Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Zombified, Mummified, whatever

I HATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there anything I can do rightly?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beginning of 20s Crisis

Apratz is still alive, safe and sound! My deepest apology for being completely vanished in the blogsphere, If anyone cares by the way. Do you care? Do you?

Anyway, work is really overwhelming. Recently I was totally zombified by overloaded tasks. Well, it is not that job is redundant; it is me who did it super slow. I myself is an utter slowpoke *sobbing*. I wonder how long will it take to familiarize myself with this business.

Quite sometime, I feel like loosing senses in certain things. I become less sensitive to others, thus reluctant to spend more times to meet counterparts and friends during weekend. I worked wholeheartedly during weekdays, and when weekend comes, I feel like spending time for myself only, and not others. I will be sleeping throughout the whole day, watching anime and reading anything worth all by myself, which made me a sucker in social life,

I realize that I can’t let myself entirely buried by this routine. Working is my x-priority, yet it is my current obligation since I need to payback the Tuition Fee to the Government by working 3 years in here. There’re so many things I want to accomplish in this super short lifespan. That’s why I don’t want to see myself doing the same thing all over again in the next 10 years. Frankly speaking, girls has less responsibility compare to guys in terms of life contingency plan, so I should say, 3 years working is more than enough.

Hopefully I can get enough capital when that time comes; afterwards taking Postgraduate study will be my choice in order to support my life contingency plan. Then easier said than done, I will build up my own company in Indonesia to support community development as well as being a University Lecturer at the same time. Life is so perfect on the top of the paper, but still every second that just passed needs to be fighting for.

Now I sound like I am in the midst of 30s :(.