Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Name : Apratz
Current occupation : Full time traveler, full time daydreamer

Status : On duty (3)!

Life has never been this good!

I unofficially ended my undergraduate study and am going for so-called graduation trip. My transcript is out and I was very surprised of my Danish grade. It was pretty good, and I am wholefully satisfied. Therefore I indulge myself watching Pirates 3 with Eva (though the ticket went skyrocketing on Tuesday, and poor us didn’t realize that T_T).

Sad thing is, my host university put a wrong name in my transcript, instead of writing my real name with some alphabets missing >.<. This is quite a big problem for me, as my original transcript might be sent late to NTU, and I might not be able to join Convocation ceremony *sobbing*. I hope they help me settle down this matter swiftly, since this issue is a super urgent for me.

Anyway, I am going to Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Athens, Mykonos (tentatively) and Thessaloniki starting from 30th of May to 10th of June. So I guess, see ya later after the 10th =).

I used to watch them everynight ^0^

I won’t be able to see Yuuri Shibuya and Wolfram von Bielefeld within ten days ahead. I’m gonna miss them >.<.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I lose control
I caught the fluttering butterflies and pasted them all to a board
Good-morning Mr. Fear

(Shinsoku~Lose Control by L’Arc-en-Ciel)

Good Morning Mr. Fear?

Because I am fearless of any challenge,
I will continuously strengthen my inner vulnerabilities!
I keep on going

Life is beautiful ;)

Monday, May 28, 2007


After sweat so much in constructing English-written journal so far, I feel like writing in Bahasa Indonesia. I think it will create more intimacy towards readers and I.

My very first reason erecting this blog is primarily because my English is damn-atrocious during my first year of University life! To tell you the truth, I failed my ‘Qualifying English Test’, and consecutively failed my ‘English Proficiency’ subject. The disaster kept on happening when my ‘Business and Managerial Communication’ tutor felt deeply worried of my English. Alas, he encouraged me to write in English as much as possible.

As if being that pathetic was not enough, I received plentiful scoldings from different Tutor(s) of my English Literature subjects despite my gory effort to perform well. However, taking Lit modules was my choice since I heart Literature so much, so I’m not regretting them stained my transcript. If only learning English is as easy as adding up my body-weighs, I won’t be intimidated by couple of Grammar-police(s). (I know they might be reading this, so I guess –Hello grammar-police?-).

But the thing is, if I suddenly change everything to Bahasa, the inconsistency does occur greatly since I have been using English from the very beginning. And I hate inconsistency (even though I always commit that countless of time XD).

Anyway, I admit that I’ve never been to interview for permanent jobs. Some people said that failing ‘English Proficiency’ in our transcript is a devastating issue for the interviewee, because it proves to the interviewer that we are not proficient in English =S! (Is this the reason why I never secure any interview for permanent jobs? Well, devil may care!) But since my ‘English Proficiency’ subject has 0 Academic Unit, and my damned Literature Subjects are NOT counted towards Honour, so I just let it flow and prepare a logical blunders if someone asks XD.

I’m proud of failing my EP two times =p.

Found this suuuuper cute video from Youtube. I’ve been wondering about this Live Performance since I first time listened to this song. It really fits my mood right now. Forget the bloody theme; abandon the anguish words, welcome to the chaste and pure lyrics!

I Wish

Lyrics : Hyde
Music : Tetsu
Translation : Police-grammar=p (Sankyou!)

Don't cry, why are you hugging your knees in a night like this?
Wait, I'm running there
I'll be with you before the midnight bell rings

Open the window and see
the city is filled with miracles
you can even hear a nostalgic song
the wonderful organ is singing

If you'd look at me one more time

Many many pure white angels are descending upon you
If you'd laugh,
Let's celebrate this night which was set aside
For I share much love with you,
I'd swim in the sky if you wish

For you are more important than anybody else
No matter how time flies,
I want you to keep smiling
I pray that however I'd become,
you'd always be in happiness,
forever, forever

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chronicles of The Sins

Adding up to 3 kg within 3 days is a BIG SIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, ah, how can this be happened?

