Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rubbish Trivia II ^^

Well, somebody has saliently challenge me to prove whether my current haircut really does resemble Hyde's. *beep beep* (sign of gigantic meaninglessness -_-") In order to induce all my honorable readers, please do take a look to those cutesy wutesy photos below =P:

Photo I : Apret (courtesy of @-PratZ'2006)

As you can see, this is my daily common appearance : an ordinary girl with her simple ordinary life. The haircut doesn't look like imitating him. But anyway, the photo is super cute, isn't it?^^ *beep beep beep* (signal of acute narcissism).

Photo 2 : PraZ (courtesy of @-PratZ'2006)

Next, take a look at this one. Perhaps this image really rings a bell, specially when you recalled about the traffic jam in Jakarta hectic night. Yes, you right, the street performer in the traffic light! Just add in sun-glasses, then you will know why! -_-" (What a cheapskate joke! That gorgeous face won't be a such!).

Perhaps I should consider for being a crossdresser, for the sake of my manly appearance -_-". Yay, i have a bishounen-look! *overly excited*

Readers, this is my second personalities, a melancholic boy with his pragmatic life! *clap clap clap*

Photo 3 : PraaZt (courtesy of @-PratZ'2006)

Hoho, this image has really shown notorious eyes and rebellious face. It reminds me of some gorgeous J-Rock band personnels with similar infamous hairstyle =P.

Lastly my honorable readers, this is my third personalities, a maverick rock band personnel with his upside-down life! *clap clap clap*

Now I'm sure you could distinguish that 'counterfeit haircut' that we're referring to ^o^. Have you convinced yet?

&^%##%^&*((*^$# !!!!!

Aarghhhhh, enough with this insanity! I still have mountanious tasks to be done by the end of this week : literature review of my Applied Research Project, torturing readings and essays of my Literature modules, project presentations and strategic planning Online Games! (collapsed *_*)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Rubbish Trivia =P

For those who are pretty curious about my recent haircut, I will tell you the story =P *beep*(signal of meaninglessness).

I watched L'Arc-en-Ciel : Club Circuit 2000 ReaLIVE tour, and suddenly noticed Hyde's damn cool haircut. (In fact it's not cool, it's just his cuteness was diminishing when he wasn't in short haircut).

And, voila! That becomes my new haircut XD. *though not really resemble him that much, since my instructions to the hairdresser was rather vague X(*

Any grumbling and protest are sincerely welcomed =P

Friday, August 18, 2006

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Get Together Day 8 : Long Lasting Camaraderie

I’m trying to wipe away the GTD 8 aftertaste by doing crappy things all over again, however those memories won’t vanish easily from deep within my mind.

Some memories could just fly away and disappear without meaning
However, certain flowing reminiscences were really meant to be kept

Image Hosted by

At the first time I was really wondering whether I could handle Group Leader’s job lightly, ever since my partner was super intimidating *pardon my inappropriateness in choosing the right word to describe=P*. While I wasn’t really mind of small recklessness, he did concern towards all piece of cake thingy. Afterwards, if there’s something wrong, I would be the innocent scapegoat. But the truth is, I do really learn from him, how to put your concern on the small things, instead of just focusing on the big one.

I stand on the starless firmament in the luminous night
Gazing determinedly towards the boundless velvet sky

What’s more? Thank God the freshmen were cooperative and courteous. It wasn’t that problematic to accommodate them for joining this event. Perhaps they’re just too shy to express their true self since we’re often lack of loudness compare to others (Afterall they’re still fresh undergraduate =P). I am truly sorry to force you screaming and yelling crazily for most of the times, however I am sure all of you could grasp the excitement =).

Image Hosted by

Hopelessly longing to tear down the sands of time
Wishing vividly to freeze the moment, in an instant

Another bunch of thanks went to the faithful senior attach, who helped us during the games, especially the one who swap our answer so that we could get the completed clue of that silly riddle, and the one who inspired us to think about ‘Bermuda Triangle’ during outdoor games. Those were good job indeed! Again, sorry to force you for crying vigorously throughout the games, I didn’t mean to hurt your precious throat =P.

