Saturday, April 26, 2008

Accidentally found this group in Facebook :

Millennium Dreamers

In the spring of 2000, The Walt Disney Co. and the McDonald's Corporation honored 2000 of the worlds most amazing kids. These young heroes, age 8-15, represented over 90 countries. These were the young heroes of the world. People who literally stopped bullets, helped cure diseases, and saved the planet. Being among these amazing children is a memory that gives me hope for the future.

Do you know one of these amazing heroes? Get them to join this group. This isn't about bragging, this is about answering the question "where are they now?". The one thing Disney and McDonalds didn't do is give us a way to find out what bigger and better things that the Dreamers have moved on to.

I'm on a quest. Help me find the dreamers.

Orlando, Florida, USA : I was on the top right hand, beneath Mickey's palm

I was 14 that time. I was once being there, becoming an idealist, a dreamer, with pacifist viewpoint and abundance passion to save the nation, desire to stop middle east conflict, eradicate a tribal war in Africa, oppose the power abuse of United Nations, abolish discrimination, fight against poverty in less developed nations (and combat consumerism at the same time), as well as return the blissful smiles of my countrymen.

I am 22 this time. I want to retrieve that passion, and I don't want to just daydream, I want to do something real. I want to befit the title once and for all.
I need not pseudo power, I need real power. I want to change the world and make it into a better place to live, and I can't do it (alone).

Let's start from now, from yourself. Lend me your hand. Together we can save the world.