Wednesday, 23th May 2007

Anes came to visit me from Vienna. We traveled to Odense, a city whereby Hans Christian Andersen once spent his childhood in such impoverished condition. The cost of the train was lethal (I refused to write in here in order to prevent sudden-heart attack), so I leave it open =p.

HC Andersen's childhood house, they called it 'slump', yet i think it is quite decent

The neighborhood

Random building in Odense. Such a pretty!

Contrary to popular belief, most of his so-called beautiful fairy tales are both angst, dark and eerie (same thing happened to Roald Dahl’s). If you happened to watch Walt Disney’s version of The Little Mermaid, then that’s full of modification to suit children’s realm! I heard that the only story with a good ending is The Ugly Duckling (the rests remind me greatly on Kaori Yuki’s grotesque style of writing =S). I shall start to read all of his tales, since they were just sooo-me!

HC Andersen Statue (there're a LOT in Denmark)

Sin #1 : I ate the jumbo plate of cheesy Italian pasta in Odense Centrum.

Right after exploring Odense, we marathoned to Roskilde,a tranquil little town whereby most of the Danish Royal Families were buried. Afterwards, we returned to Copenhagen.

Roskilde Cathedral

Err, no idea.. perhaps a symbolism of something (but this is listed in the 'Places of Interests')

Sin #2 : I finished Anes' big portion of Vienna chocolate cake in 1 day

Sin #3 : McDonald's burger added the list of sins

Thursday, 24th May 2007

This day is the peak of our crazy marathon. We left for Helsingor to visit Kronborg castle. Kronborg castle (or so-called Hamlet Castle) is famous for being a background of Shakespeare’s play titled Hamlet. It was really a vast and very old castle nearby the seashore, a typical castle in role playing games *grin*.

Sin #4 : Eating in Buffet Restaurant and cleaned x number of plates (still 1 digit, don't worry)

Kronborg Castle

Hamlet and Ophelia's statue

We visited Hillerod to see Frederiksborg Castle. This castle is soo-fairy tale! I don’t expect this to be this sweet ^o^.

Frederiksborg Castle

Fountain inside Frederiksborg Palads

Last but not least, we explored Copenhagen within 1 day. Starting from the famous bronze statue of the little mermaid, and ended in Tivoli Garden, one of the oldest amusement parks.

The Little Mermaid, it looks small in this angle...

... but actually its size is similar to normal human

This statue has been an object of vandalism from such a long time in Copenhagen. Last time a couple of protesters painted it into tasteless pink colour.

Amalienborg Palace

The guards of Amalienborg Palace

So actually Denmark's Royal Guard has black colour and British's has red! (the rest remains the same) How about Holland, Spain, Sweden or Norway?

Anes and Apratz @ Nyhavn Copenhagen

I thought
Copenhagen resembles Amsterdam so much! It has so many canals inside the city, and people riding bicycle everywhere. The style of building is almost similar as well.

Kongens Have (King's Garden)

@ Night @ the Tivoli =p

Sin #5 : Eating long waffel-like with chocolate cream and sugar all over it

After 2 days trip of Denmark, I realized that Denmark is veryyyyy pretty! The ambience is fairy tale-like, and the city is so serene and cool. I am so grateful that I am here (or at least was here!), though the prices are chocking me nevertheless =p.

Friday, 25th May 2007

Anes left for Oslo and here I am all alone, but I had a lunch in Eva’s house in Amager. Her house is damn cozy, I dreamt to have one like hers someday *daydreaming*. Everything in her house was made by Ikea.

Eva and Apratz

Sin #6 : Spoilt by Eva's heavenly Nasi Soto, ate don't-know-how-many portions T_T

She made Nasi Soto for my lunch and the taste is sooo Indonesian *touched*. I should have known her before. She is indeed a cool lady, very smart, critical and open minded (she's once a journalist of one of the prestigious English newspaper in Indonesia)! I am proud to know her (after spending all day chatting in her house, I think I become her loyal fan already *grin*). Thanks to Friendster by the way.

