Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today's Apocalypse

Just now realized that a super retarded news has been spreading over the net, regarding Hyde's withdrawal from the hottest J-Rock band, L'Arc-en-Ciel.

I was really pissed off, almost fainted when hearing that crap XD! How dare one stupid brainless created that shocking nonsense news? Were they conscious enough that a crappy news could make one's world getting upside down? My goodness, that was extremely unforgivable!

A Hyde makes L'Arc-en-Ciel, L'Arc-en-Ciel. Not more, not less! For Those stupid meaners who created that nonsense, please mind your own business, otherwise go to Hell!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Recent Wishlist

With this fresh paycheck in my dirty hand, I'm fantasizing my recent wishlists to be grabbed as soon as possible XD *evil grin*.

1) Suikoden Figurines
My Goodness, I'm currently suffering Suikoaddicted, and drooling over the seven impressive figurines from that memorable series. Those are definitely must have, since I am re-playing the first series of the game during weekend.

2) Suikoden V, Final Fantasy VII : Dirge of Cerberus, Suikoden Tactics and Kingdom Hearts II DVD playstation2 games
I’m not saying that I will buy those original DVDs, simply because they’re awfully expensive! However, in some reputable online stores, the DVD games are bundled with art-book, music CDs and guide book for each game (which is pretty darn tempting!). Well I should strive rigidly to restrain myself from such redundant wishes.

3) Canon Digital Camera
Trust me; do not simply spread over exaggerating promises when you are so passionate about something. In my case, I asked my sister to cross her finger on me for the sake of my Professional Attachment result. While I was coincidentally getting the placement, she asked for her so-called compensation, which was Canon Digital Camera that she dreamt for such a long time *sigh*. Well, a promise is a promise. In the end she’s succeed to tear apart my nearly empty pocket *sobbing*.

4) Learn Piano for Beginners CD-ROM
I will kill you if you laugh without valid reason! Honestly speaking, being a Pianist has become one of my childhood dreams. The fact that my parents were not so interested in letting their lovely daughter learns music makes me somewhat miserable, though finally they allowed me to enroll the classical guitar course during my junior high school era. This inner obsession makes me often touch about music in some of my so-called writings.

Did my lists seem odd? Not really if I am a fatty Couch Potato who always facing computer screen in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Perhaps the facts that I was in my beginning 20, an appealing business-marketing sophomore XD and currently undergoing attachment potentially create a strange consciousness.

But who cares anyway =P?

Friday, May 26, 2006

Trade Merchandising Research

Lately I often check out some fellows’ online journals, which mostly tell about their ‘lovely’ attachment experiences. Well, in celebrating my almost 1 month Professional Attachment period as well as commemorating my very first paycheck XD, I intend to share not-so-objective attachment review in the past 3 weeks.

I work in Unilever’s sales department, which aims are to investigate current market trends, and to further study recent products’ performance. This research consists of 3 small projects, namely Shopscoring, Shoppers’ Immersion, and Effectiveness of POP Materials (Point of Purchase). To avoid any confusions for non Business students, I attempt not to touch those marketing glossaries anymore in the next paragraphs =P.

Personally I thought those projects are damn-exhausting. We, poor six attachment students from NTU are required to arrange those 3 research designs by ourselves (with the guidance from our supervisor off course=P), doing the field work which covering the entire Singapore as our random samples (struggling to disguise ourselves as mystery shoppers and unintentionally getting caught by the security guards T_T), analyzing those raw data (using that &^%$*&*^%^ SPSS), and finally, submitting written report followed by final presentation to the colleagues T_T. For the simply retarded me, it looks like squeezing one whole semester’s projects in 10 weeks only, which becomes my bloody nightmare. However, I’m pretty lucky since all my teammates are probably the nicest people in School.

So far, I never enjoy myself that much when doing projects. Needless to say, I am thankful my project mates for being so considerate and pleasant at all times. Let’s enjoy these remaining six weeks =).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hugo, A Boy of The Karaya
Chris, A Knight of The Zexen
The two meeting, initiated the flame
And soon a flame called destiny
Burns fiercely

Suikoden III : Successor Of Fate

Having finished reading the first volume of Suikoden III. To be frank, I am not into the style of artwork, but overall the book was truly amazed me! (By the way the above image was taken from the game, not the book)

I was speechless when I observed Hugo's manship deeds. He was a gentleman in his own way, short-minded and outspoken, although a bit naive. However it was acceptable, since he was only a 14 years old boy. When I played the game almost two years ago, I was skeptical and doubtful about his presence at the beginning, but this book added magnificent impression about him as the son of Karaya clan's leader. He somewhat reminded me of Jowy T_T.

Chris Lightfellow's painful past was really surprised me. I thought she was only a spoilt noble and filthy rich girl when she was young. But then again, this book revealed all her agonies when losing her father. Additionally, Chris was able to lead a group of good-looking knights under her insightful leadership. Well, i do admire Chris after reading the whole book.

The main thing I love from the book was the presence of damn-cool poems over the end of every chapters, as if they're igniting passionate choirs to the fierce war =P.

Sadly, I couldn't find the next chapters virtually, simply because the manga has licensed already T_T. Then I should wait for my allowance in order to buy the next volume, I'm going to bankruptcy soon.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Good Morning Apratz

For Thou who are pretty curious regarding my rare recent appearance, I tell Thou that I am still alive somewhere XD. The reasons of why I barely touch the keypads typing my routine activities are just because I am terribly busy as hell in undergoing my current attachment T_T.

Aside from my attachment, I do gaming also, and that makes things worst ever since I mostly spend my leisure time exploring the gaming universe. Bah, I restless over the whole day =S.

In conclusion, gaming is definitely a good idea to wipe away the pressure of work, especially when you do it during weekdays. As for the consequence, you will end up super tired for the next working day. Super tired, as you will brainstorm hard about generating ideas for your undergoing projects, and as if you are the part of the game characters who are waiting for your next move to save humankind XD.

P.S. Do you notice that the title even didn't have any coherences to the whole paragraphs? Well, recently I love to hear a song by Laruku, "Good Morning Hide", thus i simply amend and put it as title XD.