Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Diary of A Sociable Anti-Social cum Unemployed

Indo-NTU Alumni Gathering @ Marina Mandarin

Superbatch65 Girls


Amazed with the splendidly delicious foods by the first class chef ^^. Sadly, not many people that i knew coming.

Neechan's (supposedly) Farewell Party

The thick skinners

Went to a crazy Karaoke session with the bunch of shameless thick skinners. We knew no embarassment! There's no 'shame' word in our dictionary, never! *flip pages*

Movie Marathon in a row

Mamma Mia!

Wall E!


Watched 4 movies in a week (okay, now i am in total broke) : Hana Yori Dango the movie, Kurosagi the Movie, Wall E and Mamma Mia. Each of them was splendid! Wall E makes me ponder about the future of this world; it's so deep and not to mention scary. Moral of the story : Let's save the world by eating no junk food and exercising, exercising and exercising!

Had a major crush on Yamapi after watching Kurosagi. Yamapi is the epitome of sex! Who can't resist the les miserables bishounen with mysterious aura and the painful past? Right now I am hunting for Kurosagi DVDs and any dorama with Yamapi inside will do!

Turned vivacious after watching Mamma Mia. The movie was so witty and fun to watch! There're a lot of Aunties in the theatre and they started to sing by the time the characters sing -_-". Since we are considered young enough and not really familiar with ABBA songs, we can only name few songs. But overall, the movie was good!

Yixian's Farewell Dinner

Halal Steamboat! coolness!

Tried the halal steamboat along Bugis (no idea where the exact place is). Food was very good, eating until Im ready to puke *grin*.

There're still a lot more... but i am lazy to scrunitize friends' Facebook just to steal the pics.

Moral of the story : Enjoy life to the fullest!
On the Job and Marriage Issue

And i won't wish you luck

Coz i don't think it's luck
I think you have what it takes
So if you get the job, it's not luck
It's you!
Luck found you the job
Anything else from there is your own capabilities

(Quote Yixian in sometime around August'08)

After 100 years waiting in solitude (??), finally they confirmed my placement at the #1 University in Singapore as Research Analyst. Why Research? Coz i am a Research-whore -_-.

Then i need to give up another position at my beloved University as an Assitant Manager -I am so sorry!

I hope everything goes well with the HR process and all, and can start working on the 2nd week of October. Gee, fasting month has shown its tremendeous blessing of virtue T_T. Thank goodness!

On the bad side, I'll be taking TOEFL this coming Sunday at 8.30 AM in Jakarta! WTF I'm still in Lala-land at that time, it's not funny to be overslept at such a critical time -though i always did it. This iBT is fairly different from the previous test, since they have Speaking and Writing section. Good thing is, I love to speak! Bad thing is, I often butcher the language in the writing test *sob sob*. And nervousness sure can kill! Hopefully i am able to accumulate abundance of self confidence by the time i take the test!

I am still screwed at my GMAT. And i can't really sit down and study at home as there will be myriad temptations whatsoever *sob sob*! The reason why i study so hard its because the fee is bloody expensive, and i won't make it a waste by getting mediocre score report *hurhur* though it is also impossible for me to get the astronomically high score -_-. I feel like doing Self Hypnosis to maximize my ability in the Verbal section T__T.

I'll be going back to Jakarta from 26 September - 4 October 2008, so whoever wants to meet up and fool around together let's kick off (nah this is what i called bloody temptation T_T).

Hari Raya is coming, then family gathering is in front of the eyes. I always feel inferior during family gathering especially when relatives touch on the issue of marriage and family building. I mean, sometimes they had a private chat with me, asking about my progress on that 'issue' -which made me speechless all the way. Well, I am still a normal girl, getting infatuated with Hyde or Yamapi and can't resist Japanese hearthrobs *grin*, but i think it's still a long time to go. I don't think at this point of time I am mature enough to share my life with somebody else 'til death - at least not now. Well, let's see how i can handle this and prepare the politically correct answer during the chat *lol*.

To everyone who are fasting, these are the last 10 days of the month, so don't waste it! :D

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apratz’ Top 20 (Recent) Random Facts

- I recently feel like crushing myself to the MRT train, jumping into the railway when the train is coming for the sake of curiosity
- I will then make myself conscious by reciting prayers afterwards (??)
- I am paranoid of blood-spilling (haemophobia?)
- I recently think of putting the corrupt government officials in the chamber of gas so that they’ll undergo a slow and painful death
- I am pretty morbid and sadistic at times
- But in fact, I am no fearless at all
- In 5 years time, I see myself as an academic researcher doing a PhD
- I am not good at giving up
- I often overreact toward everything, and make people annoyed afterwards
- I am an extreme headstrong, who won’t hesitate to pester others
- I think I am the most unromantic person in the world
- I think of Facebook and Friendster as a tool to boost up one’s pseudo self actualization
- I respect people because of intelligence above everything
- My mother said that I am the most insensitive person on earth, and I think that might be true
- I hate it when people being a busybody yet I feel like being one for most of the time
- I love Math and Science subject(s), but am suck at them
- If I strike Toto and win $100,000 the first thing I’d do is giving them for charity
- (yet I am never ever interested in trying Toto)
- I am no culinary adventurer and often end up eating the same thing over again
- I hate it when people show their poker face and fabricate their attitudes –I am a strong believer of ‘be-yourself’ slogan
- I wonder what initiates me to do this –because I think this is stupid -_-“

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Emperor Lelouch Owns the World

My beloved Indonesians,

Justice the founder of my fabric mov'd:
To rear me was the task of power divine,
Supremest wisdom, and primeval love*

Abandon your choice for presidential election
No, forget the presidential election!
Indonesians won't be needing democrazy!
Indonesians will be needing dictatorship!

Let me be your one and all ruler
Let me be your Emperor
Emperor Lelouch thereby ordered you to be my slave!
~All hail Emperor Lelouch!~


I wont be held captive because of treason, WILL I? *run*

Oh okay, i'll back to the cave, be a 'good' Hikikomori and resume my study.

(*Taken from Dante Aligheri's The Divine Comedy)