Thursday, August 23, 2007


Have you ever been into this state?

When we were a primary school student back then, we aimed for a prestigious secondary school…

When we were a secondary school back then, we endeavored for an exceptionally-good high school…

When we were a high school student back then, we strived so hard for getting into a first class university…

Starting from there on, all my passion and desire begin to fade away!

And then, after finishing University life, I have no more enthusiasm, no more exact life-planning continuation.

What kind of life shall I’m heading into, since I even begin to estrange my self identity? Why should I do this and that?

Why do I feel this, is this the result of my ‘introduction of corporate life’ that I encounter? What is a so-called real life?

I will be having a psychotherapy as soon as I go back home.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Self Proclaimed Anglophile

Contemplating at hilly Acropolis XD

I was a Greek geek when I was still in Primary school (thus I am a fan of Saint Seiya as well as those bizarre folklores of our humanish Greek gods). My curiosity was paid when I visited Athens-Thessaloniki two months ago. Right after, I have nothing left to dig up from them. So, my Greek era is over.
Notre-Dame du Paris

Painting of Marie Antoinette inside Versailles

Moving to secondary school, I am really into French stuffs. My interest in French was also slightly paid when I visited Paris for 5 days. In fact I was a bit disappointed with it, since there were so many constructions happening within the places of interest, including Versailles (and I have quite a bad experience with the people there). I did respect our notorious Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, and curse Englishmen who captured him on a battle at Waterloo England. I did admire our narcisstic sun king Louis XIV.

Napoleon III's Apartment inside Musee du Louvre

I was eager to know more about the French Revolution and how Marie Antoinette was captured during her escape (some said because of her perfume : The Falling of the Rose, whatever) and ended up in guillotine. But that’s it, after knowing a bit about those all, it is the end. I am no longer curious, although I love playing board game called ‘Guillotine’ for the sake of my insanity, since the game told us to chop off head of French aristocrats as much as we could *laugh frantically*.

Recently I am head over heels to anything about the kingdom of Britannia (what I mean is Great Britain, consists of Scotland, England and Wales, and not Britannia kingdom as portrayed in ‘Code Geass’ *grin*).

Godchild, I luuuurve the concept!!!!

1) I was pushing myself to continue buying GodChild series even though I was running out of money, because it is a perfect combination of psychotic, artistic, wicked yet touching and adorable historical dark shoujo manga of Kaori Yuki with SUPER DETAILED Victorian England themes on it. Not to mention that it has gorgeous bishounen-resembles-young Hyde- Cain C Hargreaves along with his charming faithful butler. (Adilla, if you read this, let’s chat night and day about dark-angst and occult stories XD).

taadaa, familiar portrait of Westminster, as shown in Harry Potter the movie

2) London
is still my ephemeral city because of its relentless charm and appeal (Okay, this is very subjective). Even though I have visited London for 5 days, I do have a strong willingness to come back there sometime and go inside Westminster Abbey, something that I didn’t do last time. I want to join the Jack the Ripper walk which was held around Westminster area. I want to see mausoleums, tombs and those freaking scary stuffs again with my very eyes.

A torturing device during England 19th century, any idea how to use it?

a killing device *heartthrobs*

3) I am passionate to buy historical references for London’s Necropolis building, Gunpowder Plot, Tudor Era’s scandals, The Great Fire and studying Victorian era. There’s so much to tell, so much to learn about that, though the cost of the book was lethal, and borrowing the book from National Library isn’t my style. (Adilla, if you read this, let’s go for a book hunting again next time XD).

4) Cosplay! I do intend to cosplay in Gothic-lolita style though I cannot (I am not able to perform it physically and financially). I will definitely kill you if you laugh at me *throwing circus knife*. The gothic Lolita style is actually the normal style of little girls’ clothing during the Victorian and pre-Edwardian era. They are so adorable that I cannot take my eyes of them.

5) I am so upset of myself for not fulfilling my minor in English Literature yet I struggled so hard to complete the modules (and was gotten awful grades as a reward).

Foggy London and London Bridge

6) I am currently writing a supposed to be long story depicting Victorian era, a fiction, dark fantasy to be more exact. I did long research just to plot the background story and setting. It is as tiring as studying for the sake of Exams *big grin*.

7) And so on and so forth.

Hence, I become self proclaimed Anglophile starting from now ^o^.

*Anglophile: a person who is fond of English culture.

