Thursday, October 25, 2007

Got this greeting from somebody :

Wassalamualaykum warahmatullah...
Semoga salam persahabatan yang hangat tersampaikan pada kamu di esok hari ketika surya menyingsing fajar
Semoga kucuran kebahagiaan juga terus mengalir dari-Nya sebagaimana matahari yang tetap terus bersinar setiap hari.

dan semoga senyuman selalu tersungging dalam segala kesempatan mengiringi kebahagiaan yang senantiasa mengalir bagai semilir Angin AC di sini.

Thank you very much! I am touched ^o^.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dear Fellow artiste (or anybody who is interested with manga),

There will be a manga illustration showcase :


27.10.07 – 28.10.07

MY.PLAYGr0und @ Suntec City Mall, 3rd level

Open Gallery, Cutting edge artists, and Manga Workshop

Be there =D.

Anyway, I submit one plain art. When I watched Gundam 00 and heard the term ‘Celestial Being’, this is what comes to my mind. It was completed in just 2 hours plus (since I was in the edge of due date to submit the art). It is psychotic, hence I like *grin*.


No, this is not the title of one of Shakespeare’s Masterpiece.

I just experienced devastating event lately. My ex-rummie claimed that she just cut her hair nicely, well done by the senior hairstylist. Given the condition that my hair was so dry and frizzy and messy and so on and so forth, I was so tempted to cut my hair as well. I keep telling myself how I need to reward myself for such hardworking and hardship that I’ve encountered with (that’s bullshit *grin*).

And then I cut my hair.

And then I realized that the cut is so unladylike.

And then I was so depressed!

now it is like this

The cut is really really bishounen-like. I do look like Haruhi right now (minus the adorableness of course *sobbing*)! Now I don’t feel like meeting people at least until 2 weeks from now on.

Okay, perhaps I may look cute if I was a guy, but that doesn’t mean that I want the boyish cut! Luckily Anes gave me hairtonic to stimulate hair growth (and I drink Natur-E everyday!). I want my old haircut back ;_;.

These are my old haircut. I look manly, no? *grin*

Gundam 00, L'Arc-en-Ciel and Loveless...

I am currently head over heels over DAYBREAK’s BELL, L’Arc-en-Ciel’s newest singles that’s being used as an Opening Song of Gundam 00. It sounds merely like Larc in the old days, but Hyde’s vocal becomes better for certain. And, did I mention the lyrics? It was so painful, miserable, and morbid (and thanks to Otaku sama for the translation). The PV is super cool as well, how come Hyde still looks that hot in his 38 O_o ?

I think Gundam 00 resembles Loveless a lot (lookie, Setsuna is definitely Ritsuka without cat’s ears *lol*). Still the storyline will create much controversy as Gundam 00 brought over issue of ‘war of God’ and ‘war to stop war’ after Gundam SeeD erects issue about racism as portrayed in the conflicts between Natural and Coordinator (Am I right to put them into this?).

Nevertheless, my impression toward the first episode of Gundam 00 isn’t as moved as when I was first time seeing Gundam SeeD 1st episode, when Kira met Athrun in a very heartbreaking way. According to Mr Kiasu’s prediction, ‘Celestial Being’ will suffer conflict of interest from inside, when some youths insist to stop the war and join the bigger entity, while the others decide to go ahead with the status quo. In the end they will kill each other for sure to defend their idealistic views *laugh frantically*. Oh, how I love bishounen in despair! Though to be honest, I hate to wait for 50 episodes to complete T_T.


hey, is this the only way we can meet? isn't it sad
even at my death, I'd never even wish to end your life ...please

even fate is engulfed into the sunken ocean

wishes, ride on the wind and sound the daybreak's bell!
like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
may they protect you, you who cross beyond the endless wave to face tomorrow
My life I trade in for your pain
O Conflict, cease!

hey, why do people repeat and pile their mistakes?
they don't progress and anyone can spill blood, it's spiteful

with flames they punish each other, on earth that belongs to none

Should a crystal clear future come, even weapons would be adorned with flowers
My wishes over their airspace
someone shake me awake from a nightmare
if only it would come true My life I trade in for your pain
how much must I pray to reach the heaven?

now, morning glow reflects me and the ocean

don't look back, take flight! carry this thought, soar in that sky
no one can shoot down wishes


Everyday I listened to this song in the office. Now feels like vomitting to listen to it again *bleh* >.<
Selamat Idul Fitri 1428 H
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin

I'm not good at expressing it into words, but please do extend your hand and open your heart, I'm asking for forgiveness =).

I didn't go back home this Eid since I am still in probation period. Moreover, all of my flatmates went back to Indonesia, so I was all alone. It was saddening ;_;.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chrono Cross : A Question from the Amok Flows of Time

Currently playing this, since I haven’t completed it in the past. Chrono Cross is rated 10 by Tha game is perfect in terms of storyline, graphics, gameplay, and music (Yasunori Mitsuda composed the scores!).

The story follows the 17 years old Serge, a fine young man of Arni fisherman village. When he was doing sort of contemplation in the seashore, suddenly something feels wrong, he saw flashes of past images wandering within his mind and the ocean waves seemingly devoured him until he collapsed at once. Soon after he gained consciousness, he went back to his village just to find the fact that Serge is no longer exist. According to the villagers the real Serge was drowned when he was 7, and his mum died afterwards. Other peculiar things kept on happening until he realized that he was somewhere in another dimension. He needs to go back to his real world in order to claim his very existence. But before that, (as a typical RPG) he will find this and that, and twists here and there. Don’t ask me about the ending since I haven’t completed it yet. For more infos please visit wiccapedia (wiki for witches :P).

The problem is, I played at night during workdays, and the fact that this month is Ramadhan makes things super worst! I should have been practicing religious activities instead of using my spare time to play RPGs. Nevertheless, as long as I don’t miss taraweh and 5 times prayer every day it shouldn’t be a problem *grin*. Since I was in Junior High, Ramadhan will be my busiest time playing game.

... about working?

First day of work is great by the way. Doing basic research stuffs as well as familiarizing myself to the company business and practices. I need to force myself doing number crouching. The problem is, playing RPG eventually makes your mind assaulted with combos blank and blur even though it sharpens your senses. But I love doing market research instead of doing sales job *vomiting blood*. So let’s hoping the best for this.