Saturday, December 20, 2008

All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream

(Edgar Allan Poe)

If that's so, now I am questioning my dream.

To go for it, or not to go

To sacrifice the existing in return of a nouvelle lifepath, or stay with the status quo and be it for ever

To start anew, or stuck with the mundane

Okay, I need to do a Risk Assessment, Cost-Benefit Analysis, ROI, Forecasting, Prospecting, you name it, for this portfolio :( *sigh*

Perhaps, the excitement lies on the process of pursuing the dream -and not the dream itself.

But I really thank the Most Merciful, Most Benevolent for this. Thank you.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Why Musics and Lyrics Matter

The past few weeks I've been listening to some corny Indonesian songs for the sake of a bizzare karaoke event preparation. The stock market may plunge, the executives' pay may dip, and the consumers' trust may decline, BUT my spirit for karaoke session won't; hence, 'Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi' or 'Buaya Darat' have been in my top list recently. I want to break the record and be a legend ^o^!

bimbotic reminder TT 3 TT

However, mission failed since those corny songs were not even in the list during Karaoke session. Well, perhaps that was a blessing in disguise (since I have no inclination to humiliate myself even more TT 3 TT).

Now I am 'back' to normal mode, listening to more modest J-Songs like Bump of Chicken's and not to mention L'Arc-en-Ciel's. An old song from Laruku called 'Yokan' suddenly grabs my attention, and without further ado, I asked Police Grammar to help me translate the lyrics. Here is what we found :

Yokan (Premonition)

I know how it feels to be melting in the tight embrace of the vast sky
little by little, the wind has began blowing, to where I am

In that spring day you let yourself be carried away by the wind
dancing round and round, softly you disappeared to this same sky

yes, you might have been able to see me
inside the heat haze
now, if only the apparition of your eyes would reflect myself for me


I was speechless.

The song is supremely beautiful and leaves the traces of mystery for the listener. It keeps us think of and visualize the premonition repeated within the songs. I really love this song as the lyrics is damn gorgeous, as if possessing handful of interpretation!

And then, with all the mixed feeling of anxiety and curiousity, with all the humbleness, without all pre-judgement and hard-feeling toward Indonesian music, I tried to translate that Indonesian song that I was fond of recently :

God's Sexiest Being

Your brain sexy
Proven by the way you think of me

Your eyes sexy
Proven by the way you look at me

You are God's being;
the creation
that is the most sexiest

Only you are able to
make me
screaming and screaming


I jawdropped!!!!!

The second one sounds like a cheap soundtrack of a blue movie (or a horror movie about Sadako-look-alike) -pardon my appraisal. If I were the singer, I will be so embarassed until I commit suicide -I am glad that I didnt sing it during karaoke session. How come I didnt realize the song's meaning while it is actually in the perfect Bahasa Indonesia? Oh ah I think I have lost my tastebud O__o. I am fully conscious of my zero talent in linguistic -so pardon me if I have silly judgement; but I think this is very common sense!

I bear no grudge toward anyone and anything. This is just a random review by a random self-proclaimed music observer. So, yes, thank you for reading *runs*.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Her Other Personalities

For God's sake...

I am just a classy old-fashioned office lady; working with numbers and financial reports and prospects and statistics -in the University. I thought I am pretty conservative and smart enough on not doing stupid things.

The Culprit -could it be, my evil twin???

But these past 2 weeks, a couple of friends reported that they saw a f-ugly girl cosplaying in the Anime Festival Asia'08; with pink overload who is exactly a carbon-copy of me! I am thinking, how can this be happened? As a (seemingly) elegant office lady, I suppose to spend my sunday morning having a cup of latte in the national library, indulging myself with the fabulous collection of books ranging from arts to psychology, finance to literature. But, i mean, this is so surreal. I need to find out who is that other half of me who is menacing enough to destroy my image!

My other doppelganger -behold, they want to burn all the 'sins' in the world!!

Another thing is, other couple of friends mentioned that they saw my other doppelganger dressed up like a frustrated phony preacher who intends to spread the virtues by destroying all the sins and evil in the world -FPI, to make it short. Again, I was wondering that something is really wrong. Do i actually have the evil twin who wants to destroy my Lucy in the sky with diamond-world (who wants to ruin it by the way? It doesnt worth it xD). This is a super big mystery, even bigger than riddles of The Man in the Iron Mask or the Loch Ness mystery.

For the sake of myself, my dignity and my reputation, i'll find out who those counterfeits actually are! (~kupertaruhkan nama baik kakekku xD)