Monday, August 13, 2007

NBS Convocation Ball :
An Old School Affair

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Ballroom, Lower Lobby
Saturday, 28 July 2007

This is the end, but this is also the beginning


Thanks for colouring my dull life within the past 3 years, and making my days not so gloomy. I am going to miss all of you =).

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The most pitiable thing in this world is,
When you assume that you are standing within the axis of the universe
And the cosmos is moving according to your expectation

The most disgraceful thing in this planet is,
When you take for granted that people doing good deeds to you
Therefore they must be at your side thus supporting you

Which is unfortunately not….

And I can only say pathetic!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Carpe Diem, Living For Today!

This whole week, I felt like my whole life is a total waste (Dear Lord, forgive my insolence). It is true that I spent most of my time with my beloved counterparts while waiting for the finalized assessments and interview result of my permanent jobs. Life is beautiful, given the condition if you had so many friends, and (so much) money *fainted*.

Monday and Wednesday, went out for a devastating karaoke session. At first I was reluctant to join since I am penniless, but this was really tempting *sobbing*. Finally, we went to authentic Japanese Karaoke somewhere nearby Somerset MRT. We made quite a horrendous noise which resulted in people’s deadly glare towards us >.<.

They're singing "Balada Seorang Biduan", popularized sometime in middle ages XD

He said "I am a taxi driver in Calcutta" XD

I participated in voluntary activities called Enchanting Indonesia in Orchard Road. This is quite tiring but fascinating as I had chance to meet so many people from other school and experience many things =).

With pretty flatmates ;), thanks for coming

With the so-called designer and pretty models of KratonIndo Batik Company :p

Some consecutive days, we played board game until dusk, and discussing my future plan with Simbah Acay (kudos to him). I draw my life plan until I am 26 years old (I must be quite financially independent given the specific time), and am still in a confusion whether should learn GMAT (concentrating in Business solely) or GRE (specializing in science or art) in order to continue my study next year the fastest. My artistic ability is drop dead right now (which is bad, since it makes me soulless), so I need to take serious art course or join a diploma of art.

Madness, madness! I should have bought a viking helmet in Copenhagen *sigh*

Some days later I accompanied my Bro who went back for good to Indonesia, after finishing a crazy yet embarrassing board game session in Pacific Tea Company in Vivo City T_T. I am still sane!

Back for good, Okay? Back for good

Some days later I escorted my bro to watch National Day Parade (but since we are prideful Indonesians, we employed the infamous Indonesian culture which is (be)late *crying out of loud*, and ended up found nothing more but flows of people overwhelming the MRT station. Afterwards, I made sins by eating ice cream prata after 7 PM =(.

The victim, die die want to watch National Day Parade, poor him XD

a treat : sinful Prata Ice Cream

I kinda miss my friends in campus though, hoping that I can make it on sunday.
I am Blessed ^o^!

My Bro gave me Action Figure Code Geass : Lelouch of the Rebellion that I dreamt so much of! And luckily, it is my sassy Lelouch (and not bitchy Suzaku *giggles*). At first I told him that I was craving for the action figure since I fancied the series so much! And suddenly, he came in the gloomy Saturday and brought the tiny Lelouch to me, saying that it was my graduation gift.

Thanks, thanks very much, frankly speaking I really can’t afford to buy it (at least before receiving my first salary ;p). Even though people said that this acknowledgement sounds super crunchy and corny, I don't care since I really meant it =).

Bad thing is, shameless me is still owing him (belated) Birthday Gift =(. My sincerest apology then. I am really really sorry for being invigilant.

Thou shalt go and die, Suzaku-kun!

Anyway, there will be Season 2 of Code Geass *throwing confetti and eating cakes*. According to Otaku-sama’s speculation, it will be Code Geass : Suzaku of the Counterattack. Most probably, the story will take place with Suzaku as a center *vomiting blood*. I have had enough with the self-righteous character, and if it turns out resembling Gundam SeeD Destiny, perhaps I will bid an adieu to the series =(.

Spoiler Alert!
Cornelia is dead, Damn-Euphie is dead, Clovis is dead, but Orenjii-kun still makes an appearance. What a bad taste replacement!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Child’s Play :
The Misleading King and The New Kid on the Block

Starring :
The Misleading King

The New Kid on the Block

The Innocent Knight

The Military Genius

The Holy Bishop

The Evil Witch
The Stare-Decisis Duke

Once upon a time, in a small faraway land in the edge of the world, lived a King and his best friend, a Holy Bishop. Together, they erected a special community for the talented and gifted prodigy of the country, called the ‘Order of Nymph’. The Order of Nymph with a King and a Holy Bishop in the front row has made a legendary grapevine in defeating other Orders from neighboring countries. Until one time, the Holy Bishop went to another continent for a war, and the King traveled to the northern continent as well, for a deadly battle. They both won and gained glorious rewards afterwards.

