Jack the Ripper is here

More importantly, both stories mention about the notorious Jack the Ripper as a gimmick. I am not sure about Jack the Ripper in Sherlock Holmes, but the hypothetical speculation about Jack the Ripper in God Child really makes sense. This remarkable serial killer comes out in sub story; ‘Mark of the Red Ram’, about the mentally-ill Young nobleman who always write the word ‘Red Ram’ and paint it on the wall inside his isolated chamber, and it will eventually lead to series of murders pertaining to Jack the Ripper. Ladies and gentlemen, Red Ram could be reversely read as Mar Der (literally means ‘Murder’, a typical Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle’s favourites).

Lizzie Borden, took an axe
Hit her father, forty whacks
When she saw, what she had done
She hit her mother, forty one
(Lizzie Borden, Nursery Rhyme)

Another interesting point is the presence of Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes as a trigger of murders. I don’t think that Nursery Rhymes psychologically suit the children, since it sometimes shows nasty and malicious use of wordings. The Nursery Rhyme ‘Lizzie Borden’ is being used in the story titled ‘The Tragedy of Miss Pudding’ as well as other infamous Rhymes namely ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’, ‘Black Sheep’, ‘Sundays Solomon Grundy’, et cetera, et cetera (even the titles make you creepy enough, isn’t it?)

“Everyone has a Judas nearby, and anyone can be Judas. Let me show it to you now”

says Cain

*spoiler alert*
The second last volume of God Child titled “Judas’ Kiss”. Readers, God Child has nothing to do with Bible story at all (exception the using of name Cain and Abel as main characters of the story). Thing is, the theme of sacrifice, trust and betrayal are fully applied within the plot. In the end, for somewhat evil reasons, Riff will betray Cain and pursue him in order to kill him. Cain –who has never known about this- in return, claims for revenge (the reverse side of great love is tremendous hatred =p) and swears to kill him with both of his hands.

"If you betrayed me, I will go and die."
(Cain to Riff in 'Kafka')

This story is full of deception and lies, with the scandalous endings that we cannot bear to imagine. Still I am thinking that Kaori Yuki is being too vicious to her own main characters, as she disinclines to at least create an itsy bitsy happy ending to them.

Anyway, I will be going to London in this coming Easter Holiday *drumrolls*. I can’t wait to see Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Big Ben, Baker Street, Buckingham Palace, et cetera, et cetera, which so far I can only find in Oscar Wilde and Conan Doyle’s writings *fainted in fascination*. I hope I don’t find any trouble in dealing with the Visa.

Am trying this test in Quizzila, and getting fascinated about the result *lol*.

Which God Child Character Are You?

You are Riff, loyal, mysterious, and shy. You are a nice person, and would do almost anything for your friends. Sometimes however you just seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Apratz yearns for flesh bread and bloodberry jam (trance in God Child ‘aftertaste’ =p)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rubbish Part 3 :
Reminiscences and Retardedness

Readers, prepare yourself, as this is going to be a super long rambling.

When I was 12 years old, I despised any Japanese thingy and it was very uneven for me to watch anime, since I did believe that those are not more than rubbish in disguise of cutesy wutesy characters with giant eyes and Cinderella wannabe storyline. I was addicted by MTV and boybands (bunch of them), and assuming that missing any MTV program (mention MTV Most Wanted, or even MTV Salam Dangdut to be more extreme *lol*) was a super big sin.

Until one day, I met my-best-rival-yet-my-best-friend that I used to call her Loki (a mischievous god from Norse mythology), and she was a very talented manga artist! Everyday in school we talked much about manga that we made, and even shared our dream someday to be popular manga artists. I often modified the ending in her manga and she did the same thing in mine. I always wrote an angst and tragic ending while she hearted the sweet and happily ever-after kind of ending. I loved to portray the classical or medieval setting in my works whilst she fancied the contemporary and school-life. Somehow I always protested her ways in amending the plot within my manga, since she always draw the happy ending resolution, which I detest so much.