In this treasured lifetime voyage, my friends,
We have destined to meet, and to get together

Thanks for making my beginning of finale not so gloomy =).

Monday, August 14, 2006

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Suikoden V : Deadly series that become my current favorite game

I intend to finish my Suikoden V during my (damn only 2 weeks) holiday. Unfortunately, its twisted and terrific storyline required gamers to spend more than 80 hours in order to obtain the best ending. Though I failed to complete it, I dare to say that Suikoden V is the most fabulous game for me, even surpassed its previous wonderful series (Final Fantasy series shall go somewhere across the universe =P).

Reasons why Suikoden V is fabulously fantastic:
(This is my own version, so any complaints will be totally ignored =P *spoiler alert*)

1) The Prince (the main protagonist) is so damn hot!
He’s the ultimate bishounen who absorb gamers’ deepest sympathy and condolences ever since he lost his own family, betrayed by the Queen’s knights (as well as his evil brother in law *damn you, Gizel Godwin!*), being accused as a traitor and got separated with his beloved sister Lymsleia *I hate this sassy spoilt brat*. Moreover, if we fail to collect 108 stars of destiny, Lyon, his lovely sworn protector will surely die *sobbing*.
By the way, his novel name is Faroush Falena. He can change more than 3 adorable clothes throughout the game.
2) The Politics
Sol Falena, -The beautiful Queendom which possessed Sun Rune as the national treasure- is being governed by a queen and also being ruled by a monarch with two noble families as its senates; Godwin and Barrows House. These make the story even more interesting. The presence of the ‘Sacred Games’ -a fighting contest to select the Queen’s husband-, the existence of nobles and gladiators as well as the presence of ‘Nether’s Gate’ -the bounty assassins employed by the Queen to get rid of her political enemies- do construct the whole complicated storyline. After all, they’re really deadly formulas to build the good plot.
3) The War Strategy
Lucretia Merces, the strategist in this series is really vicious. Her breathtaking battle strategies are really superb, though sometimes out of mind. I never find myself entertained this much when experiencing the war battle. Could you imagine, a strategist orders your army to leave your headquarters, uses the Prince as bait, and controls many other sinful plans? The only one having those horrendous plans is only Lucretia, so hail her =p!
4) The Prince’s Doppelganger
The prince has a double, and this time gamers really cannot distinguish between the real prince and his doppelganger, since they are truly similar! His name is Roy and he is in fact a thug. He hates the Prince, since he loves Lyon. In the middle of the game, if we insist not to leave headquarter, Roy will disguise himself as a prince and die when defending the castle. I think this is the best scene of the game so far.
5) The Duel
My goodness, the one in one duel often makes me super nervous. Gamers should control themselves to be cool, swift and calm at the same time when it comes to the duel. If we choose the wrong instruction, we’ll definitely lose it. I just cannot elaborate more about this aspect as you should experience it yourself.
6) The War : Ground/Naval Battle
This is really fascinating. You have your cavalry, infantry, rune archer, magician and other special forces. My blood of youth is boiling as soon as the battle commenced. I love to slaughter enemy’s army using Rune Archer and Cavalry units, and always get ‘Victory+’ points in the end of the combat. My favorite quote in this battle is: “Everybody, CHAAAARGEEE!”.

There’re still so many features that make Suikoden V astonishingly wonderful, the music, both lovable and peculiar characters, unique towns, but really I cannot mention it more than this since it’s redundant already =P.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yay, Finally an Illustrator!

My dearest soulmate is going to publish her own book! Congratulations anyway! And, what doubles my fascination is that she asked me to create every illustration for her book! (By the way did she realize that my artworks are so lousy? Just hoping that it won’t distract the sales)

As the first endorser =P (this will eventually benefit me for my future career XD), I do believe that her writings were very special compare to those so-called hip and elegant works of most adolescents writings. She’s more a poet than a novelist, a surrealist than a realist, and that will be the hardest factors to comprehend her works. Well, I just couldn’t restrain myself to unstoppably praise her when interpreting her writings, as they’re amazingly wonderful. I couldn’t say a word; instead of sincerely feeling glad that she’s already stepping outside her comfort zone to accomplish her biggest dream.