The ‘Order of Nymph’ afterwards had new entourages, a charismatic Military Genius, an Evil Witch and a Stare Decisis Duke. The Military Genius was in fact a very talented prodigy, and often involved in many wars to splendor the country, so did the Stare-Decisis Duke. They were both best friend who helped and shared each other a lot. The Evil Witch, in the other hand, realized that she was the only one different from others. She had no resources and even often been under-estimated by others, but she kept on going and tried to flourish the grandeur of the country with her own way, though she also went solo to win some wars.

Time passed so fast, and the Holy Bishop ought to go on a pilgrimage to sharpen his senses. The Military Genius, The Stare-Decisis Duke and The Evil Witch went to a same place on a cross border land in order to learn and study their particular specialties. They vowed to be back to their motherland after fully arming themselves with knowledge. On a later date, The King himself joined those three with purpose to know more about the world and attain the wisdom.

Three years had passed. With unknown reasons, the King started to act peculiar. The King intended to help people but ended up misleading himself and his circumstances. He started to be hated by countless of people. Only an Innocent Knight who was still loyal to him, attempted so hard to bring back the sun king as was in the past. The Misleading King was even being more misleading after he met a New Kid on the Block. They both started meaningless wars which were questioned by people around. The Innocent Knight was stuck in the middle, sadly speaking; he was in fact a victim. He befriended the New Kid on the Block as well as continuously protected the Misleading King.

With overwhelming proud deep down inside, the New Kid on the Block declared a war to the Misleading King, The New Kid on the Block started to form an alliance to combat the King. The Misleading King did the same thing, and he attacked the vital part of his foe :dignity and self image. The New Kid on the Block suffered a great damage and started to win the sympathy of the Innocent Knight, who tends to be on the Kid’s side after this incident. The Evil Witch and the Holy Bishop then came altogether to settle this thing by arranging an open dialogue to both the New Kid on the Block and the Misleading King, in order to promote a strategic peace.

Unfortunately, the New Kid on the Block, leaning on childish immaturity, saw this as a pact against the Kid’s movement to combat the Misleading King. The New Kid on the Block accused the Holy Bishop and the Evil Witch allying with the Misleading King. The Evil Witch found this was super intriguing, while the Holy Bishop, as calm as ever, analytically thought about the next steps of both parties. The Evil Witch then met the Military Genius and the Innocent Knight, and talked about ways to settle this matter. Finally, in a starless night, a secret meeting was held with the Holy Bishop, the Evil Witch, the Stare-Decisis Duke and the Military Genius as the panel of adjudicators to interview and judge the Misleading King and his misleading actions.

As wondering as ever, the Military Genius attempted so hard to debate the Misleading King about his groundless actions, followed by impressive analytical arguments from the Stare-Decisis Duke. The Evil Witch provided the miraculous hidden facts, and the Holy Bishop performed the wisdoms and allegorical example cases. The Big Four in fact, were smart enough to lead the king into the right way, and thereby stop the unnecessary wars. They started to convince the Misleading King that the New Kid on the Block is harmless; at least the Kid is harmful just for the King’s self esteem. The Misleading King then agreed to stop the war.

The declaration of the cease fire then announced by the Misleading King, though still responded a bit immaturely by the New Kid on the Block. The New Kid on the Block asked for forgiveness to the Evil Witch and the Holy Bishop for accusing the wrong things. Basically the Evil Witch and the Holy Bishop are on nobody’s side. They just detest the imbalance of the nature and therefore love peace so much.

The Military Genius is back on his seeking for knowledge, and thank to him, the Misleading King is seemed no longer that misleading. With the Stare-Decisis Duke on the King’s side, who always stands firmly on his decision, the Misleading King will then learn new things in life.

But punishment is still a punishment. The Misleading King shall be banished from the land because of his past actions. This shall be a condemnation for the Misleading King, to act based on reality principle and a responsibility towards others. The Misleading King will embark for a new journey, to seek for wisdom and knowledge on the faraway land and start a new life, to again sparkling shine as a sun king in the past.

Good bye Misleading King, May the new life suits you very well. We’ll pray for your success and safety =).


The Evil Witch