Thursday, July 30, 2009

Okay, i admit that im so stressed out in the midst of exam fever, hence the changes in layout.

We need positivity!

Other adjustments will be carried out after i am done with this whole damned thing. BANZAI!!!
Ready Steady give me good luck!!!!

Goodluck charm @ Kiyomizudera Kyoto

Yeah i need good luck. I am on exam fever TT___TT

Thursday, July 23, 2009


As a woman, do I lack of emotions? :S

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As an individual, I believe that I am pretty meticulous…

… except during exam period, where books and papers are simply everywhere. I did that on purpose to ignite my passion to study! Sadly that attempt was a total futile, as that disorganized chaos has turned me off. In the end I procrastinate a lot and feel like doing nothing!


Anyway, I abhor examination but I heart papers, written assignments and presentation. The feeling of working on the written exam embodies the feeling of being locked inside a chamber of gas, waiting for a slow and painful death *sobs*. That explained why I have never prevailed in written examinations, and I am glad that I only have papers left for this semester.

And my paper revolved around Russia and its central Europe communist allies in an effort to pursue financial liberalization during perestroika and glasnost period. It was really complicated that I’ve regretted to choose that topic. Moreover, I feel my writing skill pretty much deteriorating lately, as I found it hard to choose the right words (dictions) to convey deeper meaning on the issues. And that counted to double work!

ex-East Germany`s Berlin Wall

It is just recently that I fancy the old Marxism-Stalinism’s centrally-planned economy. I believe that the ultimate goals of this is to foster equality and prosperity for the people –but the external factors such as global integration prevents them to do so! Two years ago, I travelled to Bratislava and Prague, and couldn’t help to ponder about the fallacy of socialism. At that time I had a limited knowledge about this, so I couldn’t appreciate the history as much as I did now. I am really keen to revisit Central Europe’s post communist countries with sufficient information in hand, and that will be my next travel plan. The question is how to get the money…

Random corner @ Bratislava. Creepy ne? ;____;

But before that, I have to finish this paper! No more sleep for the next 6 hours!