~that was an amazing speech isn't it? XD, but I am serious...
~~this is the effect of post reading 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' (John Perkins) and 'Making Globalization Work' (Joseph E. Stigltz) and post watching 'Code Geass : R2' and 'Gundam 00'
~~~and I am dead serious XD

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Masashi Kishimoto For President!!!

OMG, this is one of the biggest twist of the year!

"Foolish little brother, I am an angel you know!"

Dear All Itachi Fangirls,

Even though this splendorous brotherly love tastes heavenly, we must avenge our lovely Itachi! Revenge is a dish best served cold! Death for those causing Itachi's death. Swing the axe and OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!

No, capital punishment is so yesterday. Do it in fangirl way! Make Sasuke as an Uke and rape him! Break him! Violate him! Torture him! Assault him! Until he kneels down painfully and asks for Onii-chan's help from heaven! AHAHAHAHAAHHAHA

~I told you, fangirlsm is dangerous. It costs you your sanity T_T
This is supposed to be cool, but...

Last Saturday, I had a haircut. I realized that I always had problem in giving instructions to the hairdresser, especially if she/he doesn't understand English completely. As a result, my haircut always turned out to be 'up to you' cut, means that I always said 'up to you' when they're asking what kind of cut i favor.

After had an atrocious moment with Haruhi's and Tieria-wannabe haircut, now I ended up with Lunamaria Hawke's haircut -_-". Well, i know that it supposed to be cool, but when you have ogre face to begin with, everything will turn out to be horrid. Now it is easy for me to cosplay as Lunamaria Hawke's Post Gundam-Destiny war (after her face stumbled upon an astray comet).

Monday, April 21, 2008

This Post is Super Trivial! I Warned You!

Latest update...

Apratz is easily contented even though her mood often swings like emotional rollercoaster. Right after reading her collections of 'forbidden sweet manuscripts', she felt energetic already, charged her emotional powerhouse to the fullest *yeah!*, and started fantasizing and capturing those 'alluring and gorgeous scenes' in mind. Unfortunately she's still pretty much innocent, so she wasn't able to depict her craziest imagination into aesthetic work. She can only manage to finish this art just now.

My Boss will shout if she found out I am drawing this during working hours XD

Anyway, this moe-fanboy said that I am pretty much influenced by Clamp in terms of drawing style. In fact, NO! I am easily influenced by things that I am currently fond of. At one time, I was really into Kaori Yuki, and suddenly found my works resembling her gothic style. Another time, I was addicted to Yun Kouga's simplistic style, and ended up following her style unconsciously. Now I wonder, who is the manga artist that i am currently copying *grin*.

~ I guess my style right now is heavily influenced by things I am reading. Yes, it is Yaoi manga, not sure where exactly got this style though XD
~~I think being a yaoi mangaka is quite interesting XD *ran apratz, ran!*

Sunday, April 20, 2008

current mood : emo

I've been very gloomy in the past weeks. I have no desire whatsoever to do routine things. And I have no intention whatsoever to continue blogging. My life's been very boring lately.

I wonder if i could jump into a parallel universe and being a bounty hunter, sky pirate, Gundam Meister or Evangelion Pilot. That will truly make us treasure the true purpose of life.

Now i sound like a mix of Nara Shikamaru and Konata Izumi. Whatever *continue to hibernate during weekend*.

~O'God forgive my insolence. I need to be more grateful for all the things in life T_T.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Belated B'Day Party

I am officially 22 since 20th of March 2008.

belated b'day party hosted by NTU-ers

I guess it is already too late and i don't expect people to remember, but in fact people do remember *sobbing*.

my gullible secret angel, ahahahaha *bullying mode*

Thank you very much for your kind B'Day greetings and gifts. I am glad that I have bestowed upon so many nice people who really care. Honestly I am a typical hi-bye friend to begin with, as i don't put effort in maintaining people to people relationship. That's why I am a bit shocked knowing that people actually did give me B'Day Presents. I was on cloud nine after celebrating the belated B'Day Party yesterday *sobbing for the second time*.

Sincerest gratitude to roomie, soulmate, flatmates, weirdo, sicko, NaruTaru Fanclub, Superbatch Sixtyfivers, my gullible secret angel, Mr. Obsessive Compulsive, Rumet Abadi, ex. Mortal, those who remember and thou who read this, hehe. Apology that i am not able to mention every name, I think my brain is getting rusty due to too much yaoi recently *lol*.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is not an April Fool...

This is not a dream (though I somehow feel that it might still be a dream. And if it is a dream, I hope it comes true and doesn't turn into a nightmare).

Apratz and Yixian managed to grab the tickets for L'Arc-en-Ciel TransAsia via Paris Tour!

Fangirl-ism is dangerous. It can cost you your life!

1st of April. April Fool. The day the ticket starts selling.
That day was really a crazy emotional rollercoaster for both of us. We have been waiting in front of the comp and standby all morning in order to book the ticket via Online ticketing website. We even are not able to focus on work on the whole day. We are desperately clinging for the Online booking page to appear. But then, when the time comes, what said it?

Sorry, online booking for this event is not available. Please call HK Ticketing at31 288 288 for assistance.


They should have let us know in the first place that Online booking won't be working, and NOT in the selling day. We were almost burst into tears when hearing live report from a facebook friend that people already start queuing for tickets at 7AM while the booth will only be opened at 10AM!

I was thinking, we are already so closed. We have even booked the flight. Everything would've been in vain in case we fail to grab the ticket, and there's no second chance! Never! Honestly, one of my B'Day wishes since i was still on High School is to be able to watch L'Arc-en-Ciel's LIVE.

