Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Launching of 'Sanctuaire'

I've decided to construct another blog to facilitate my in-depth understanding in Bahasa Indonesia. It's not that I’m too snob, as if I’m not accustomed to write in Bahasa T_T. In fact, that blog is written purposely to remind me of my past works since it shows no daily journals.

I attempt to display only the story synopsis and the minor description (along with the original illustration of every chronicle). So far, there are only 2 works right now as I will be working through them as the time goes by. Please do take a look if you have no other things to do =P. And, did I say that I extremely dislike critics so much =P? If you find irresistible to make me displease then just scold them, as I won’t pursue you to the edge of the world (instead I will curse you and your family for 7 generations *evil grin*).

Nah, just kidding. I’m a nice girl after all XD.

Well, the link is

Finally, my sincerest gratitude goes to Adilla and Fanny who inspired me to display the writings =).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

"If you betray me, I will go and die" -Cain to Riff; from "Kafka"

I’m currently addicted to Victorian and Edwardian stuffs as I’m endlessly borrowing classical music CDs, ranged from Beethoven to Debussy, also aimlessly watching Gothic Cathedral multimedia in library. Moreover, I’m planning to devour all of Edwardian and Victorian scrapbooks available in the library, while also watching some notable old movies such as Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and Collin’s Basil during recess break. Enough to say, I’m bloody curious of the nobles and commoners’ customs and way of living in that specific era. Then call me Victorian addict =P.

Well, honestly speaking, Kaori Yuki’s “GodChild” has influenced me a lot, since it takes place in the late Victorian era! I’ve realized that Cain (the main character) doesn’t reflect the portrait of a Victorian noble that much (since his haircut is more into a gothic J-Rocker’s rather than a well breed noble’s *Kaori Yuki rocks!*). But still, after going through most of Count Cain’s series, I totally fall in love with the Victorians’ conservatism. And, did I mention about the mysteriousness of Victorians’ most notable phenomenon, such as Jack the Ripper, our respectable Mr. Sherlock Holmes and the ridiculous yet horrible kids’ Nursery Rhymes? They simply add in the grotesqueness of Victorian traits, and GodChild tells them all flawlessly. From now on, nothing compares to GodChild (since it converts me into Kaori Yuki and Victorians’ fanatic).

By the way, someone has told me that I have lost my sense when writing in Bahasa. She informs me right after she read my latest short story. Afterwards, she couldn’t feel my presence inside the whole plot and dialogue (the contrary happens when she reads my works long time ago). My goodness, it feels like I have heart attack on the spot =S. Could I give a soul in every sentence? Did I really lose my sense in creating dialogue? Could I add in my true feelings towards all the words inside? Well, it is a trade off, since I never write in Bahasa ever since I came to NTU T_T. That’s just so depressing. I need to be more persistent to write!

Note : Images are taken from "GodChild".

Thursday, September 21, 2006

To Dream is To Blind

Ma Chérie, if only the earth stops running
Will you be able to catch me and help me to reach the sky?
Though all that left in me is just a single wounded wing

Lately I found so many fabulous writings, in the form of short stories, novels and poems as well, which are written aesthetically in Bahasa Indonesia. I’m glad that most of teen-lit nowadays is skillfully written. Well, to be brutally honest, I envy them so much, since I also share the same obsession. I do admire them, for struggling consistently to accomplish their dreams.

One day, you should be able to prove my existence
Since I will do anything for that time to come
Even it means to end my life in your hands

Nevertheless, I am just a big mouth, with talking cock and criticizing anything as my special abilities. I couldn’t impress my readers at the first glimpse as they did, I am unable to arrange flowing paragraphs to stand my readers as they did. Everytime I start to write, I’m afraid people will nastily scolded my works. (No, I don’t blame them, I just suffer extreme paranoid of creating something that people detest). Right now I’m trying hard in dealing with my cowardice. For my honorable readers who’re able to teach me how to produce a good writing as yours, please I beg you to tell me. Thank you very much!

In the meantime, Ma Chérie
How dare you, to me make exist prominently
Within your life and soul

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Please tell me the truth
Is fate unchangeable?

I am at a stake, drowning in madness, sinking in despair.
I beg you already, don't forge me a fake hope.
Let me sleep, and forget everything,
so that i can start my new beginning of glory.

Even at his most powerless
Man's existence is never without meaning

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Age Feudalism

This week is overwhelmed by some recruitment talks, starting from Exxonmobile, Deustche Bank, Credit Suisse, P&G, Citibank and such, in which I care no longer, since they’re obviously looking for students with outstanding academic achievement –dearest my fellow readers, it’s not ‘good’ student anymore, it’s ‘outstanding’ student! Go away somewhere out of this world, since your presence is just to irritate underlings like myself!