Her 'humanic' little friend cheers the house ^o^

Nasi Soto!!!! Graaaahhh *salivating*

I should have lost my weight after painful long walks to 5 towns in Denmark within 2 days (and not added them!). O’ what should I do to redeem my sins T_T?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Due to my severe procrastination, I am reluctant to post anymore traveling journal *grin*. Nowadays I have nothing to do except watching male-harem anime (Kyou Kara Maou, anyone?) and ultra depressing anime (Bokurano, anyone?). According to psychological wise, it was a good exercise for our psyche to easily synchronize in both festive and agonizing situation at the same time ^o^.

Okay let’s cut this nonsense T_T. If you are crazy about history and Hellenism architecture, then this post is dedicated to you!

Rome is the center of Christian world right after the fall of Roman Empire. Most of the architecture blends gorgeous Renaissance art and ancient Roman style. Some buildings in vibrant pedestrian streets are dominated by baroque style.

St Peter Basilica (Vatican City)

We went to St. Peter’s Basilica during Good Friday, which is not a good timing. Million numbers of people there formed neverending queue, and part of the area was closed due to annual event at night. Even the Vatican museum was closed too! It opened only half a day, and we were very fortunate to be able to enter considering that we already came pretty late.

See the queue? So deadly!

The statue of the Saints are remarkably seen on the top

St Peter Basilica

St. Peter Basilica is Catholicism's most sacred shrine. A shrine was erected on the site of St. Peter's tomb in the 2nd century and the first basilica commissioned by Costantine, was completed around AD 349. The present basilica took more than a century to build and all the great architects of the Roman Renaissance and Baroque had a hand in its design.

Main Entrance

In front of Piazza San Petro

The tombs of the Popes for ages can be easily traced within the basilica. Some of them were crafted by Michelangelo and Bernini, and were breathtakingly beautiful!

A Pope's tomb

Erm, perhaps this is the Apostles, Archangels and the Sun? (apology, I have no idea ;_;)

Monument to Pope Alexander VII

This is Bernini's last work in St, Peter's and was finished in 1678 and shows the Pope surrounded by allegorical figures of Truth, Justice, Charity and Prudence.

Again, a dazzling tomb!

It stated "Pontifex Maximus", anybody still remembers history?

The inside (Seriously this is the most magnificent interior that I've ever seen)

Pope Gregory XVI's ?

The guard of Vatican City


My hostel in Rome didn’t have electronic plug to charge battery, so my camera was dead right after reaching Colosseum!


Colosseum is Rome’s great amphitheatre and was built in the grounds of Nero’s palace. It is likely that the arena took the name of an enormous statue of the Colossus of Nero that stood nearby.

If you watch Gladiator (please do watch it before coming to Colosseum, unlike me who just watched it in Barcelona! The mood is just wrong XD!), you probably know that the Colosseum was the site of deadly gladiatorial combats and wild animal fights, staged free of charge by the Emperor and wealthy citizens. Somehow it brings me heavy reminiscences of Suikoden V’s gladiator game or Final Fantasy XII’s (I forgot where exactly this takes place) as well as many other references in the anime.

Trevi Fountain feat. Siang Leng, Michelia, Yeok Tho, Apratz (I got super tanned at that time since Italy's sun is so damn strong T_T)

Trevi Fountain is fairly recent creation compare to Rome's ancient standard. It was completed in 1762. The central figure is Neptune, flanked by two Tritons. One Triton struggles to master a very unruly "sea-horse" while the other leads a far more docile animal. This symbolize the two contrasting mood of the sea. Visitors often throw away coins here before making a wish.

The feeling that overwhelms the city of Rome is ancient and eternal, yet full of historical references and the anguishing traces of war. I was a bit regretting my two days visit in Rome (I need at least two days more to perfectly enjoy Rome along with its antiqueness!)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I finished my exam and unofficially become Bachelor of Business, yay ^o^.

I had my oral exam with sleepless face on Wednesday. It was Organizing Global Market and Trade, and I was very disappointed with the result. Okay, I admit that the grade is not bad, but it didn’t align pretty well with our effort =(. I always have an issue with this, if I put my life after my projects and thereafter have a painful encounter with it, the results must be not as good as those impromptu ones. Afterall, I am really thankful since everything is finished (I don’t want to go snobbish by scolding my grade).

