Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shopping is (definetely) a Sin!

Gaah, ever since I suffered helpless addiction to Ouran High Host Club series and Suikoden Series, I couldn't restrain myself to buy those (comic) books. The worst thing was i already bought more than 7 books this month. Moreover, too much (shopping) temptation will still await me for sure in this final week of PA. In a sudden, i will become the citizen of povertyland *sob sob*.

Singapore Great Sale is in until the end of July, means the frightening temptation is still here. Perhaps I should place some photos of Tsunami disaster in every place I stepped, just to remind myself to have more sense of crisis during this hardships...

If shopping is a sin, may God bestows His Atonement... XD

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Suikoden I : March of the Triumph

Yay, I finally finished my re-played Suikoden 1 and accomplished the good ending! My very first time trying this series was 6 years ago, when I was still in junior high. Its twisted and angst plot altogether with deep and complicated characters made me head over heels toward this series. I recalled I was badly crying while playing this game some years ago. Still I could remember some momentous event during the whole scenes, which turn me treacherous.

Well, the story tells about the presence of the cursed rune ‘Soul Eater’. Despair, misery and sadness of numerable deaths have been the embodiment of that extremely powerful rune. One day, the unlucky Teel McDohl –the son of a well distinguish general in Scarlet Moon Empire- coincidentally becomes the master of ‘Soul Eater’. Throughout the story, Teel will find the dark side of the corrupted empire, and suddenly be involved with Liberation Army, the rebellion force against the empire.

As time goes by, unexpectedly Teel will soon become the successor of Liberation Army’s Leader, Odessa Silverburg who dies while protecting a kid from the assault of Imperial Soldiers. The miserable Teel McDohl then is forced to fight his own father, inevitably losing countless of his beloved counterparts and friends, and finally grieving over the death of Gremio, his faithful butler as well as ‘father’ and ‘brother’. In the end, the miraculous things will await him after numerous fierce wars against the empire.

Even though the graphic is frightening for standard Playstation console, I’m really in love with the storyline, since all the characters surely give an edge in constructing the whole storyline. And, did I mention about music? The background music is pretty cool and relaxing. The music arrangement is somehow unique, almost similar to the unison of classic western and exotic eastern traditional music.

Overall, this is the second best classic game I’ve ever played. This will set the example how Final Fantasy series must do: the humble and down to earth characters, beautiful but angst storyline, gray areas amongst the villains and heros, superb political tactics, endless tale of both friendship and betrayal, and the feeling of belonging to that particular world!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Earthlink SI 2006 Thank You Dinner

Last Monday, I went to Pizza Hut Jurong Point to attend SI 2006 thank you dinner. For such event, I prepared for not eating much during lunchtime, so I could get endless satisfaction during dinner *greedy mode*XD. However, only main committees were eligible to join, somehow I wanted to invite sub committees for dinner together. Perhaps the budget was limited for main committees particularly, ever since we were super gluttonous while eating.

It was a precious moment being with all of you. I can hardly wait for next year Solar Innovations =).

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Solar Innovations 2006 : ECOFUTURE

SPH Foundation Solar Innovations 2006 is a national scale environmental competition. It is held annually by Earthlink NTU, a youth organization which concerned of the environmental problems and put emphasis to search for solutions. This year, the event is mainly sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings as the title sponsor, and House of Development Board as the venue sponsor.

I join the main committee as Publication Executive, along with some beloved NBS fellows (Karina, Wewoen, Nancy, Adilla, Fieda and Ocvia). Even though my core task is only to craft publication materials (banners, name tags, posters, backdrops, and such), my job is not as light as I thought previously. Arranging one whole big event, with the participants of primary, secondary, tertiary schools from the entire Singapore is extremely complicated. Well, I learn new things during the event preparation, despite some problematical matters. Finally the event turns out successfully at 2nd-4th June in Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

I would like to thank all of the main committees and sub committees for such cooperativeness. Somehow I miss the time when we are discussing together. For all the committee members, we are already leaping one step ahead in constructing the better future. Let’s keep ourselves conscious enough of the sustainable environment. Save the earth, save yourself =)!

P.S. There's always a chance of being so narcisstic XD. Very sorry for putting self portraits instead of displaying how well the event turns out XD.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fugitive of Insincerity

Always being abandoned was such a horrifying thing…

Even if your eyes closed, you just cannot runaway of gazing the truth
Yet your ears covered, you can never escape of hearing facts
Though your mouth shut, you know nothing other than crying realities

I was just afraid of being left behind

From now on, call me pretender!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Dream Job

Despite my Business major which specializing in Marketing, I personally hate to step on a career in Business world. The fact that business-like people should be able to show their poker face in front of their clients, subordinates as well as supervisors was really sickening for me! It is obnoxious to behave in different ways to face different people, and to hide on our true self.

On that ground, I attempt to hinder that business minded fulfilling my precious brain cells. Life is not all about making money. That is why I shamelessly insist to take minor in English Literature, regardless of my super duper poor English T_T. If I am to graduate, I will choose another career path away from Business world.

I think people will laugh heavily and look down of me if I start talking about my dream job (It often happens!). My soon-to-be-realized-but-don’t-know-when career path is to be a manga artist or a character designer for both computer graphics and animation movies. Otherwise, being a fiction writer is another good choice for me. Sometimes reality does hurt, especially when majority labels about the importance of choosing conventional career types, such as engineers or accountants. But in this case I don’t care!

Even though I am senseless in art, I tell Thou that I am not good at giving up. Laugh as long as you can, because someday I will prove that being a fiction writer or a manga artist is much more interesting and lucrative than just counting, forecasting and managing others’ wealth behind the table =).