My brain boils with hatred, ever since I find out that people’s values are utterly determined by their grades, and how many As they get for one whole semester. I feel super duper insulted, when people do over-proclaim regarding their academic achievement, especially those who’re repeatedly saying disappointment for not getting A+ in some subjects. Do they really care about the weaklings, who’re struggling just to pass certain subjects? Do they think that people who’re worth to live in this ferocious world are just the gifted beings with thousands of A in their transcript, and the rest of the unfortunate players are only meant to get scolded by them? If that’s so then let’s go to Mars, being the super intelligent Martians and later invade the earth!

I will never ever hand in my precious lifetime to work for bloodsuckers! In my wildest imagination, I will build my own Queendom, fight alongside the weaklings as kings and nobles while converting the superiors to proletarians.

Cause I am sitting in my therapeutic asylum,
In which nobody knows, nor cares
I’ll indulge myself there, in my boundless sanctuary
It’s okay with the world!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Superbatch65 Outing Part I : Chinese Garden

This weekend is projected to be fun, since I have arranged an extraordinaire outing along with my not-so-lovely Superbatchers =p. While I was so keen in setting up all the games and preparing foods for half-day trip, some of my buddies couldn’t come along with us. Well, everybody was horribly busy during these days, preparing quiz, written report and such (on the top of that, we are already 3rd year students!).

Firstly I really want to ask my friends to obey our dress code for this trip, which is : “Oh-My-Not-So Beautiful Childhood” (direct translation from ‘Masa Kecil ku Kurang Bahagia”). However, watching late adolescents going out with balloons, short pants and even pampers was terribly atrocious -_-“. Finally we went out with casual clothes instead of wearing those peculiar stuffs =P.

Reaching Chinese Garden, unpleasant news then came. Chinese Garden was temporary closed due to mid-Autumn Festival renovation! All of a sudden, I was sinking in a very bad mood, ever since I slept very late at 4AM and forced to rise earlier to prepare those foods). My eyes were nothing but Panda’s, and my expression turned out to be Mak Lampir’s -ready to devour its sworn enemies (what kind of metaphor are these?-_-“).

Luckily somebody suggested playing “Wolf-Cupid-Oracle” Game in front of Chinese Garden gate while eating our prepared foods. (Am I right? What is the real name anyway?). This game was very interesting as it seems. We learnt of accusing the culprits, deducing our companions as well as reading people’s inner mind. In the end I attempted to identify my buddies’ actual self when playing this game, starting from:

Arief -He is worth to be killed earlier in the game, since his comments and stuffs don’t bring significant impacts throughout the game regardless of whatever role he becomes ^^.

Wuri –No talents for being the culprit. He’s just too honest and less challenging person =P. You can exile him whenever you want in the game =P.

Deput –He is devil at heart! Regardless of whatever role he is, he keeps putting mouth on anything, which makes people suspicious (or rather fed up). My one and only suggestion, put him as moderator or else slay him at the very beginning before you ever regret it =P.

Bhro –When he’s hungry, he’ll grumpy all over again. On the contrary, he will be completely silent when he’s full. I’m thinking of letting him hungry during the game in order to make the situation even worse =P.

Rizaldi –His innocent face always helps him in most of the times. My critical suggestion: don’t you ever believe his facial expression, since he shows either retard-look or guiltless face during the game =P.

Aurora –She is dangerous player, able to read people’s mind. Keep her when she’s being companion, but assassinate her mercilessly when she becomes the villain (As she’s so smart, don’t let her kill you first =P)

Aninto –Another culprit at heart, but interestingly, he can perform unpredictable moves. As he can hardheartedly kill his partner, he’s also potentially hazardous player. Anyway, be careful of him, otherwise you’ll be easily die because of his sinful demeanors =P.

Yoga –He can accuse people randomly, which makes the condition terribly twisted. Well, murder him whenever you like, but be careful for pointing him to be the ‘Elder’ =P.

Fariz –He’s another pain in the ass, as he’s always being killed at the very beginning -_-“. As the most unfortunate player, let’s cross our finger on him for not being killed in the next game =P.

Ruwadi –Our second less fortunate player in the game, since he’s always be murdered by mistake. He’s at best for being the moderator, since he can narrate finely (though resembles the aged Puppet Player so much -_-“).

This journal is written as a tribute to Putu, Lina, Dhana, Wajan and Dika, as they couldn’t join this so-called wonderful trip =). Hopefully they can join us on our second part Outing, which is KTV Orchard Road (this is later to be confirmed XD).

Thank you very much for lightening my day. Long lasting friendship, Superbatchers =)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Raison D Etre

How do we prove that we exist?
Perhaps we don’t exist
Even if we do have a reason to exist

Yay, I was so enthusiastic to write a short story after finding out a word called ‘Raison D’Etre’ (which literally means ‘reason to exist’) in my Strategic Management textbook. (Such a strange way to begin with, but inspiration comes from nowhere!).

The problems lay on the plot, in which I don’t know how to start on and how to end. Well, I should go to the dreamland immediately to fresh my mind, since idea will be easily fly towards the tranquil state of mind XD.

Underneath those fake smiles
Do you really understand my existence?