And then miracle happened. After so many hiccups in here and there, plus some teary moments between Yixian and I, plus some cursing words to the HK tic website, one of Yixian's facebook friends helped us to buy the tickets for us. OMG!

So in the end, we have the tickets. We are going to watch L'Arc-en-Ciel. I'm going to see Hyde live!!!! *major teardrops*.

hopefully there'll be a fanservice like this. cuteness!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Gundam 00 : Aftertaste… Aftertaste

Warning :
1)This post contains major spoiler for those who aren’t following Gundam 00 series until the final episodes
2) Apratz is the damned Queen of Spoiler, so she will have no mercy in spreading spoiler viruses *laugh frantically*

Last week I had a major agony, a pain that is hardly erased, even until today.

First thing first, my strikingly beautiful Itachi died in a super humiliating way in grandeur Uchiha combat, not because he’s freaking weakened against his hateful little brother, but because he was poisoned! I am seriously damn furious, that is not Itachi! Give me back my wicked and powerful Itachi! Now I feel like cursing the creator *sobbing*.

Second thing is, Gundam 00 first season was already ended! I cannot say that I am satisfied with the epilogue. I still think that it was really worth to be called a Finale, but since I am a crybaby, I don’t want to see some characters died, especially those whom I already had a bond with. Enough to say, I already had sort of emotional attachment with the Meisters. That’s why I will be damn freaking upset if they bid adieu to this 00 Universe. I don’t want them ended up dying; I refuse to believe that they’re all died. Tell me that this is not true! I am very torn when I saw Lockon died. I am super duper devastated when he was vanished with the huge explosion. In fact I was weeping like mad afterwards.

I swear that I won’t watch Gundam 00 anymore if they change the Meisters! I’ll seriously get mad if later on that Neena Trinity becomes the ace pilot for Exia. Please kick my ass if the new-built Meisters team consists of Neena Trinity, Stupid Patrick (without Spongebob), and Saji Crossroad. I am fine with Graham Acre being a Meister, in fact I’ve been drooling over him to join the Meisters team (then they will make perfect Bishounen Gundam-Senshi and wear frilly Sailor Uniform –here comes my secret fetish *grin*)

Hence, for the sake of entertaining myself, testing my analytical ability as a Fail ex-English Literature Minor-student, and giving my creativity a try as a storyteller wannabe, I would like to speculate about the Second Season of Gundam 00, with special highlight in the Meisters’ life (don’t ask me to speculate as a stock broker, I might end up bringing the Third Monetary Crisis in the entire Southeast Asia).

Setsuna F. Seiei
1) Setsuna F. Seiei is still alive
Seriously who will kill the main protagonist of the series? Let’s try to think in this way, can you imagine ‘Naruto’ without Naruto, ‘Gundam SeeD’ without Kira Yamato, ‘Code Geass’ without Lelouch, and so on and so forth? Setsuna is the major protagonist, he has huge resemblance to Heero Yuy from ‘Gundam Wing’ and not to mention Kira Yamato from ‘Gundam Seed’ (and Aoyagi Ritsuka from ‘Loveless’ *pun intended*). Those that I mentioned are eternal, especially our sovereign Godlike Yamato.

Setsuna will still be alive! He even has yet settled his issue with Ali Al-Saaches. As long as the antagonist is still alive, the protagonist will come down to earth and chase after the antagonist. That’s the common rule of typical Pacifist story. Setsuna has yet cast a judgment upon Ali, which will be his raison d’etre- reason to exist. Moreover, he has yet confessed his feeling to the Arabian Princess. That will be his second reason to live.

Hence, all hail Setsuna. He is dead NOT!

Allelujah Haptism

2) Allelujah Haptism is still alive
According to the Finale, Hallelujah, his alter ego is ‘vanished’. This implies that the next season Allelujah will be the modest and sincere one without the alter ego. Therefore, Allelujah still continues to live in serenity without any disturbance from his other half! (The role for outrageous Meister will be replaced by Lockon’s twin =p)

Never forget that he has a crimson thread with Soma Peiris that is being revealed in the Final episode. Their connections are still vague. There’re still unresolved mysteries between him and Soma Peiris whom he called ‘Marie’ as a cliffhanger. From here, I can conclude that I will still see Alle piloting Gundam in the second season.

Tieria Erde

3) Tieria Erde is still alive
There is still major mystery revolved around this rare beauty. Tieria shall not die before his background is revealed. Who knows that he was perhaps a Phantom of Aeolia Schenberg? Or who knows after the timeskip, he will turn into a pretty lady *vomiting*. In fact, one of his goal is to avenge Lockon’s death, means to murder Ali Al-Saaches. As long as Ali is still alive, he will also be alive!

Fortunately, it is already proven that Tieria will still be alive in the second season since he is seen during the timeskip overview. I think Tieria is my favorite character, just because I can’t stop looking at him amongst other Meisters. He never fails to absorb my attention during every combat that he went through. Anyway, I detest his new haircut! Please give back Tieria’s old haircut!

Lockon Stratos T_T

4) Lockon Stratos is still alive…… in your heart *crying a bucket*
I am sure that he is dead *sobbing*, but I am certain that his twin will take over his role and avenge his death. I sincerely hope that Lockon’s twin has a completely different persona with him. In the first season, we have freak Hallelujah amongst the Meisters, and now I expect Lockon’s successor to be the most lunatic one. That will balance the atmosphere amongst the Meisters. I suspect he and Tieria will have lovey dovey quarrel afterwards *fangirl-ism mode*.

I love tender and caring Lockon, but I am eager to see the same face with a very wicked personality.

Major conclusion : our beloved Meisters will have a reunion and attend a tea party (with Graham Acre as the fifth Meister) in the Second season *lalalala ^o^*