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Disclaimer : GodChild is a property of Kaori Yuki. Apratz doesn’t own it. This story is written by Apratz just for killing time =p.

“And then the Lord said unto him, therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the Lord set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him” (Genesis 4:15)

It was one of the starless nights yet the most frightening that I could ever realize. The resounding cries speaking in the name of hatred and love at the same time, raced amongst the clashes of whips, countless of whip in my back – I guess. Father said it is all for love, but I just want it to be stopped.

All you need is love, Dear!

Stop it, please Father…

It was one of the quite dusk of moonlight, overflowed by oblivious gravity that almost melted me into nothingness. I would rather die –physically and emotionally- than being captured within the vicious circle of painful memories. It was just too much. I opened my eyes towards the shades of nightfall. Shivered yet trembled, I saw someone keep knocking on my door.

“It is okay, Young Master Cain.”

In the solemnity where the darkness was not even faded away, Riff could hear those fast-paced heartbeats. He knew that the dark haired boy wanted to befriend seclusion no more, but still helpless to be caught within. If only he could bring him away wherever on earth, with nothing but rainbow and light.

“It’s alright. It is just a nightmare.”

The feeling of overwhelming inside my chest was yearning. Love no one, my heart repeated, no one. Seeking for the last parlor of refugee, I reached his robe whilst immersing my head beneath. He was my defense against the world, my shield against everything.

Riff then cuddled that pale kid and flattered his black hair gently. He was looking with affection towards his mysterious green eyes, in where he could see an inexplicable coldness there that portrays thousands of pains, the incurable one. Riff will be waiting for the right moment to tear that ice mountain apart, and bring back his young master’s angelic smile that he’s never seen before. He didn’t care even though it might take him forever.

I fastened my grab towards his housecoat, and wished that time would freeze only for an instant. Though I couldn’t see anything but shadows –my one and only faithful companionship ever and after-, I still could feel the warmth inside his chest. Love no one.

“If you ever betray me, Riff, I will kill you!”

Riff answered firmly with his gracious smile. Riff could hear that powerless husky voice whispering in deep and serene tone, muttering something implausible only he can comprehend.

“…and I will kill myself afterwards.”


This is the first time I write a fanfiction. It was fascinating by the way. The references come from 'God Child', a gothic shoujo manga written by Kaori Yuki, my all-time favourite manga ever, I think. The story mainly tells about mysteries and murders within Sherlock Holmes era and the wicked and twisted love stories ever.

The adolescent Cain and Riff^^

Kaori Yuki is a huge fan of J-Rock bands, so I notice Cain’s absolute physical resemblance with Hyde^^.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Series of Unfortunate Events Part 1

Danish Dinner (Buddy Dinner)

A Danish : This is the traditional Danish dishes, Smorrebrod!
Apratz : *salivating*
A Danish : It is an open sandwich with strong wholemeal bread, liver pastas and
Apratz : *even more salivating*
A Danish : And a slice of Pork salami on the top
Apratz : *fainted*

Dutch Dinner

Apratz : It looks so good, can’t wait for your dinner
A Dutch : thanks, please help me peeling the potatoes
Apratz : Leave it to me, so what is the main dish ?
A Dutch : It is very healthy, you will love it!
Apratz : Really? So what is that?
A Dutch : It’s smashed potatoes and steamed Ham!
Apratz : ……
A Dutch : What’s wrong?
Apratz : T_T

Italian Dinner

Apratz : Are you cooking pastas ?
An Italian : But of course!
Apratz : Perfect, I love pastas!
10 minutes later
Everybody : Cheers everybody!
Apratz : The pasta sauce looks great!
An Italian : Thanks^^
Apratz : What meat is it? (looking suspiciously at the frying pan)
An Italian : Oh, it is Bacon.
Apratz : ….
An Italian : Something on your mind?
Apratz : T_T

Belgian Finesse

Apratz : Wow, it looks like ‘es campur bulan puasa’!
A Belgian : Huh, what?
Apratz : Never mind, the appetizer seems nice.
A Belgian : Yes, you should try it.
Apratz : The aroma is damn-strong sour. What’s this?
A Belgian : It is Wine with some random fruits.
Apratz : T_T

I missed ayam bakar, sayur asem, nasi lemak, ikan bilis, sate, ayam penyet, empal penyet, soto ayam, soto betawi, sop buntut, nasi uduk, rendang, etc etc etc T_T.

