Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dearest my beloved roomie,

Though years had come and gone so fast, our memories made will always last.

Happy 20th my dear, May God bestows long lasting happiness and grants all of your dreams and wishes. Good luck for everything in love and life =).

P.S. Above is the pic when i was still in senior high, the moment right after the announcement of final exam result. I looked cute, didn't I?^^

My sincerest apology for not keeping thou an update,

Been so-called busy along these days, doing data collection for my applied research project, reading whatsoever literature review for my applied research project and constructing research design and methodology for my applied research project. Everything is about applied research project *bleh*. By the way, Business students’ final year project is called ‘Applied Research Project’ instead of ‘Final Year Project’. So what is the difference? We just want to be rather different, it sounds distinct and cool^^v.

I do my ARP with my all time partner-in-crime Adilla, and a Human Resource Student, Robin (have to admit his scholastic English since he has been living in the state and somewhere in Europe). Our ARP investigates about ‘Level of Informativeness in Cross Cultural TV Advertising in Singapore’. Frankly, I love the study of Marketing Communication and Cross Cultural Advertising (but unfortunately didn’t score very well in my ‘Integrated Marketing Communication’ module, it was just slightly out of my expectation). Perhaps that explains why my very first choice of course in NTU back then is ‘Communication Studies’ instead of ‘Business’.

Am so excited for editing the ads and translating them (we put our emphasis on English, Chinese and Malay ads), but super duper anxious in doing the data analysis. I have no experience in using SPSS software to conduct p-test, z-test or whatever test involving statistical analysis (this is the consequence for shamelessly being a free rider in my ‘Research Methods’ group and studying like crazy just for the sake of the exam second last semester ago).

So anybody proficient in SPSS reading this post, please, I beg you to tell me how to use that. If you don’t want to miss a chance to scold my mistakes for not keeping an eye to my ‘Research Methods’ module, please go ahead and scold me >_<. Argh, this is so pathetic T_T.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Operation Code Name : 'Gentlemen Killer'

Your Ideal Marriage Proposal Is

You asking him when you're ready (after turning him down many times!)
What's Your Ideal Marriage Proposal?

Having tried this test for the third times yet the result was still the same -____-".


I have no luck in getting the result i want. It always ended like this T_T. Everything about myself in Blogthings is lie!

So I am a killer queen? yeah, that's pretty COOL anyway -_-"
"Too cute" pose (and not "too cool" *vomitting*)

Today accidentally skipped part time job with Adilla and went to NUH to visit Dhana. He looked pretty well upon his post-surgery. Get recover soon^^.

Managed to catch some cool photos of me *wink*. Anyway, I created a chaotic mess in the room along with Deput, Wuri, Coby and friends XD. I was very sorry for all room occupants (since some of them were quite pissed off). Just blame Coby and Deput!!

Finally I was able to experience NUH bed, without undergoing creepy medication^^.

That super cute ballon was actually a gift from Dika, Della, Indah & Tessa^^.

Zettai Dame!!!!

If the donkey falls into the hole once, a brainless idiot fell twice.
But that dense moron WON’T FALL third times!


Sunday, December 03, 2006

I’m not supposed to read Shoujo manga *sigh* (since all I need to do is reading Shounen-ai manga, hihi^^), but this time NANA suits my taste very well. Ai Yazawa, the creator, is really best known in transforming fantasy into real! The story uniquely flows from one person’s perspective into another, without leaving us tangling in confusion. And gosh, the clothes in the manga are super cool! Most of the characters have ultra adorable fashion sense!

NANA has been made into movie with Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki as the leading roles. By the way, one of my biggest yet impossible dream is to be the vocalist of a punk or gothic-rock band (er, I can see you laughing until mad, really!) and perhaps that is the most valid reason why I’m really into NANA -since Nana in the story also share the same dream.

Even though you are lost, the door is open.
Aren't you satisfied with the world of just two of us?

Because I give you wings, please believe me and you will be okay to fly.

Kiss me good-bye, love is memory
Even though I lose you

(Kiss Me Good-bye ~Angela Aki, Final Fantasy XII theme song)

Yay, Exam is finally over though I still smell no freedom!

Just now listening to 'Kiss Me Good-Bye', a touching sad love song that put me into half-weeping. Argh, I want to go home right now, and play Final Fantasy XII -one RPG that i yearn the second after Suikoden series =P-. I've been waiting for the English version in almost 2 years! Now that it's successfully released, I still have no time to play it (I'm no longer a loyal fan of RPG, shame myself *sobbing*).

I am brutally in fever of sending resumes along with cover letters, but have never been able to state there that my hobbies (actually) are watching illegal anime, downloading licensed comics and playing pirated games. It is not a normal hobby for people applying a permanent job as management trainee or investment banking position. Despite my severe unwillingness, I put some boring hobbies such as 'reading books of my field of interests' and so on and so forth (how boring T_T).

Oh, an out of mind interview session has just come out in my mind :
Interviewer : So what's your hobby, young lady?
Me : My hobby is playing Playstation 2 and I always thought that playing PS2 in PC using emulator is kinda interesting.
Interviewer : Yes, interesting. So what game do you play?
Me : Well, RPGs are definetely my favourite.
Interviewer : True! I like RPG too. What series did u manage to finish?
Me : Final Fantasies, Suikodens, and some old series like Legend of Mana, Chrono Cross, Xenogears, etc.
Interviewer : Awesome! Let's play together in lunch time. Anyway, when can you start working?
Me : =)

..................... (corny)

Such a stupid brainless -_-". Anyway, I'm dying to play Final Fantasy XII (the pirated version, of course^^)!