Thursday, March 16, 2006

Promised Land : Thou Who Dashes The Truth

Amongst those entire Laruku’s lyrics I’ve encountered, I completely fall in love towards this. It brings me to the sensation of endless mysterious anxiety. According to the literary criticism, its title “Promised Land” is referring to the Jews’ sporadically movement in the whole world along with their ageless obsession to be settled serenely in that never existed land. (Why our –not so nice in writing lyrics- Hyde intends to portray such peculiar thing?). Does he manage to reveal satirical fact towards the Jews, who knows (and who cares as long as it's ironically poetic)? But anyway, let’s enjoy the lyrics first =).

Promised Land
Lyrics by : Takarai Hideto

"Flowers are blooming, flowers with so many colors"
Go ahead if you want to dream, for your spirit is getting far away
"Let's make rains fall, without caring what day it is"
Anyway, your time to "go" is the same

Hungry wolves are forging love
"Now, please believe me"

Unstopped, the flames advance
After a late awakening, ah... it's "goodbye"

"Let's build love", with such wondrous words, there is no future that can't be taken back
Heavens' words are such a wonderful reality
If that is now, then immediately, let's go to Mars!

Taught history is a profile of conflicts
"Now, please believe in miracle"

Devil's walk in the strawberry fields

I let my wishes burn away
In this world of rubbish, ah... to whom should I offer it?
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
Ah...feast on my bound tears
"Oh one who has to love"
Ah.. I face the night sky where nobody is there
Ah... can I save you?

Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields

Unstopped, the flames advance
After a late awakening, ah... it's "goodbye"
Devil's walk in the strawberry fields
Ah...feast on my bound tears
"Does it taste of honey?"

Welcome to the wonderland!


From now on, the term ‘Devils walk in the strawberry fields’ happens to be my all time favorite quote. My thankfulness goes to Ryan for his beautifully well done translation =D

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Call me Final Fantasy Die hard fan!

Few weeks ago, one of my core subjects (namely Integrated Marketing Communication), had persisted me to come up with printing advertisement design and analysis. Though I was surprisingly energized to create it, I was mere confused with the preference of the product. What product should I appropriately come up with?

As a J-fangirl, my very first choice lay on Hyde’s newest single, “Season’s Call”. Regrettably there will be nothing much significant point of purchase on the print ad. (What should I put inside the ad? There’s no momentous point in emphasizing his huge self portrait within two page advertisement *sweatdrop*)

Alternatively, I was thinking of constructing magazine advertisement for my second-favorite game ever, Final Fantasy series (the no 1 ever was Suikoden series). Honestly speaking, I was quite brilliant in babbling about the importance of gaming and its related stuffs (passion gave importance, absolutely!). Therefore, I was producing two page print ad for Square-Enix’s brand new dazzling installment, Final Fantasy XII.

With all those so-called marvelous marketing campaign recommended within my reports, Square-Enix should started thinking about hiring some marketing executives from the gaming communities XD. *overstating self esteem, as always*

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Feels Like Dreaming

In this gloomy weekend (where all the cruel assignments and projects make us lifeless), I decided to watch Disney On Ice in Singapore Indoor Stadium along with beloved all time partner, Adilla, and dearest roommate ever, Putu.

Again, we were half hour late (a usual Indonesian sickness). But once we entered the performing area, it felt like we exist in different dimension. As the beautiful Disney trademark songs were poured away throughout the place, the magic was begun.

The show was absolutely fantastic! With my determined gaze, I stared at them keenly. I just love those fairy creatures hanging around the stage, performing amazing dancing and showing impressive acting. It was truly astonishing, most anticipated show! After all, the so called expensive ticket was really worth. Well done, Disney… Well done.

Nevertheless, I hate for almost being an adult. I need for being an innocent kid in just one day, to kill my boredom of this pathetic life.
(Un)essential Comment :
Why put that 'narcissism never ends' photo instead of that wonderful show? It's just because i couldn't catch up their performance with my handphone camera. Then... arrgh I looked pretty fat on that! Should do more food restrictions X(.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unilever : Too Good To Be True…

Plainly speaking, I don’t feel that I am a bloody hardworking student. Having realized enough my brain capacity, (and thus do nothing to overcome it X( ) I don’t have any specific plans to at least improve my grades. Yes, I am pretty satisfied with all my life for now. Hence I just expect all things flow smoothly (and smoothless=p).

Some weeks ago, Fieda told me that I get placement in Unilever for my professional attachment. What comes to my mind was an April Fool. Was she trying to bully me or what? Then she added if I need not to attend an interview session, coz it was without interview placement. Right after, I supposed that day was the Last Day, whereby things go in unusual pathetic way. It was wonderful, and i still didn't believe!

Anyway, all my gratefulness went to Fieda. Thanks very much for noticing me. But more importantly, all hail to the God for all His kindness and benevolence. I might be a forsake at times, however I’m always and always knocking on Your door. Now and then I will incite it =).

Nevertheless, for all my beloved NBS counterparts, I will always pray for your best. You girls and guys are really occupied by an inner drive to be successful. I absolutely have no doubt that your brightest future are waiting ahead. Thank you very much for your kind support. Without all of you, I am less =).

Saturday, March 04, 2006

One Half Hour Late

No no... this is not the tittle of the songs, but a true story!

If you were late for going lecture, tutorial and such, or were fall asleep and late one half hour when making appointment with somebody, that must be not so special to be remembered.

But this time, i were so late to watch the guitar ensemble concert along with Dika and Adilla at about nearly 2 hours T_T. Although we could only enjoy not more than 3 beautifully arranged songs, yet we were finally able to catch up some cool photos XD.

Btw, still owe Aninto for the tickets X(.

Friday, March 03, 2006

A Matter of Taste

Though I was not really into the non-animation movie, I was always keeping myself update to the newest box office every week. And at this point of time I was truly curious about the fresh notorious award-winning, Brokeback Mountain. As some of my friends suggested to check out that movie, finally I managed to watch it at Cineleisure Orchard along with my (anonymous) friends.

When I was queuing up, the girl at the ticket window asked whether I reached my 21. Stunning at that moment, I frantically said that I am a final year student in NTU. My thoughtless action caused me to get the tickets for certain. Frankly, I had no idea about what was the movie going to be.

Next, that impulsive step was really showed its vengeance. I couldn’t stand to watch Brokeback Mountain in a comfortable way. Watching those muscular guys -with man-ish way of life- making out was REALLY a terrible idea. I didn’t find it is fascinating to view them behave like sissies teasing each other. It was neither amusing nor entertaining. It was extremely annoying X(.

After that, I got a nightmare in my deepless sleep.


I admit that I unconditionally love a matter of forbidden love, but more importantly I am more into a beauty and gorgeousness.

So instead of watching those muscular men loving each other, viewing a pair of androgynous guys is really much much more fascinating.
Taken as example :
(Hyde & Gackt) *my all time favourite couple, hoho*
or this :

(Gackt & You'GacktJob')

Well, it is just a matter of taste =P.