Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Crap From An Idiot With No Talent

My dream job is to be a manga artist
My second dream job is to be a character designer for any RPGs or animes
My third dream job is to be a fantasy writer
My fourth dream job is to be a RPG or anime storyteller
My fifth dream job is to be a beta tester for RPG

Despite those all, my biggest obsession is to erect anime-RPG awareness towards Indonesians and to build the biggest animation studio in Indonesia.

Then surely, people would call me an idiot all over again. Brainless idiot with no talent...

StupidStupidStupidStupid!!! *BOILED*

EN GARDE! I will struggle until my last breath, so watch my combat!

(By the way, the image was really incoherence with the writings XD.Whatever...)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last Working Day

14th of July was my last day of Professional Attachment. Actually we supposed to conduct our project presentations to the whole Sales Department, but since they were quite busy in preparing Trade Launch, the presentation was delayed for about 2 weeks.

Since the interns were allowed to join the Trade Launch in Raffles City, I went together with all PA mates. What's embarassing was that I dressed so informal, with white capuchon, pink shirt and skirt, while they did wear professional attire =S (since the Trade Launch was held in Shopping Mall, I thought it was OK to wear jeans and such, in fact it was held in hotel and meeting place inside the shopping mall -_-").

with Xinyi and Kylie

By the way, did you curious about that Unilever's new product we were referring to? My goodness, that was Clear, the anti dandfruff shampoo -_-! To be honestly blunt, Clear was already a major brand with more than 20 years experience in Asia (as well as in Indonesia). I really had no idea how come Indonesia became one step ahead in promoting any Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands? It was because we're exhaustedly overwhelming with exploding number of citizens XD. Well, this time i was a bit proud of it.

Pathetic model-wannabe pose

After finishing Trade Launch, we returned to office having buffet launch. It was really a wonderful time having internship in Unilever, though I somehow must sacrifice my (literally) holy-day time to overly slack =). I also thank my project mates and staffs who're surely helping and giving me their priceless guidance throughout the whole time.

P.S. Yucks, my writing turned out to be super boring and plain, this was the result of cautiously keeping my laziness within the holiday time to improve my writing skill. I am truly pathetic T_T

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Masquerade of the Ageless Lady Killer

I’ve watched L’Arc-en-Ciel’s Grand Cross Conclusion Tour for thousands of times. This live performance has become my painkiller and source of inspirations. It seems like all my adversities could vanish at once as my mind flies uncontrollably to Tokyo Dome, attending their live concert XD.

Today I watched it again in office, since my assigned tasks are pretty much done. Take place in Tokyo Dome in 1999, this live actions are super energizing! Hyde-sama is still adorable as ever. Watching his performance, I wonder if he has ultra affectionate poisons to trap his fan-girls. He could be excessively cute, mercilessly beautiful, but going wild at the same time. I attempt to catch up his performance with my lousy phone camera, as if I were there in Tokyo Dome, yelling crazily at their performance XD.

Irresistibly cute and splendid performance in 'Perfect Blue'. If looks could kill...
Devil's gone mad in 'Shout at the Devil'
Black winged devil, still in the moment of madness, super striking live action XD.
Sinful eyesights seeking for atonement, his rare appearance in 'Silver Shining'
Miserable body shaking in 'Kasou'

Hyde-sama is surely ageless! Even if he decide to keep his blessed face by getting plastic surgery, i would be the first who support him to do so! XD

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

What Makes Good Lyrics?

Almost two weeks ago I had unbearable fight against Bro Hamid, regarding ‘what are the good lyrics supposed to be’. The Indonesian Idol show potentially triggered our nerve to defend our decisions. Some people might think that we were total retards. But since I loved to debate against brainless issues (either did he XD); I ended up accepting his challenge.

Starting from Bro Hamid’s point, that good lyrics should be easily devoured by all kind of audience, means that the lyrics were supposed to be simple, sharp, and literally easy. He then highlighted one of simple and easy Indonesian song in particular, titled ‘Satu Jam Saja’ (‘Just One Hour’ or ‘One Hour, Please?’ pardon my poor English XD). Furthermore he started to elaborate that most Indonesians were already physically and mentally miserable, so they might not be able to think further about the meaning of the lyrics and thus fancy the simple lyrics.

His evidence of ‘good lyrics’ (direct translation from ‘Satu Jam Saja’/’One Hour, Please?’ or ‘Just One Hour?’ whatever):

Don’t put this to an end
I decline to come to an end
Just one more hour, please?
I’m yearning to be at your side
Bringing back those silent memories

Please don’t put this to an end
Coz tomorrow will never be meant to us
Just one more hour, please?
Such moment of happiness
Finally come to an end

When it came to my points, I argued that good lyrics should have universal interpretation, or else, literally sophisticated. I persistently countered that lyrics were another form of poems, which were hypothetically believed to have thousands interpretations beyond its words. Perhaps those were reasons why I wasn’t into most of Indonesian songs (remember, I said ‘most’, not ‘all’=p), ever since majority of their lyrics were relatively easy to understand (I hinder the word ‘shallow’ to describe all these *sigh*). Off course I’m referring my version of good lyrics to most of J-Rock songs (you get my point, Le Cieler was here!)

My evidence of ‘good lyrics’ (direct translation from ‘Kaze ni Kienaide’/’Please Don’t Go With The Wind’):

Ah, everything is but clockworks
I can even look forward to a future run by gears

(Looking for you..)
If I am led away from this boundless world
(Kissing your mind..)
It doesn't seem so bad if we fall holding hands like this

The feeling overflowing in the middle of the city is yearning,
Hard for me to breathe as it drowns me

For this is a time shining in rainbow's colors,
I caught you so that you wouldn't be wiped away by the wind

Personally I realized these debating matters were totally dumb. But anyhow we enjoyed our (absurd) debate and even somehow pretended to be the hosts of popular talkshow. For Honorable Readers, please take it lightly, since I have no grudge or harmful intention against Indonesian music and stuffs. Though I am the worst companion in pledging loyalty into my home country, still I am a patriotic at heart XD.