Apratz will be suffering acute famine! 911, police, ambulance, anything, come rescue her!

Rubbish Part 2

Warning : this post is NOT purposely intended to promote narcissism campaign *seriously*

I sense that there’s something unusual in my face (particularly) ever since I arrived in Copenhagen. Though I don’t give a damn, it keeps bothering me all over again. Well, these are the breakdowns that I managed to take note :

Starring Apratz with Co-Starring Dika's soft-toys

1) Eventually-smaller eyes
2) Dehydrated skin face (even leads to wrinkle *O’God!*), since it is super cold here
3) Losing 3 kgs in 3 weeks
4) Extreme eyepokes
5) Scratchy hair and dry scalp
6) Acute muddle haircut
7) Bone-dry lips
8) Even more pragmatic expression in every shot

I missed all year round sunshine in Singapore or even Jakarta underwater, winter doesn’t suit me that well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spoiler Code Geass : Lelouche of the Rebellion episode 17

Kururugi Suzaku

Screw Lieutnant -I will soon be the God in Geass Universe just as my idol Kira Yamato- Kururugi Suzaku!

God is not playing with dice, sugar! Please bury your idealism in the Copenhagen Cemetery next to HC Andersen and Niels Bohr's. And soon, please throw away your body there, I will do the rest for you!

Euphemia vie Britannia

Damn Princess -I am very cute but moron yet naive please be sympathetic with me because I am cute- Euphemia vie Britannia!

I guess you have a misconception of role here. You should play as a main character in a disgusting girls anime (Sailor Moon, perhaps?), or crossover to Walt Disney's legendary animation such as Sleeping (not) Beauty or Snow (is not) White. You will find your knight there, Dear. Don't ruin Lelouche's doomsday conspiracy.

Lelouche Lamperogue

HAIL -I will eliminate everyone crossing in my path, coz nobody dares to defy me!- Lelouche Lamperogue!

You are perfect! Just kill whatever on your way with your bloodthirst eye power. I am right behind you =p!
Chinese New Year!

I spent three consecutive days eating like pigs (I should be grateful to Him because I was able to boost my stomach capacity to the fullest). Due to the Chinese New Year celebration, I can taste wholesome (and so-called nutritious) Asian cuisine in every dinner and lunch! I am not more than a pauper here; just keep eating noodles and bread, and noodles and bread everyday, since the hot meal here is super expensive!

Shall I start my gastronomic tours?

Part 1

Our cookings! Yummy XD!

Had a Singapore dinner in Terri and Sam’s house (they are full year exchange students to Copenhagen University from faculty of Law NUS). We cooked Chicken curry, steamed Salmon and laksa rice (oh I start salivating, pity!).

Their home is super cozy, a typical Danish small home. Well, the Danes are used to light candles in every part of the rooms, and put artistic paintings regardless of what room it is. I love the interior along with the furnishings, as it is so classy and antique, and am thinking of organizing my future house as homely as theirs.

Part 2

Messy table with various Asian Cuisine

Had a Chinese New Year dinner in my dorm-sweet-dorm, Emdrupborgkollegiet. All Chinese students join this party. I am not really sure how all the dishes called, since I just eat Chicken Herbal Soup, Tom Yam, Fried Rice, Seaweed Soup, Chicken baked cheese, along with various salads and dressings. And I’m adding sins by eating in 3 more rounds (O’God, please bestow Thou forgiveness). Yuck, I put salivas in my keyboards!

The party room has cool interior, I think. It reminds me of the small bar in uptown area.

Me and Grace, a very nice Hongkong girl. Do we look the same?

I get to know more and more Asians in Copenhagen^^.

