Monday, October 27, 2008

When a bunch of nerds seeking for a new form of entertainment...

... they are not creative enough and easily contented with the cheapest entertainment available. They are all 'home-loving' people, resistant to unnecessary spending and simply happy just to meet up with each other.

Thai-Chinese Food @ Habib

After a decent and modest dinner at Habib (and not to mention the trivial chitchat), they headed back to their secret lair.

And here are what they did :

1) Gaming-Team
They tried every fighting game such as Bleach and Tekken ~it creates thrill by the way...

The Gaming-Team

"I WON!!! I WOON!!!!"

2) Capsa-Team
They played 'Capsa' ~what else can you expect?


the piggy played cardgame

3) Football-mania Team
They watched a match between Chelsea and Liverpool ~and that's it

football match -_- (guys are boooring)

4) Independent Team
They simply watch people and got bored very soon *grin*

a pity xD

And yes, we can easily be overjoyed with a super limited budget! xD

Sunday, October 26, 2008

When An Idiot Talks about the Leaders....

I strongly believe that the most suitable person on earth to pilot this world into a better place to live was Lelouch Lamperouge; however, since we live in the 3D world and are sane enough to face reality, the argument is -unfortunately- void xD.

But it's not a while ago that I become a loyal adherent for Mr. Ahmadinejad -the current president of Iran- after reading his daily journal. I think of him as the most noble president/world leader alive...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SMA X-Alumni Association Annual General Meeting 2008

not many people coming though :(

After the painful long and winding road; finally Bhro is relieved from his 'noble' duty xD. Congratulations Bhro :)

Sasko & Ainun B'Day @ Spize Rivervalley

mirip pendeklarasian 'Partai Jomblo'

And, Happy B'Day to Ainun and Sasko @ 20 October 2008.

The Girls

Sasko's speech about her obsession to own a private villa in Ubud xD

The food was super duper yummy and not to mention value for money (was it? *grin*), and the prata ice cream was fabulous! Thanks for the treat xD. Had a grotesque chit-chat with Edwin and his little sister pertaining to 'the other realm' -that made me freak out all night; next time please please don't ever trigger a conversation about spooky things at above 9 PM x(.

prata ice-cream (looks like 'Lengan Goreng Asam Manis')

For thou who are not really familiar with the Hawker, its called Spize and located in Rivervalley just nearby The Great World City. Let me know if anybody wants to go; i'll be going too ;).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am so stressed out lately (and am not emotionally stable). I am a person who'll strive for the best if and only if i follow certain norms and rules; and when those specific guidelines were absent at any circumstance, i'll be totally clueless thus don't know what to do. I really feel like living in the 'Lucy in the sky with diamond'-world x(.

I feel like dying my hair. Any suggestion/comment on what colour to take will be very much appreciated. Muchas Gracias!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Every cloud has a silver lining, deshou?

Last week I was in a deep sh*t; the score didn't meet my expectation. The verbal score was atrocious though the quantitative was just fine. The awful verbal section brought the whole score down. And yesterday, I just received the full report of the score.

I got 5.5/6 for analytical writing-assessment, which means, placed in >80% percentile of the total test takers for the essay *throws confetti*.
So it is actually possible to do well on the essay and bomb the verbal section at the same time *sarcasm mode*.

It was quite surprising since my writing skill has been very horrendous -and its no more a clandestine. I failed my Qualifying English Test; then ended up taking 'English Proficiency' classes for two consecutive semesters. When I joined the English Literature Classes -hoping to be conferred a Minor-, my writing assignments had always been butchered with blasphemous comments written on them. I thought my writing skill was pathetic, since most often I didn’t do proofread, I just write what I think without further ado *sniff sniff*.

However, this essay score won’t stop me to cast upon my vendetta against the @$#@$#%$ test. Let’s see how things go, and I’ll decide later =p.

Run Apratz, Run!

Another thing is, my new office is located just in front of the running track! Then there are no reasons for not exercising regularly everyday. This is my post-eid-mubarak resolution: to run at least 4 rounds each time and minimum twice a week. I’ll retrieve the old days spirit and the old body shape *lol*.

I watched Code Geass R2 : Finale at night before I took the test ;__;. The 'Geass Aftertaste' was so severe that it brings my actual score much lower than my mock tests. But I won't regret that ;__:. I won't....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Demoralised to the Extreme

I just BOMBED my last test, was lethally INJURED, almost SOLD to the black market and being DEVOURED with no traces.

Perhaps the result was not that bad, but I am dissapointed with myself. I took the wrong path with less cautious strategy. I loathe to think that people do have limitation -HELL NO! People are extravagant, complicated creature created by God; with all the perfection and subtlety. Hence, I refuse to believe about the constraint of human being's ability. We can achieve what we really want, and that will depend on the sacrifices that we are willing to make!

~I continue to fight!~

One of the people that I respect the most told me this :

I mean, you can be a super duper dumbass, but you're cool with it. Karena orang2 seperti ini extra-ordinary. Yang ordinary adalah orang yang berusaha terlihat seperti orang pintar =p

Affirmative. I am perhaps an extreme airhead, but at least I am cool. I don't try to be artificial; I am just trying to chill and enjoy everything. I am no genius and never intend to impersonate one; hence I am cool because I am contented with what I am =p.

~Everything is bright...~

Then she ended her speech with this :

Dearest sister. Orang orang seperti kita ini adalah ignorant dreamer. After all apa yang kk bilang bla bla diatas may sound like an excuse. So ignorant about kenyataan sebenarnya. But who cares ? this is our life. We dream. We happily chase it at any cost. We defy all the common sense that getting in its way. We fall 7 x times but get up 8 x times. We live our life to the fullest and dont leave any single regret behind. We are ever-lasting dreamer after all!

That's equally as epic as Oprah Winfrey's speech in Stanford Convocation *grin*. I almost forgot that I am not good at giving up. I have faced aplenty of adverse situations which are worse than this, and still survived. This is neither life-threatening nor dead or alive situation. I won't die because of this alone -exception if God has other plan =p. I won't give up! I am now an ignorant dreamer who will eventually upgrade to everlasting dreamer! But I will continuously challenge myself to be not only a dreamer but also an achiever! God is in His heaven; I am consistently pursuing my dream; all is right with the world.

I have dreams and I don't care about the world.

Having said that, I will again DESCEND to the earth to settle my VENDETTA! I'll go and CONQUER that again next December. Behold, the immense power of an avenger! *sounds of thunderbolt* Revenge is a dish best served cold!
Selamat Idul Fitri

1 Syawal 1429 H

Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin

~O' God, please give your mercy
~Coz i never skip reading yaoi-related materials even during Ramadhan
~But deep down inside, i am still very green and pure
~nevertheless i am dead sure that You will somehow understand...
~*sounds of thunderbolt*