Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tribute to Uchiha Itachi

It happens on Wednesday night...

In the midst of work, i occasionally opened Narutofan forum to catch a sneak peak of the newest chapter of Naruto manga : The Uchihas Epic Battle.

And then i saw something that i refuse to believe...

I screamed so loud at once and created quite a commotion since some people were also staying back late at office (then they swamped me with a weird look)

I don't want to believe it.

No, in fact i REFUSE to believe.

There goes my heart. Sayonara Itachi-san, you have been utterly fabulous in 'defending' your Uchiha legacy, you have successfully stolen the spot from that Pedo-Oro, you have been an exceptionally wonderful villain with your artistic genjutsu and soft-spokenness, and you have gradually shifted my 'fangirl-ism overload' from your (bastard) little brother....

Hope you rest well in the Atziluth (or Gehenna?), and have a tranquil tea party with Sasori and Deidara.


Apret (crying a bucket)
*with super deep condolences*

**previously i intend to put Itachi's pic in the 'Yaassiin prayer book' to mark his glorious death, but well...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Never-ending Desperado Chronicles

Yesterday I've made a mistake at work. A very stupid mistake. A mistake that even an idiot perhaps won't do. And today, I was forced to go back to office to revise that stupid thing. Now i wonder where my brain is actually located, maybe it is there... (yes, there, nothing wrong with the location, just that the actual brain volume might be looked weird, whatever!)

Or perhaps the brain actually lies on the butt? I don't know *crying at the corner*

Anyway, i do really want to follow Homer's advice below. I think it is totally awesome, and even more critical, sinister, realistic (and not to mention much more brilliant) than Keynes/Nash/Smith theories ever...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

For the time being, it’s a dream comes true!

Dear Folks,

This is not a dream, this is not an April Fool, this is a dream comes true!

Apratz will be going to Hongkong from 23th – 27th May 2008 and watching L’Arc-en-Ciel Trans Asia via Paris Tour in Asia World Expo Arena on 24th of May!

OMG OMG, kudos to Yixian who informed me about this.

Today I started working lethargically, turned on the Comp and began to check emails *yawn*, until quite sometime, Yixian came to me and told me about this Hongkong concert. She was a hardcore Cieler who often checked the website to retrieve more info about L’Arc’s activities. Without further ado, both of us have booked our round trip ticket from Singapore to Hongkong.

Unfortunately the concert ticket will start selling on the 1st of April (and guys, it’s official so it won’t be an April Fool!), and I am so afraid that ticket will be sold out before we manage to grab them *sobbing*. I do really hope that everything will turn out well so that we could watch the live concert sound and safely.

Now I feel like I am more energetic to start my days. I even don’t care that I ought to work this coming weekend due to some outstanding projects that have yet been finished. I am just longing for the D-Day crawling nearer, and afterwards I don’t care of what will be happening.

Thank goodness, this will be a remarkable once in a lifetime experience for me, a very meaningful B’Day present for this year. I thank You for everything you’ve been giving me until this time. Alhamdulillah, thank you =).