Part 3

It has less Greek atmospere from outside, I guess

Had a buffet lunch in Samos, a Greek restaurant. It only costs me DKK39 *hitting my head repeatedly on the wall*. I have about 4 rounds meal, altogether with the finesse. I should indulge myself at least once a week in this so-called pauper friendly restaurant. Special thanks to Sam, who show us this place. Next time I will try the Turkish buffet lunch, since it has similar price. (Aw, my whole room is flooded by salivas)

Whew, seems like I eat in the romantic restaurant in soap operas XD

Afterwards, I have random encounters with grotesques Copenhagen buildings as usual. Did I mention that I am in love with the whole city architecture, as these are too-RPG-to-be-true?

A church just opposite Kobenhavns Universitetet

Random Building again =p, gaah I love Copenhagen

Library of Kobenhavns Universitetet, looks creepy but indeed cool!

Kobenhavns Universitetet

This is one of the buildings of Copenhagen University, located in the very central of the city with pleasant living environment. It is surrounded by cool specialty shops, relaxing second hand bookshops and comfy small restaurants.


Yeoktho, Me, Siangleng@Cemetery gate

I forced Siangleng Cs to accompany me to Copenhagen cemetery since I noticed HC Andersen and Niels Bohr’s tomb inside. Forgive me for taking pictures on both of your tombs, I incline to popularize you=p!

Mbah Niels Bohr's

This atmospheric memorial park makes my wildest imaginations running out. I don’t mind to sit here the whole day while writing or painting.

Om HC Andersen's

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone =). See you in the next post!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

16th February 1988-16th February 2007

Happy Birthday Adilla

You are one of the great people that change my life =).

Keep on being strong and determined. You are stronger than you think.

Random Checking Copenhagen : Vesterbro

Well, I am pretty sure that this is going to be a boring post. It is just Copenhagen and Copenhagen. I promise Thou, several weeks later I will show you more interesting places outside Copenhagen =P, now please just bear with these. Enjoy yourselves, folks.

The obelisk without Asterix *crunchy X(*

This obelisk rising is named Frihedstotten (The Pillar to Freedom), this located in front of the Copenhagen central station.

Hard Rock Cafe near the Copenhagen Central Station

The Great Wall with the awful grafitti =p

Built in 1887, this is the wall that once protected the citizens from the bullets being fired at the royal shooting range (Skydebane). Through the wall via the iron-gate, there’s a large playground called Skydebane Heaven (long time ago it was the area of the old shooting range).

Random building around the street =p

Kobenhavens Museum

This museum is located on Absalonsgade, also nicknamed “the museum street” due to the stretch of the street at the Vesterbrogade-end where historical city-inventory is on “live” display. The street is connected to the Copenhagen City Museum just around the corner on Vesterbrogade.


The temperature afterwards went down quickly (it was about 1 C), and I felt super duper chilly. As the strong wind blew away (it could reach -10 C), my hands were already numb, and both of my eyes and skinface were in pain. Then we finished our weekly outing and went home =p.

By the way, these pics below are really worth to be looking at (I suppose so =p).

HC Andersen Statue, cheer up buddy!

This forlorn guy is Hans Christian Andersen, one of the greatest storytellers ever. He has a painful past back then in his childhood era (I will tell about it later in my next post perhaps =p). No wonder, he created various tragic endings in almost of his writings. And one important thing, he is gay, and never touch woman for the rest of his life XD.

Yellowish Houses, NIIICE!

Naval Complex!

Naval complex is slightly unique compare to other places in Copenhagen (I think). You can easily smell fish and meat once you walk down to this street. Unlike the other buildings with baroque, renaissance or gothic style which scattered all over Copenhagen, this complex is less sophisticated yet tranquil and looks more appealing to me.

For Thou who are waiting for me to post my experience to Museum Erotica (you, yeah!), don’t worry I will post it sooner or later *evil grin*.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I miss all of you so badly, Superbatch65-ers.

Happy Valentine!