Again, congratulations for you! (And for me also, for being the –awful- freelance illustrator =P)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Leaping Towards a Glorious Semester

Did I mention earlier that I am currently enrolled in Business, specializing in Marketing? It might be hard to believe when most of my registered subjects for this semester were really incoherence with Business subjects. While all of my fellows were striving rigidly to get some Marketing subjects (let’s say ‘Service Marketing’, ‘Retail Management’ or ‘Sales Management’) to fulfill their final necessities before stepping towards the dreadful corporate world, I took English Literature subjects with all my pleasure and endless satisfaction =P. But still I have to do my Applied Research Project to be completed during this term.

Well, these are my subjects for this semester:

1) AB311 Strategic Management
This whole damn thing is definitely a pain! Strategic management is a crossover between Cost Accounting, Marketing as well as Organizational Behavior. The big portion of continual assessment, consists of Online simulation games, individual class participation, followed by written assignment and group presentation make me sick of it even before experiencing any of those tasks. The horrifying image of last lifeless semester keeps haunting me then. I’m still hoping for a benevolent tutor who’ll free me from that repression.
The online simulation game itself is the real pain! Could you imagine of managing portfolio of a company and struggling to gain the highest shareholders’ return of investment for just 2 months only? The main thing you suppose to do is either to be the first mover or followers who adopt the first mover strategies. Sadly it costs you your leisure time for 7x24 hours for 2 months!

2) HL311 Science Fiction
I’m gonna loved this subject for sure! This is the Literature subject that attracts me the most. The first reading is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, and astonishingly, it was a splendid science fiction, though I found some similarities between Shelley’s Frankenstein with Today’s Full Metal Alchemist! Perhaps that explains why I am into the Science Fiction modules, that’s hilarious enough=P.
The second reading is ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro, and I really cannot wait to find out the literary criticism of this Japanese’s famous work.

3) HL307 The New Literature in English
Er, honestly speaking I really don’t have any ideas of what is this subject going to be. The first reading is ‘A House For Mr Biswas’ by V.S. Naipaul, and it is a super long work with more than 500 pages (feels like vomiting when reading it!). The module explained that we’ll observe the traits of Literature during the Post Colonialism era in British colonies.
I do hope this subject will be quite fascinating, especially when you should spend extra bucks to buy those novels *sobbing*.

Cross your finger on me then, I am leaping towards a glorious fascinating semester (hopefully =P).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Artist : L’Arc-en-Ciel
Words : Hyde
Music : Ken

It's my destiny to run deep through
the frozen conifers,
Vainly pulling my wish close to my heart,
to the eddy of the flaming storm

Ah the light withdrawing
Ah to the scream of my pulse

I think of you so much it hurts
these arms, this chest
beyond the earth, beyond the heart
for the one I treasure... ?

Who could laugh from far down this long track?

When will we forgive one another?
When is this going to end?

It can't be stopped, there's no escape
manipulated by fantasy
I continue to run, only my hands to guide me
even if I'm headed the wrong way.

What is 'love'? What are 'lies'?
I don't know -time, merciless, closes in on me-

Now, I tear apart the calm
Now, I descend upon them...ah
Now, I set my sights
The moment I meddle.

I think of you so much it hurts
These arms, this chest
So much they freeze, so much they shiver
Only you, only you
When Spring comes, when night ends
to that sky, in that place
Faster than anyone,
as I run through the dark
Will we really be united?

What is 'love'? What are 'lies' ?
I don't know...
All I know is, I miss you, and only you


Even though I often overjoyed hearing this song,
I never really thought that I was sharing the same emotion, same sensation
As painful as those in the lyrics above

The sentiment of overwhelming inside this chest,
This throbbing, burning affectionately
Was it tenderness? Was it agony?
After looking back through the past memories
Suddenly I managed to recall

It was ‘pain’
And was painful as it was