I had a camp on school afterwards. That night, during the bonfire, Loki told me about an anime series called ‘Heroic Legend of Arslan’ that aired by Indosiar every Sunday at 6 AM. This epic tells about the young prince called Arslan from Persian Empire, who lost his family as well as his beloved kingdom during the war, and goes for a long journey to claim back his own possessions. Interestingly, our miserable prince is only 14 at that time. Since the nuance of the fire-camp was quite provoking, and my imagination often goes uncompromisingly wild, I started to fantasize weird thing about this character and formed a perfect faithful being named Arslan in my mind. I was obsessed with the character that I even didn’t know how he look like =S. And the bad thing is, the series was over once I start to rise earlier in Sunday morning to watch it.

Arslan in Manga by Chisato Nakamura-san, bishie Rulez XD!!

So Loki started to manipulate me by showing the pictorial of Arslan that she draws. I was easily motivated in creating Arslan in my version, over and over again. Until someday we had a fight, which Arslan is more into the embodiment of the real one. It was stupid, I know, especially when I realized that I’ve never seen the real Arslan and although she managed to see it, I believe that she couldn’t create the pretty similar art.

Arslan in Novel, illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano (the famous designer of Final Fantasy series)

By the time I had an internet at home, I started to redeem my obsession, browsed about Arslan as much as I like. I called Indosiar almost 3 times a day to ask the series to be relayed. I befriend Arslan’s manga artist, Chisato Nakamura-san, by sending her email and told her how much I loved the characters (it’s true!), and she replied me by sending some of the manga-scans. I ordered the Japanese manga via Kinokuniya. I changed my email, my sign, and all traces of my identity into his name.

Arslan in Anime, characterized by Sachiko Kamimura =D

Nevertheless, it was still impossible for me to watch the anime, as I didn’t know where I should search for it. I still bury my curiosity deep down inside. Even when I was in NTU, I couldn’t stop search for it. Sadly, using Ares and Bittorent there were totally useless. So here I go again, all alone living with so many question marks about the series.

Then I came to Copenhagen Denmark, where I can use Bittorent and download ‘Heroic Legend of Arslan’ series. I was waiting impatiently for 3 days and by the time the downloading process is finished, I watched it, over and over again, even until now I’m just done with it (and planning to re-watch again tomorrow =p).

Yesterday, I called Loki, still my-best-rival-yet-my-best-friend, only to inform her that I finally watched the series. She was very surprised, since I was still as weird as before, calling from Copenhagen-Jakarta simply to notify her about this. Afterwards the conversation goes the same way as it was 9 years ago, though we never see each other for almost 5 years. We talked about our dreams, still, to be popular manga artists. I missed her so much. Thanks for telling me about this series, as I learnt a lot from it.

There’s a dialogue that I loved so much within the series :

Arslan : Who is the invader here, Pars or Lusitania ?
Etoile : Lusitania, but it was because you didn’t worship the true God!
Arslan : Then why did Lusitania invade Maryam ? Don’t you both worship the same God?
Etoile : But they were worshipping the wrong way!
Arslan : Who told you that ?
Etoile : It is the words of God!
Arslan : Did God say that? Did He say that to you?
Etoile : He didn’t say it to me, but it is still true.
Arslan : How do you know that ?
Etoile : You couldn’t understand! We are fighting to spread the words of God! We are willing to sacrifice our lives to Him.
Arslan : Your lives? Don’t act so righteous. Is that the true path? Is that what God wants?
Etoile : Shut up!
Arslan : The order to attack Pars didn’t come from God. Your leaders are just using God’s name.

Heroic Legend of Arslan is an epic, loosely based on the history of Iran during Islamic invasion. Previously, Persians were pagans and worshipped the god of Sun until the Arab armies came and forced them to convert into Muslims. Within this story, the Lusitanians invade Persians in order to convert them into monotheists. There are a lot of issues about slavery here, as Arslan is very concern about the abolishment of slavery practices.