Formal Pic

GeJe Pic
Be My Valentine, the suspicious one, Le Louche

Note : For thou who aren’t very familiar with Code Geass : Lelouche of The Rebellion, the story tells about Lelouche Lamperogue/Lelouche Vie Britannia, a banished royal prince and an avenger, who obtain the power to command people whilst no one can defy him. He uses this cursed gift to destroy Britannia Empire in order to avenge his late mother and sister.

Lelouche as 'Zero'

Congratulations, Lelouche Vie Britannia for being the champion of monthly best character(s) according to Japan Newtype Magazine February edition. May this award will trigger your passion and desire to crush off the empire of Britannia. The second place is pretty much expected, the God in Gundam universe Mr. oh-so-righteous Kira Yamato (I do feel irritated with him, though I share his pain and misery throughout the whole episodes of Gundam Seed).

Mein Gott, a main protagonist with the excessive sense of justice yet mindless and naive is so yesterday! The world needs a more problematical protagonist, a miserable anti-hero, an absolute cynical and totally insane Utopian who lived within his idealistic point of views. Death Note’s Yagami Light and Geass’ Lelouche Vie Britannia are the pioneers of the new-age protagonists. They both possess the divine characteristics to control the world. Unexpected, intelligent, psychotic and tyrannical, those will definitely generate a special formula to construct the fantastic plot and splendid twists.

A pitiful Suzaku Kururugi

In contrast, people who deal with righteousness tend to be the main antagonist! Oh my, I feel sorry for Suzaku Kururugi, as he is sooo Kira Yamato *bleh*. He is an utterly perfect thing; gorgeous, kindhearted, selfless faithful being, it’s just too good too be true. For the sake of my guilty pleasures, such character can no longer be a main character and should abandon his used-to-be glorious past (when the strongest yet most compassionate stands as a sole hero). You have dreamt too much, Suzaku! Well, audience tastes and preferences may change overtime.

The Black Prince and the White Knight ^^

Further, I still heart the old formula of best friends become sworn enemies. Unlike the old recipes in Naruto or Gundam Seed, the pairings Lelouche-Suzaku depicts some noteworthy symbols. Lelouche, is always associated with the darkness (his infamous title is the ‘Black Prince’), despair, hatred and nothingness (as he baptisized himself as ‘Zero’, the leader of the rebellion force against the empire), Suzaku, however, represents light (his given designation is the ‘White Knight’ as contrast to Lulu’s), chastity, hope and faith.

Hm, this seemingly literary criticism article for me is written to commemorate the newborn of the new age anti-hero in the anime/manga universe. But given the fact that the damn sassy Lelouche is so adorable, I present this article to him. Happy Valentine, Lelouche!

*Le Louche means ‘the suspicious one’ in French*

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Frederiks Church (The Marble Church)

To fulfill Mbah Cay's request, Apratz decided to post this. Anyway, school starts already, and Apratz's Applied Research Project still progresses slowly (but not sure though), so Apratz sends her sincerest apology for her awfully late blog updates.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Copenhagen outgrew its medieval boundaries and the city expanded further to the north. During this time, King Christian IV was responsible for the building of (among other things) Rosenborg Castle, the Stock Exchange, the Round Tower andthe characteristic Naval Housing Complex Nyborder, all of which must be considered cultural landmarks of Copenhagen.

The Front Chapel

Although the church is built mainly from Norwegian marble (and not 'Norwegian Wood' popularized by 'The Beatles' =p), the upper parts are constructed from a number of materials, including Danish Faxe marble.

They light the candles everytime

The Swan Organ

The frescoes inside the dome represent the Apostles. Below the dome, 12 symbollic medallion can be seen (gosh, i deleted the photos coincidentally T_T). The church has two baptismal fonts. In addition to the contemporary "Swan Organ"(which recently no longer in use), the church has a modern Marcussen organ from 1963.

Statues in the frontyard

Other notable details are : the German woodcarving in the front chapel, depicting the Deposition; and the German ivory cross in the choir. The church is surrounded by many statues. Those at street level depict a number of well known figures from the Danish church. The statues on the roof terrace are important figures from church history in general and span from Moses to Marthin Luther. The function of the Marble Church is that of a regular parish church and it is part of the Danish State Church, namely an Evangelical-Lutheran Church. Although its official name is the Frederik's Church, among Copenhageners it always bears the name connected with its most prominent feature : the Marble Church.

