Friday, January 19, 2007

Apratz is indeed an explosive bohemian, temperamental procrastinator (so don’t ever ask her about her Applied Research Project right now as she can be so sickeningly grumpy about it, and do not touch her, otherwise you should run for your life!).

But once Apratz turns in Hyddicted mode, she can be so lovably sweet! From just watching one of Laruku’s PV with her delightful Hyde on it, she is easily enlightened and ready to portray thousands of inspiration beyond her mind. Apratz is now forgetting about her ARP for awhile.

Sadly speaking, Apratz doesn’t think that she produced a good art, though she watched ‘Dive To Blue’ PV for couple of times. Apratz thinks that her art is an utter disappointment, since the guy inside doesn’t resemble Hyde from that particular PV so much.

Apratz : “^^%^%&%^%^%!!”

And here Apratz is, more petulant than before (the graph of her bad mood increases exponentially). I warn you, don’t start speaking with her unless you are ready to be cursed for 7 generations. Perhaps sending her a bucket of flower for funeral will be very much appreciated.

By the way, PV stands for Promotional Video.

NB. Yuck, the image is dark, really suits Apratz's mood =S

Thursday, January 18, 2007

L’Arc-en-Ciel’s 15th Anniversary LIVE at Tokyo Dome

Ladies and Gents, Le-Cielers all over the world, this is the list of songs they played :

1.the Fourth Avenue Cafe 
2.Caress of Venus     
3.Vivid Colors       
4.Lies and Truth    
5.Ibara no namida (Tears of Thorns)
6.All dead        
7.White Feathers     
10.STAY AWAY       
12.Winter fall     
14.Neo Universe    
15.Medley :HEAVEN'S DRIVE, DIVE TO BLUE, LOVE FLIES, Kasou, Finale, Anemone, flower, Snow drop
16.Driver's High      
17.Shout at the Devil   
18.I'm in pain       
20.New world     
21.Jiyuu e no Shoutai (Invitation to Freedom)
22.??? (can’t read the Kanji=P)
23.Killing me       
24.Ready Steady Go
27.Niji (Rainbow)

Argh I’m dying to watch their concert; however it seems impossible since it is even hard for the Japanese-fans to grab the tickets *sobbing*. I must attend one of their LIVE performance, before my ageless-lady-killer Hyde is growing older and older (ohh I am so disinclined to see him aged).

By the way, Indonesian Le-Cielers are so lucky, as Metro TV will broadcast this LIVE performance on 24th of January if I am not mistaken. Now please tell me, can I catch Metro TV channel in Singapore using TV Tuner? *desperado*

According to Larc’s official site, this show is supposed to be aired in 25 countries including Singapore and Indonesia. I’m frustrated to expect Channel 5 relay it, but I just cannot stop hoping. For Singaporean Le-Cielers, please do inform me once you get further information with regards to this T_T.

Girls’ Role in Action Manga/Game/Anime

*spoiler alert*

Recently always keep an eye to the newest “Code Geass : Lelouch of The Rebellion” series, and -as expected- blame some disgustingly dense girls on it (who reluctantly interfere with the major plot and messed up with the vital plan of the main character!). Taken for example, how Shirley messed up with Lelouch’s invulnerable strategy, which consequentially turn him to be a half died despicable being during Zero’s invasion. Frankly speaking, I hate it the most when pathetic girls change the major plot of a story with their brainless affection and emotion. (Feminists are going to barrage me =P)

Let’s see another example on how the nauseating creature named Rinoa causes chaos within Final Fantasy VIII storyline by summoning the damn-strong sorceress Ultimecia and makes my oh-so-gorgeous Squall miserable thousand of times! How Penelo and Ashe are kidnapped by the empire and bring my sugar-boy Vaan in dismal situation in Final Fantasy XII. How Nanami’s blunder can potentially turn Jowy and Hero into endless dispute in Suikoden II.

The presence of girls somehow makes me distressed if and only if they mess around with the whole vital plot, though it actually is acceptable ever since most of girls psychologically use their affection approach to perceive things around while guys apply their cognitive (rational or logical) approach.

I am provoked to write this after watching Code Geass, as I really expect Zero (a.k.a. Lelouch, as shown on the above image =P) to abandon his emotion and affection and turn out to be cold blooded slaughtering machine in order to avenge his mother and sister *laugh frantically*. And I bear malice with girls who interfere with it! Go Lelouch! I adore les-miserable bishounen so much!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Manga Artist Wannabe

Today, kind Schroddinger lent his own made manga titled ‘Sol Luna’ to me, which I read in frantic enthusiasm in library (and not doing FYP *sobbing*).