Arslan and Hermes, his so-called cousin and the real heir of Persian throne *spoiler alert* =p

The story reminds me of Suikoden series by the way, the epic-colossal with no flavor of roman.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Roman Picisan (Indonesian Version)

By : Dewa

tatap matamu bagai busur panah
yang kau lepaskan ke jantung hatiku
meski kau simpan cintamu masih
tetap nafasmu wangi hiasi suasana
saat kukecup manis bibirmu

cintaku tak harus miliki dirimu
meski perih mengiris iris segala janji

aku berdansa di ujung gelisah
diiringi lagu syahdu lembut lakumu
kau sebar benih anggun jiwamu
namun kau tiada menuai buah cintaku
yang ada hanya sekuntum rindu

cintaku tak harus miliki dirimu
meski perih mengiris iris segala janji

malam-malamku bagai malam seribu bintang
yang terbentang di angkasa
bila kau di sini
'tuk sekedar menemani 'tuk melintasi wangi
yang s'lalu tersaji di satu sisi hati

. . .

cintaku tak harus miliki dirimu
meski perih mengiris iris segala janji

. . .

syalalala lala syalalala lala

Cheap Roman (English Version)

By : Dewa
Translation by : Otaku-Sama

your look is a dart of arrow
that you released straight to my heart
though still you keep your love,
the fragrance of your breath grace the air nonetheless,
when I kissed your sweet lips

my love seeks not possession,
yet pain cuts me, cuts all promises

in the edge of anxiety I dance
to the solemn song of your conducts
you sowed the seed of your soul elegant
yet never did you reap the fruit of my love
what remains is a bud of yearning

my love seeks not possession,
yet pain cuts me, cuts all promises

my nights are nights of thousand stars,
spread in the heavens,
when you are here
just to be, just to pass the scent
which is there on one side of my heart, always

. . .

my love seeks not possession,
yet pain cuts me, cuts all promises

. . .

syalalala lala syalalala lala

. . .

OMG, it is so damn-poetic and gorgeous! I could portray thousands of heartbreaking inspiration beyond the lyrics, just by looking at the Reff part!

Special thanks to Otaku-sama for translating=p.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Save Kururugi Suzaku!

I feel pity of Kururugi Suzaku, just after watching Code Geass episode 17.5 (finally my feminine wisdom has shown its vengeance). Suzaku-kun, I am so sorry for showering you with scolding before, and even being irritated by. I don’t mean to, since I have no idea how you are surrounded by misery and pain.

Lulu still has reason to live; his little sister Nanally is pretty much alive and safe, while Suzaku has nobody.

Lulu still has families, Royal Families to be more exact. Even though he crazily lost his sense and cursed his remaining family, some of them sincerely love him (mention Cornelia, Euphemia and Schneizel perhaps?), while Suzaku, again, has neither family nor relatives. Suzaku has nobody.

Lulu has somebody who cares a lot about him, call her C.C. (or even Shirley). They will be there when he needs everything. Suzaku has Euphemia, of course, but she will do nothing unless burdening Suzaku with her Princess and Knight-game. Suzaku in fact has nobody to defend and strengthen him. Suzaku has nobody.

Lulu lost her mother, fine, that makes him claim for vengeance, but he still has a father regardless of what he has done to him, while Suzaku has neither father nor mother. Suzaku has nobody.

Lulu fights alongside the Order of The Black Knight, he has friends, supports, and everything he needs to, while Suzaku, he is all alone. The Britannian armies shamelessly use his power just for their own sake. Suzaku has nobody.

Compare with the Godlike Kira-sama who still has family, sister, lover, friends –a bunch of them-, this innocent knight is virtually different.

The ultimate bishounen in despair in this series is not Lelouche! It is Suzaku!

Okay, bishounen lovers out there, let’s scream with me!