Sunday, October 30, 2005

Let's get started READY STEADY GO!

Peers, i made this post before starting my exam period. I guessed about the end of October. Nothing to say, nor nothing to expect, i just wanted to flood up my new blog. Take ur time and enjoy urself! ^O^

Exam is coming nearer, and it is really frustrating. I cannot bear the catastrophic tempest in my brain, also cannot afford this worrying heartbeat. Some people said having 5 of course struggle in this semester is not really depressing. But hey, please remember the discrepancies of our brain power and capacity.

Let's further elaborate more about those culprits!

1) BM212~Cross Cultural Buyer Behavior
A core subject for Marketing student. Still, my mind is going tardy when facing this subject. This consumer behavior study is a collaboration of Psychology, Marketing and Organisational Behavior (extremely complicated although it might not seem as it is *sigh*) Moreover, the exam worth 50% only! And it may demolish my hope to get a good mark, pondering that my assignments are really disastrous.Erm.. hopefully i can get tranquility when i work for the exam.

2)LG80~German lv 1
The biggest impediment for this sem! I should know before that i'm not really inclined to take languange subject! And that intention has showed its vengeance.I'm fed up with German already. German is really tedious (for me, at least)! If i can repudiate it, i will certainly drop it. No excuse! But then again, no regret is allowed. Finally i should deliberately put an extra effort to overcome this detriment. Next time i will stipulate my study plan better and consider it very carefully. Let's hope for the best T_T.

3)HL102~Surveys of English Literature
I love Shakespeare. I like John Milton. I adore Geoffrey Chaucer..Yes. Indeed.Nevertheless, that doesn't really mean that i should extract their works words by words and line by line. That should make a fuss in my crowdie schedule. Sometimes Lits are elusive, otherwise they are boring. Thus i'm just starting today to catch up the material~oh good! (it seems i'm only mourning over and over again from the 1st line X( ).My finale, i like Lits, but unfortunately my poor English has been my major drawbacks in facing Lits. Crossed your finger to help me overcome this exam, k? =p

4)AB213~Research Methods
The exam worth 30% only, i remain speechless. This is the second layer of Statistic subject. Fulfilled with lots of analysis and descriptive studies. Sadly, my quiz is another disaster for this subject.I afraid my courseworks aren't sufficient enough to cover my mark. Moreover, i even haven't touched it until this sec. Oh yes, perhaps starting tommorow isn't really a bad idea. Thanks for reminding me to gaze at this baleful subject! T_T

5)BM211~International Business Environment
My overall impression in this subject is quite ok. It helps broaden your knowledge about how the MnC's gained success for conducting business in some unanticipated countries. However, the materials are overwhelming, the case studies are boundless, and the problem solvings are very extensive! Thus i'm getting anxious day by day. After all, this open book exam is on the last day. I cannot say a word, let's save the best for the last!

6)AB214~Business and Managerial Communication
Talk, speech, presentation, report, memo, formal letter, email, participation, how to express your mind in courtesy, how to behold your company in certain circumstances and conditions...Good News : No exam! I'm soaring to heaven, yayayaya!Bad News : worst written assignment, disastrous presentation, horrible class participation, poor grammar, dreadful speech, devastating way of communication! (huh, did i mention all? XD)

Yea yea that's all folks. Again, good luck for your exam. Let's hope for the best. Enjoy your exam time. Remember, freedom is waiting ahead! Hahaha XD.

Let's get started for the exam!
Let's get started READY STEADY GO! =p

Hey! Finally I've made a second blog! In the midst of distress and woe I intend to erect something to boost up my mood. My infectious blogger friends have made me choose blogspot to express my dull mind. After attempting FS blog, i move out to another blog provider, hoping that this new field would be more colorful than my first generation XD.

Actually i despise myself for being so poor in English (both oral and written, indeed!). My Biz Communication tutor always encourage me to write and speak in English as much as possible. Still, in this dismay situation i keep feel deterring and discourage. What i'm trying to say is : don't directly blame myself if you find any gramatical errors or unnecessary phrases in this text. I bear no malice towards anybody who reads it, truly XD.

And from now on, my tale of woe and bliss will be continued...