Saturday, November 24, 2007

Taken For Granted

Ok, I was getting tired of all this.

I was always there, when people need me to lean them a shoulder to cry on. I was –in most occasion- trying to give people the best possible outcome that I could do to lighten their troubles. I had always been a good listener for most of times, a caregiver, a provider, and sort of things (that sounds like a self-proclaimed but devil may care for this time around!).

I do believe that good friends must always be a solution oriented, a constructive minded individual who always express their help in a more realistic way, not just a daydreamy being who always sugar the problems with comforting words. I just try to be a good friend (according to my own perception of ‘a good friend’).

And now, I think I was being hated because of that.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sasuke-kun Doushite?

Enough with Gaara, now my issue is Sasuke. Pardon my wild imagination, but honestly i do think that Naruto is overflowed by invisible shounen ai aspects in here and there.

The first scene involving Naruto and Sasuke is the kissing scene, then moved to Haku and Zabuza (and please notice their uncanny relationship), then came to Lee and Might Guy (sort of admiration at the beginning but my instinct told me more than that *grin*, afterall they are not my cup of tea), afterwards it was Gaara and His attendant (forgot his name, pity!), then Sasuke and Itachi's grostesque relationship (boohoo, it is forbidden love!), next was Sai and his brother (gee, why there're so many boyxboy relationship? in fact it works well to attract fangirls *grin*), et cetera et cetera and finale, Sasuke and Naruto!

"Wake up Naruto, or else I kiss you!"

Even though there's almost zero improvement in SasukexNaruto relationship, i still can satisfy myself with Narusasu doujinshis or fanfics that scatterred around the net *happy*.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Joy to the World, Weekend Has Come!

Last friday I catched 'Stardust' in The Cathay after working hours. I went with couples of abnormals -typical stressed over work and stressed over exams people-, except myself by the way. I wondered with some guys who still had exam period by next week but they (as if) committed suicide by going for a movie. Fortunately exam for me is so yesterday *laugh frantically*, instead, I need to do neverending projects everyday *turn laugh into tears* .

these are the Freaks

'it is here', 'it is there', 'it is cold!'

Anyway, for thou who hath seen Stardust and played Final Fantasy series, I want to share something (not so) interesting. If you notice the Sky Pirate in Stardust, did it resemble the Sky Pirate in Final Fantasy XII ? And what's wrong with the Captain character, he is soo Balfear (minus the freaking scary fetihism of course). Afterwards the shape of the ship really embodies the flying ship in Final Fantasy IX. These are solely my commenting, done without any research, so please don't bother to make rebuttals. I think Neil Gaiman himself is an RPGamer :p.

Please don't try this at home!
Hair-Extreme Makeover

I just had a hair-extreme makeover when I was in Jakarta. Recently most people commented that I do look alike this guy *grinning widely*, especially the hair :

Anyway, thank him for the inspiration *giggle*.

For Thou who hath seen me, admit it XD! I feel like taking over the role of Haruhi in Ouran TV Drama (as if it exists) or the girl-disguised-as-guy tipe in HanaKimi Drama *being throwed by thousands of kunai*.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Slowpoke’s Grief

Have you ever encountered this problem?

Colleague : What do you want to eat for lunch?
Apratz : Oh I am going to washroom very soon.


Colleague : What do you do during weekend?
Apratz : Yes, I know weekend is two more days!

Okay, that’s true story indeed. I noticed that I am very slow to catch what people asked (I perceive different things of what people perceive, that’s more accurate way of saying). No, actually I always perceive the wrong things of what people said! This is beyond communication problems, this is brain damage ;_;. I have no idea what to cause this, in fact this bothers me a lot especially during conversation at work (in fact, though I don’t really give a damn regarding casual conversation, it still makes me sad somehow T_T). Moreover, I hardly catch up with works though boss and colleagues are super nice. I always make mistakes in every report I have done! If you have the best colleagues and manager, then you will even give your life to not disappoint them.

I think there’s something wrong with my ear (perhaps I need to wear hearing aid? For God’s sake I am still 21!), or does it lie on my brain? (Maybe I have too many unconnected brain cells or is this derived from family bloodline? *stabbed by shurikens*). But thanks to friends of mine, now I realized the causes of all this.

1) If you are working with numbers, and numbers, and … (did I mention numbers?), while you are not number crouching typical of person, then most likely you will encounter this problem, which is simply called ‘Lethal Unconnection’. We used to call it ‘kaga nyambung’ amongst the Martians up there by the way.

2) If your work is overloaded, and you are still not expert enough to maintain your tasks, while you think of newest episodes of Naruto or Gundam 00 everytime you go for work, then this suffering belongs to you.

Most bloggers always claimed that blogger ought to write something positive or at least advantageous for the readers, instead of just writing lovey dovey story or self proclaimed achievements that make readers vomit thus want to kill the writers. If Naruto said ‘This is my way of ninja’, then I said ‘this is my way of blogging’ *lol*. I do express something beneficial to all of you! Sounds super corny? This is my way of blogging… blogging… blogging… *echoing*.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is Monday *sobbing*. Overloaded work has called me and waited to kill me T_T.

Ergh, what is with this post?