Well, I think he is a fantastic manga artist, since his 6 volume manga reminds me of Salad Days series back in my high school era. The characters experience a tremendously exciting character development within each series, and sometimes he illustrates a super funny comical expression of some characters. Overall, the characters are drawn pretty well =).

Though the story is rather straightforward, but it flows naturally until the end (which apparently will be a happy end, though some shocking revelations do appear before it).

And, this manga is very poetic! I love almost lyrics and lines that he wrote, as it is so sweet yet very natural. He didn’t use sophisticated words, but that makes the lines painless to comprehend.

I am very proud of having a manga-artist as my friend. Moreover, he encourages me to create a manga to overcome my acute stress when doing FYP.

You know, being a manga artist is my childhood dream job, even until now. I just can’t stop hoping that I am able to make a living from being a manga artist, even though I am a senseless in art.

This is the image I created some time ago, a girl’s love image *evil grin*. No worries, though I am crazy in love with boy’s love manga, I still feel disgusted of girl’s love manga. That’s why I feel this image is terrifying enough to make me sickened. Aaah, I want to produce my own manga as soon as possible!

Bought myself a brand new camera, Olympus Miu-700, after having a painful yet exciting part-time job in International Survey Research (credits to Yoga =p).

Below are the images produced by that camera, let’s take a look^^

Apratz in front of an in-door giant Christmas tree in Takashimaya (a night before going back to Indonesia)

Apratz reading Adilla’s book (just for the sake of photo-making) in Coffee Bean & Tea Leave Takashimaya

Accidentally met so many Indonesian fellows at Changi Airport the next day^^, yeah, welcome to Indonesia!

At last, I can frame my euro-trip experience with this brand new camera! I can hardly wait to fly! *shoo shooo FYP!*

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Apratz is still alive, sound and safe! My sincerest apology for this awfully late update.

Had my flight to Singapore delayed until 6th of Jan, since the weather kinda scared me to travel.

Coming back to the lifeless land with thousand of things to do. In fact, I haven't really planned my 'Visit Copenhagen' (haven’t bought the travelers' cheque nor applied the travel insurance, undergone medical check up and taken my Visa from the Royal Danish Embassy).

I was wondering if everything turns out well. Perhaps it's not good for being too adventurous *grin*, I really envy Anes and some of my exchange mates who could arrange their plan pretty well XD.

Well, the only impediment that distressed me so badly is my FYP. I cannot think of any other thing if I haven't vanquished this one.

Unless, I purposely intend to change my Final Year Project into Final Year Party!!!

THE ZAP! Resurrection

Had a gathering with my old punk band in Junior High School era, and conquered the Music Studio nearby the old Junior High School building!

Playing music with them was really encouraging and wonderful, since all of them had pretty good skill with their instrument (and the trouble only lay on the vocalist *giggles*).

We were on the same frequency, as most of us fancied Japanese Songs. These were the list of songs that we played (Pardon the high level of subjectivity =P, this review was made by the 1st person point of view):

1) Live-YUI
I could imitate YUI’s articulation splendidly, and the song, frankly, suited my vocal the best, so no problem with this one. Everybody could adapt into the song pretty well even though they only listened to the song twice, all hail for The ZAP!

2) Fukai Mori-Do As Infinity
I think this is the moment where I was able to follow Van Tomiko’s singing the best. Previously, I often lowered down my vocal to suit her voice, but then I was mistaken. Oddy, the bassist had some trouble following the acoustics at the first time, but swiftly adapted to them.

3) Bendera-Cokelat
A local song, finally! Ghustavo asked us to play this song. The vocal character is female falsetto, and I am used to Hyde’s falsetto already.

4) Rumah Kita-Indonesian Voice
This song is hilarious once we played it. I often had a thought that a musician, or at least a person proficient with an instrument, are supposed to be used to the songs’ pitch, pace and articulation. In fact I was wrong *lol*, when the guys attempted to sing it, it sounded very peculiar!

I really have a good time with them! I am waiting for the next gathering ;).

The ZAP! are (these are pseudo-names) :
Apratz (Vocal) – Nanyang Technological University, Business
Ghustavo (Guitar) – Australia National University, Mechanical Engineering
Zappy (Guitar) – Sekolah Tinggi Administrasi Negara, Tax
Oddy (Bass) – Institut Teknologi Bandung, Geological Engineering
Udin (Drum) – Universitas Dr Moestopo, Medicine