Thursday, July 26, 2007

Convocation Day!

How was my convocation day? It was both exciting and saddening =p.

With precocious Adilla, my best buddy and my FYP partner

She is still very young, 19 years old and completing her bachelor's degree! What a genius! I am always grateful to have her at my side, as she's more modest and mature than me though I am older than her XD. Thanks, thanks for everything ;).

With Aninto, most probably brilliant guy I'm closest with, a good advisor in times ;)

Thanks for giving me advice and everything while I'm lost, thanks for countless deep chats, thanks for everything ^o^.

With Aconk, my 'Angel' XD, you've done your role impressively, I would give you an A ^o^

With Dhana, a brotherlike guy who always lend me a hand while I need

With Adilla and Otaku-sama, duo weirdos with bizzare yet enlightening points of views ^o^

With Karina, damn smart pretty lady, i really adore her and am going to miss her so badly

I am always being her burden in times, when we were applying for accommodation, registering for extra curricular activities, constructing resumes and cover letter together, copying tutorials (i was copying her by the way), studying together for exam, gossipping anything worthwhile to during the dull nights, etc. She's always there, without even scolding or blaming me at all for my mistakes. Thank you very much, I am going to miss your kindheartedness T_T.

Two genius brothers that I admire (and will always be), thanks for coming T_T

I once saw them when I was still an innocent first grader, and I wasn't even popular at all while being the moving grass, but they were the first to approach me as if giving me silent support to 'pursue' them. Right after that, I passionately joined the English Debating Squad in order to regenerate their position as the senior debaters. Thanks very much bros.

With Bro Hamid, my perfect gossip partner

As if being a news seeker wasn't enough, he claimed himself as 'the man closest to god of gossip'. Well, that's a joke. He is a brother, a friend, an advisor, a helper, an assistant, a servant.. (stop it XD). Thanks very much for granted me your critical views while I was still in Copenhagen. Thanks very much for collecting my invitation card, thanks for everything, promise me that the gossip won't ever be stopped until we draw our last breath, hauhahaha XD.

With Bhro, a guy without 'heart', my gullible 'Mortal' ^o^

With Tegar, a 10,000 dollar guy XD

With Rizaldi, the guerilla night-chatter, benevolent helper =)

With Roomie, my super duper hillarious roomie ^o^

She's the best roomie ever (while I am the worst T_T). She's a hardworker, a meticulous yet ultra friendly and energetic girl, whom I leant so much from. Thanks very much for your kind attention, extra care, advice, everything, and everything. A Putu makes Apret, Apret XD. Thanks for the graduation gift as well. Please graduate as fast as possible so that we could be in the same roof again!

Some members of Superbatch65ers, I'm going first =)

It was such a memorable moment when you saw a lot of friends coming down to congratulate you, even if they have to wake up very early in the morning =). I feel very much loved and appreciated. Thank you very much!

But it was miserable that I ought to leave the school ;_;. I am not a working person, I am a learning type (slow learner to be more exact). I do love to learn everything instead of working >.<.

From now on, it is Apret, Bachelor of Business (Honours) *absolute narcisstic mode=on*

P.S. I too much enjoyed myself taking pictures with friends that I don't have any decent picture with my family!!!! *sobbing*

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

High School Whimsical

Despite being persistent to hardly fancy my old high school, I visited it some weeks ago, just to celebrate the entrance of my 2 little cousins there as well as to see my sister =p.

The marching band is about to start ^o^

The Proud Marching Band Squad (But it seems that the bass-drums were bigger in my era O_o)

The Newborn First Grader, welcome to the club XD *devilish smile*

And, I AM still very proud of my old high school, regardless of what society skeptically thinks about that, though I really had to undergo severe dark-ages back then while waiting for the uncertain Aufklarung T_T. I just have to play my role there as an insignificant moving grass, a weakling that destinied to be despised by the superiors, et cetera, et cetera, as I am pathetically worse in academic, physical activity and disciplinary (and it can’t be helped).

The 3rd grader corps^o^

I admit that I have had enough with these things in the past: marching towards no end while facing the fierce sun, take the last row within the brigade (since I am categorized as the shortests), almost deaf because of the overwhelming marching sounds, and so on and so forth, but thank goodness now I feel proud once I saw my juniors do what we did in the past ^o^. I am glad that even though nowadays the tuition fee isn't fully paid by the government, the quality of holistic education here doesn't change that much (well, IMHO). Anyway, I am lucky that my batch is the last batch to enjoy the full schoolarship for 3-years education (though I don't think that I am the one worth of it T_T).

Me and my sister

My sister is one of them ^o^

Anyway, my sister cut my hair O_o and I felt like having baldy times since I kinda used to long hair *weeping*. I was playing my Final Fantasy XII and seeing Ashe’s elegant haircut and suddenly craving to have a cut like that too (and my sister bought herself a razor blade and experimented with my hair, as she claimed that she is a professional hairdresser in her dorm XD).

I am still questioned the world for being so unfair during my high school era; how come my sister becomes a member of elite patrol squad while I am not, despite the fact that I am a lot prettier than her XD *envious mode*.

Indonesia, A Long Way To Go...

I had an insightful chat with my old teachers there, which makes me ponder about the future of the country, my beloved Indonesia. Being in Singapore for 2 ½ years (and Europe for 6 months if it is taken into account) had resulted me to abandon the passion to rebuilt, restore truly ‘Indonesia’, as was against my pledge and vow 3 years ago once I become the alumnus.

I realized that it is impossible to salvage the vital system of Indonesian government with our capacity as just students (since I do feel like it is rotten from the core). We need to be on the top of everything, in order to change it from the root. (It sounds super naïve and disgustingly idealistic, but this is precisely true). As a scholar, do it in a scholar way to rebuilt Indonesia, as a researcher, do it in a scientific way to reserve the glorious Indonesia, and as a citizen, do it honorably to restore the dignity of the country. Being on the top of everything, be it, and change the system.

I do hope that there’s no such thing as a ‘brain-drain’, though it’s shameless that the government seemed reluctant to keep their own precious resources to make the better Indonesia. The fact is that, the best sons and daughters of the republic are arming themselves overseas in order to create the new born Indonesia as well as resurrect this country into a glorious and independent state once more.

Well, I hope that I am not just hoping an empty hope ;).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Apratz is HOME ^o^

Internet connection sucks! I need limitless patience to connect using dial up connection X(!

I currently reside in Jakarta (and the last two conscecutive weeks I spent in Bandung and Magelang). Honestly speaking I have had enough with travelling, but my family forced me to go with them ;_;.

I will be back in Singapore starting from 22th July to attend Convocation ceremony.

(My sincerest apology goes to my flatmates and for thou who help me taking care of my things ;_; as i seem to runaway to nowhere and leaving all my things behind. I will settle them right after I back there. I need holiday for now ;_;)