A slowpoke, but it doesnt grief...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Apratz will be having a sudden short-holiday in Jakarta, starting from Wednesday nite to Sunday nite (7/11-11/11).

Reasons mainly because, work is overloaded! I have had enough with work overtime (and even I use my Holy Sunday to learn and study the research materials!) graaaahhh I am stressed over them! I need blood *turns into werewolf XD*. Luckily office will be closed due to renovations and Deepavali holiday. My company rocks ^o^!

So I guess, enjoy your days as I will be enjoying them too for certain ^o^.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What Naruto boy has a crush on you and what do the Naruto characters think of you?

Gaara has a crush on you! In the exams he hated everyone except there something special about you!

Here is what the characters think of you:
Sakura: I met her once she seemed nice, but later on I learned she can be a little nasty at times. Lee: Full of Youth! But she gets annoyed easily.Tenten: Hm, I guess she is cool.Neji: I don't mind her. She doesent say much though.Shino: She does not mind my bugs so shes ok.Kiba: I don't really know her that well.Akamaru: Bark! (Shes fun at times)Hinata: I don't mind her, she seems nice but she is a little mean to me about not speaking up..Itatchi: ...Who?(The rest of the akatsuki don't really know you either) :(Ino: I like her! We gossip ALL the time! I just did not like it when she said that I looked "fat" in this outfit! Sai: We joke all the time about Naruto. Suprisingly, she gets along with me!Kakashi: She is a wonderfull student and is always focused on her goals!Gai: She is very talented! However, she could lighten up on the insults of me and my spandex!Asuma: She is a good kid.Sasuke: I like her. We talk sometimes and she is like me, but thank goodness she is NOT obessed!Kurenai: I like her, she can actually keep my students in line when I'm away!Tsunade: I like her, she reminds me of me a little.Jiriya: ..I can wait untill she is 18.Orchimaru: Heh, Heh. I have plans in stored for her..Iruka: Shes a smart kid! She always got As on her tests and quizes!Naruto: Ugh! I don't like her at all! She has a lot of nerve!!Shikamaru: I don't really care for her. She always is with Ino and they look at me then laugh!Choji: I don't like her! She is mean!Gaara: I like her a lot! She is pretty cool and just my type. She makes a lot of pain go away.Temari: Well, I don't mind her and Gaara has some feeling for her.Kankuro: She is kinda nasty! However, when ever she is close by Gaara seems to lighten up a bit.
Take this quiz!

Madness, madness, it seems that I will be a Tsundere type in anime/manga female characters, but this result is super interesting XD *grin*
A Series of Unfortunate Events :
Amidst Gaara, Lelouch, Rainy Days and Bus Stop

Work is overwhelming, I am suffocated, unable to breath, I need holiday! Aaanyway…

My parents claimed that they loved to watch Naruto series on Global TV every weekdays night, in which I found it very peculiar. They even can best recall the weird names of the characters. So my freak behavior is really derived from family bloodline *lol*. And recently, I re-watch Naruto (and helplessly foolishly addicted again) starting from the period of Chuunin Exam. I was really taken by it, afterall that explains why I seldomly appear online at msn *grin*. But this is not the core topic petulant me would like to nag about.

Nowadays weather is just bad. During one worst rainy days, stupid me wore High Heels. After working hours, I rushed and ran to the nearest bus stop, so that I can get home safely and switly to watch the newest downloaded episodes of Naruto. That time rain poured badly.

And then with all my remaining power after overwhelmed myself with relentless work, I dashed to the nearest bus stop.

It was raining very hard and I ran with my high heels.

The bus came, and it was about to depart. Afterwards I boosted my speed.

My speed was superb enough, though I wore high heels. Ran Apratz, Ran!

And then I was slipped, doing little but elegant salto in front of everybody there. It was an embarrassing yet magnificent move! I can be a ballerina with it, or being a female ninja would also do! Gaining my balance, I dashed to the bus.

The (stupid idiot moron brainless crappy) bus just nastily ignored me. It went with its becursed smoke, leaving me alone in the midst of the rain.

All of a sudden I realized that all people in the bus stop just gazed at me, showing their weird smile as if they just saw a circus jester making dense moves. Some of them even couldn't hide their laughter!

I was not insulted. I was super duper miserably insulted.

Graaah, I feel like Gaara who is about to devour all people inside the shelters with his ‘Sand Coffin’ technique. I stared at them with glacial look and razor-sharp eyesight. I feel like killing! *sociopath mode*. O’ mine Holy Sand, you can do as you want, devour all these sacrifices! I exist to kill people; I want to prove my existence! Kill!


Nay, Gaara is less intellectually stimulating. A second later, I feel like being Lelouch, using his Geass and ordered everyone to ‘jump inside the nearest dustbin!’, so that they all can suffer similar humiliation, experience my shame! So everyone, I won’t kill Thou unless Thou hath hop to the super dirty garbage and humiliate Theeself with unbearable embarrassment! I ordered theeself to jump!

Nothing happened. It was still me standing there, amidst the rain, and snowed under the humiliation sight by people inside the bus stop.

Moral of the story :

1) Girls are not advisable to wear high heels, run to catch the bus during rainy days at the same time.

2) Too much watching anime is damaging, especially if Thou hath freak bloodline bestowed by Thee family