Thank God, it was a perfect finishing touch in my undergraduate lifetime. I made a groupwork with very nice people that I will never forget.


My Danish exam went quite decent surprisingly (thank God^^, and credits to Huixin for being my partner for oral exam!). If you leave your matter(s) to God’s hands while you are still struggling until the end no matter what, He will surely make it well for you. And I entirely believe in this ;).

Afterwards I reward myself with super sweet gift, watching Spiderman 3 with Minling, Adelyn and Huixin which cost me DKK65. Copenhagen cinema is so old yet classy, but I must confess that the sound system is not as extravagant as those in Singapore (how I missed Cathay Cineleisure so badly!).

Buy your tickets here!

Graah this is cinema and not an opera house =S

Apratz and Minling

By the way, Tobey Macguire was looked at his best when he was trapped in the evil-state. The scene when he was going wild and acting fierce is the best thing, and I heart the old formula of soulmate becomes sworn enemy. The more angst the storyline is, the more tormenting the characters are, the more fascinated I become ^o^.

I am looking forward to my Tour de Bohemia plus Mediterranean starting from 30th of May to 10th of June. I will explore Prague, Bratislava and Vienna, and afterwards go down to Athens and Thessaloniki ^o^.

NB. Yucks I am going corny by showing pics of the cinema. What for? -_-"

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just now met Greg in the kitchen, and he said :

Kan du tale godt dansk, Ayu, nǻr du har studeret i gǻr aftes?

And I was speechless, not because I couldn’t answer the question but because I couldn’t CATCH what does he ask. I studied all night and day and this is the result, I forgot everything in an instant =S.

The exam is the day after tomorrow! I feel like fainted.

Somebody has raised an interesting issue: why my blog turned into periodical traveling journal instead of personal one?

“Even at his most powerless, man’s existence is never without meaning”
(Luc in Suikoden I)

To be honest I hate to bitch about anything damaging both my mind and heart. If something bothers, I shall sleep and forget everything since popular belief said that ignorance is a bliss. But please forgive my insolence; since I need to grief for a moment.

I’m sick of being under-estimated and an oblivious subject. I am just a human being with very limited patience. I hate conflicts so much that I prefer to conform rigidly even though I dislike those. I don’t want to sweat my stuffs over any detrimental issue. I will say yes though my heart says no. I just want to hinder quarrels so badly, and that’s all.

I thought I never looked down at anybody that I met (or at least, am trying hard to), because I notice that everybody has his own strengths and weaknesses. They must be having something that we don’t have, and the same thing applies to us, so why start to compare and claim that one’s the greatest?

I realized that I’m nothing, and still nothing compared to others, but please, there’s no advantage of bitching about my weaknesses and acting as if Thou are the most righteous of all, the infinite individual, the absolute one, the most perfect being, Oh~. We never know what will happen in the future (and what will happen to Thou and me next).

I have met so many superior wannabes, several ungratefuls and plentiful arrogants. It is saddening yet frightening that one can be so proud of oneself while one is actually just a helpless being for the Creator Himself.

I am so upset of myself that I just can nod at something I disgrace (and afterwards laugh at my hopelessness).

I am not powerless. I just wish for harmony to hinder dispute.

And I don’t detest superiors, really.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Finally back to Copenhagen ^o^.

Just a flash glimpse about my trip, Spain is awfully overrated while Portugal is saddeningly underrated (I fancy Lisbon so much). Perhaps I bear redundant expectation about Spain =(. Anyway, I watched bullfighting in Madrid ^o^ (It was gruesome and malicious, it is a shame that couple of matadors bullying one poor bull -Is the term 'bullying' derived from this?).

I will share some pictures and stories, right after finishing my exam. I have not-so-thrilling exam combo on the 14th and 16th of May, which is 'Danish Integrated Skill' and 'Organizing Global Market and Trade'. I urge to study and condemn myself by being a prisoner in the room and study until mortally suffocated >_<.

Meanwhile see ya later after the 16th XD.