Monday, November 10, 2008

I Spent Money therefore I Live (???)

These past 3 days I’ve been spending a lot. It is still 2 more weeks to the paycheck, but I think I have spent my monthly allowance on the first 2 weeks. I need to punish myself by not taking bus to work (but going by feet instead xD), fasting twice a week and restraining myself from culinary errands –though I wonder whether it works xD.

*major LOL*

I went to a crazy karaoke session on Friday; in purpose to do ‘check-sound’ and familiarize myself with the choice of local songs. We’ll be having a so-called ‘big’ event at the end of November and some "irresponsible" parties have delegated the noble duty onto my shoulders xD. To be really honest, I had so much fun preparing the event, and I hope everybody will feel the same way too ;).

Quantum of Solace : Wild Bond strikes back -_-

Gastronomic tour ^o^

Next day I saw Quantum of Solace with a couple of friends. This is the first Bond movie that I saw in the cinema –I watched the rest of the films on local television. As I don’t have certain expectation towards the movie, I can’t say much. But I think I have developed certain impressions of the preceding Bonds when I saw the classic Bond movies. Bond is supposedly elegant during the firearm combat and supremely classy when he handles commotion; and on the top of that, he becomes so witty when exterminating his foes. Unfortunately I didn’t see those aforementioned traits in this recent Bond movie. I think killing the enemies by doing a relentless (and careless) chasing here and there and causing major destruction to the vicinity is just uncanny and totally uncool. That won’t make a big difference with any run-of-the-mill action movie such as the Bourne trilogy (though I have yet to see those –just my personal opinion). However, this opinion is rather biased because I am not a devoted adherent of Hollywood movies xD.

Today I had a fantastic chore collecting some stuffs for my cosplay costume. The finished and ready to wear costumes really cost me a bomb, so I had no choice but to sew and design that myself. Wish me luck xD.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Apratz and The Short Story Chronicle

Warning : This posting is intended to be an ego-booster; hence please read at your own risk

I thought I am just an individual with a mere passion towards writing but not necessarily equipped with the linguistic talent to write; at least that was what I believe since I was young, that my love towards writing is just one-sided xD.

It was still vivid in my mind when there was a short story assignment for my Literature class during my secondary school. I was so panicky since I was not really into writing. My dictions were all dreadful and the choice of words were in vain –and thing is, I ended up writing a short novella instead of a short story *grin*. The theme was pretty much influenced with the material that I read during that specific period of time –kindly take note that I have yet to know yaoi-related themes at that time, as I was still so pious xD. My first so-called novella is about a physically weak violinist and a precocious little girl who both involved in illegal drug traffic – a super corny romantic story, whatever, but good things often start in a corny way *grin*.

Yes this is a crime story about illegal drug traffic xD

And yes, writing a short story (literally a story that is so short) was a pain in the ass, since I am not used to create a discreet storyline or a fragment of a long story. Though I may be a simpleton, my mind is pretty much tangled and twisted –hence this is the biggest impediment to write myself a short story. I used to complicate a small thing! My long lost friend once said that listening to the lyrics of good songs can induce a decent idea of a storyline, and right now I am still struggling to implement what she said.

To cut a long story short, I joined an online fiction writing class in order to train (and to discipline myself) to write on regular basis. Problem persisted when there was an assignment to write a short story about ‘mother’ with the following objective: “Altering a cliché theme into interesting theme”. I was like being thrown into the bottomless pit of the inferno. What should I write, I shivered. To be really frank, what comes on my mind was the portrayal of a female chimpanzee nursing its baby in the zoo (???). I will self humiliate myself and challenge my sanity in case I really write about that. During numerous presentations and project discussion at work, I kept thinking how to develop a theme about mother that is both ‘cool’ and ‘gruesome’ xD.

Prototype idea : about a chimpanzhee mother T__T

And finally, my accumulated intense hatred and frustration towards certain things have driven me to write about a devoted nun, a virgin-Mary-like, an enchanting beauty with the reddish long hair, a tender-loving-caring mother who has a vampire son being held captive in the underground tunnel of a cathedral *fiendish LOL*. Every night, this poor bloody Mary should feed her son with her own blood in order to prevent him to go outside and do random bloodsucking. To my surprise, I got 99.9/100 mark for this assignment, and the tutor mentioned that he was deeply impressed with the short story. I had tears of joy *sob sob* that finally I was able to create a decent short story xD.

Today I just got news that I won the Lip-Ice short story writing competition as Top Honorable Mention and I am so thankful even though I didn’t win cash prize xD. The short story revolved around gruesome (and incestuous?) love between an angelic handsome priest and his gullible phantom son –yes I know that this is bizarre but I am a bitch for the twisted love story. This has driven me to continue my on-going novel that is already 120 pages long –unfortunately I can’t recall the whole concept of the story as this project has been discontinued since a month ago. I need to sharpen my peculiar way of thinking and not to drag this any longer -_-“. Wish me luck.

And the chronicle is still on-going xD….

I lurve gruesome and twisted love story in 2D way (plus it has to be aplenty of bishounens inside); BUT I am an acute haemophobia. Yesterday I just made a fuss at NUS Medical Clinic coz they have medical check up for the staffs –and yes, I saw blood, my blood, during the blood-test. I was so dizzy and powerless after I saw my own blood. When I reached home, I need to spare myself 4 hours nap in order to replace my blood loss… argh!!!