Huixin, Apratz, Mindy, Elaine^^

Monday, February 05, 2007

I was in the Suikoden world!

Dear Suikoden fan, did these remind you of something?

The memorable City of Muse in Suikoden II
Fact : somewhere nearby Norreport Station T_T

The place where Luca Blight sacrificed two third of the citizens to feed his Beast Rune, the first encounter of Jowy's betrayal, the beginning of Clive-Elza quest.

The solemn town of Vinay Del Zexay in Suikoden III
Fact : located in Vester Voldgade street, Copenhagen

The biggest merchant city in Suikoden III, the most accessible place to buy the best equipment nearby the shore, the place where you can recruit the most people.

The Council Building of Zexen Federation in Suikoden III
Fact : located in the City Hall Square in Radhuspladsen, Copenhagen

Where all the countless debate of the Grassland war occured, and made me damn bored (and also the place where all the war strategies were made back then before Zexen Federation unites with the Grasslanders).

The Pride Brass Castle in Suikoden III
Fact : located in the Amalienborg Castle, Frederiksgade

The historical place whereby Chris along with the Zexen knights did coup d'etat and gave speech to the entire members of knights, the place where Hugo lost his True Fire Rune.

The Neclord Castle (dead town of Northwindow) in Suikoden II
Fact : located in the middle of Copenhagen Botanical Garden in Georg Brandes Plads

Though it was less scary, the ambience was really mystical *dangdut mode*. The so-called dead palace where Neclord turned all of the Northwindow citizen into zombies.

GOSH! I feel like living in Suikoden world! What the heck is this, it's bloody cool! Now i know that so many RPG worlds take place in somewhat Europe *lol*.

To your concern, Suikoden is my all time favourite Role Playing Game series. I find the cities and towns within the game so real, yet love them. I am extremely fascinated, since I don't expect to find these kind of in Denmark *sobbing*.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

29th January 1969 - 29th January 2007


My wishes:
Don't smoke too much
Don't drink too much
Do a plastic surgery as soon as possible XD

"... Loving you make me happy everyday.."
(Hyde-'Feeling Fine')

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Congratulations for being the next president of GTD.

I am very proud of you! You can make those impossible, possible.
You always make a miracle to be happened!

*argh I really want to watch the campaign!*
First Day at Copenhagen

For the sake of so many requests, Apratz decided to post all of her (lousy) experiences in Copenhagen. Let’s get started!

This is the Copenhagen Central Station. It reminds Apratz of those super old train stations in Harry Potter the movie *udik mode*. Apratz took a train to her dormitory in the sub urban area. Could you imagine our sweet Apratz carrying the entire overloaded luggage by herself while taking a train, in the strange land where she knew nobody? Don’t you try to fantasize, or you will end up sobbing in teary eyes, coz it’s even worse than watching lovey-dovey bollywood movie.

Apratz will be staying in Emdrupborgkollegiet for the rest 5 months. This located in sub-urban area. Well, the building is pretty old, but it’s perfect for Apratz, since it’s cheap compared to the others XD. Pictures above are the place where Apratz lived.

Apratz will study in Copenhagen Business School during her exchange. This is one of the campus, located in Fredriksberg.

This is another building of Copenhagen Business School, located in Dalgas Have. The surrounding is very tranquil. Apratz loves this campus the most since the inside is very artistic.

Apratz will take only 2 subjects during exchange, namely ‘Organizing Global Markets and Trade’ and ‘Danish Integrated Skill’. Please cross your finger on Apratz, as these will be her final subjects to fulfill her bachelor degree.

One thing about Copenhagen is, FABULOUS! The buildings, the architecture, the people, all are wonderful! The problem lies only on the hostile weather, as it is super cold. Mostly it is 2-5 Centigrade in day and even minus 2 Centigrade at night.

Welcome to Denmark, a land of fairytale to happen =).