Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Internetless and Penniless

I am shifting to another Flat starting from last Saturday, and the most devastating thing is, the new place is still internetless! &^&^&%^%^$^
Anyway, I will be off to Hongkong in this coming weekend to catch L'Arc-en-Ciel's TransAsia via Paris Tour (it's a dream comes true!), and travelling for Business Trip to Kuala Lumpur the week after and the next week after.
Apology that currently I am not able to reply to your commentaries, as I can't open the page in office PC (perhaps is considered Not Safe For Work ? :p). Another grief for this week is I am zombified due to overload work (as always). If this thing keeps on happening, i might stand a chance to secure a role in the next Dawn of the Dead movie *sobbing*

Friday, May 16, 2008

Over-work Makes Your Brain Goes Dull
By : Prof. DR. Apratz

Recent experiment has scientifically proven that overwork (and over-study at the same time) will possibly make you dumber and dumber without thou even realizing it.

Symptomps :
- During crazy GMAT drill, you mistakenly read the word 'subtle' into 'subtitle' due to lacking of anime-time, and almost lost half of your score on the GMAT Verbal section
- You often talked to yourself in every circumstance, and your colleagues always noticed it
- You often show dumb expression during casual conversation ever since you're thinking about work (and anime, and yaoi manga, and increase in rent fees and so on and so forth)
- You often laugh without cause, and make your colleagues frightened
- You will see more and more wrinkles stuck in your face
- You mistakenly saw 6 as 8 and ended up creating wrong cost request that potentially cause a loss for your (dear) company
- Coffees become your best friend ever after
- Your usual dinner came from Starbucks at the ground floor of the office

Based on true story told by an anonymous innocent party XD.