Saturday, July 26, 2008

NTU 2008 Batch Convocation Day

Congratulations to all 2008 graduates!

Initially I intend to apply for 1 day leave just to attend Convocation Day on Friday the whole day, but I was engaged to a deadline at work. In the end, I only managed to catch the event for Civil & Environmental Engineering and no others.

'Sister' cum 'Yaoi-fangirl-in-crime' oopsie XD

Therefore, I was very sorry for all 2008 batch who happened to read this :(.

Gossip Girls : the idiot-PhD student-pretty financial analyst

Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduates plus wtf guests XD

Superbatch65 Members

Graduation day has always been a vivacious and memorable moment for me even though I am not the one who graduated. Thinking back the old times, 1 year has passed since my graduation day back then in 2007. For me, graduation day is meant to be a commemoration day to acknowledge that we are officially considered as an adult. It’s a new beginning to re-enter the world with a different perspective, wish and expectation….

But did Lelouch just say in the Code Geass 1 episode Finale that in the world of adult, righteousness is priceless?

I am an adult. We are adults! However, I do hope that we are still being righteous (or morally right in that sense) –even though we are all adults.

~basically this is just a random crap -_-; it’s a pity that you still continue reading XD
~~special thanks to yud1 who noticed the typo XD

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From Jakarta with Nu-Haircut and Random Things

Dear Honorable Readers,

Apology for a delay in responding to your comments; as I was in Jakarta last week with limited access to internet connection. History is repeating, I had an awful haircut. This time it is Yzak’s wannabe T__T.
Maybe i should dye my hair gray and cosplay as Yzak T_T

So what I did during holiday?
- Relay Code Geass season 1
- Relay Gundam 00
- Relay Gundam Seed
- Watch ‘Nobuta wo Produce’
- Watch corrupted government officials in corruption trials
- Watch news of murders, senseless killing, death penalty
- Watch news about the energy crisis the earth is facing nowadays

And suddenly, I promised myself to save the world and make it a better place to live! Applause?

Okay, that’s corny. But perhaps those things have more or less influenced me with the decision I’m currently holding on : to quit my job :).
Truth is on the march, nothing can stop it

“Do you know why I said that to you? I challenge your thoughts!”
“No, you can’t. I’m using my ‘heart’ now.”

I have officially tendered my resignation letter yesterday.

People might think that I am crazy, but I can no longer lie to myself. I often used my brain to choose or determine something, but now I solely listened to my heart. Even though it’s a zero-sum game, I have no regret and I won’t turn back. Life is so short; and don’t make it a waste by doing things we don’t really like.

It sounds super na├»ve and childish. I know, but devil may care since I considered myself as a conscious working adult and responsible human-being. It’s time to make maneuver in life, do a soul-searching while enjoy life to the fullest. If I don’t get pay by working on something I really like, why don’t I find a way to make earnings?

So what am I going to do next? I got thousands of plans in mind. I won’t let myself get bored and be in despair again. Wish me luck!