Sunday, April 30, 2006

Personal Astrology Profile

Well, basically i frequently refuse to trust any astrological stuffs and such. It's not more than just flowery nonsense to flat yourself up (woo hoo, what a skeptical pointview!). However, this time certain astrology tests are quite bothersome for me, since the results more or less elaborate my extended self. Enough to be said, i'm frustrated with the results (In fact I am not that weirdo T_T)

Results :

The Inner You: Your Real Motivation
At heart you are very gentle, impressionable, and receptive -a dreamer. The world of your imagination, feelings, and intuition is as real to you as anything in the outer world, though you may have trouble verbalizing or interpreting your inner experiences in a way others can understand. Mystical, artistic, musical, emotional and imaginative, you have a rich inner life, though you may seem rather unobtrusive and quiet outwardly. You usually keep to yourself.

Mental Interests and Abilities
You are more of a poet than a rational scientist, for your mind does not function in a strictly logical, linear fashion. The language of music, art, or poetry is natural to you, and you are also able to think in highly abstract and symbolic terms. Translating your thoughts and impressions into concrete, everyday language may be difficult for you at times and consequently you may appear less intelligent or at least less quick-witted and verbal than others. This was especially true of you as a child, and you probably daydreamed a good deal also.

You are intuitive and are able to sense what others' thoughts and feelings are, even before they say anything to you. You often form an opinion about a person or situation without much factual knowledge of them, and your impressions are usually correct. You can be somewhat absent-minded and you become so immersed in your own thoughts that you overlook things in your immediate, tangible environment.

You are extremely open-minded and believe that anything is possible. Intangible or spiritual forces seem just as real to you as anything in the concrete world. Your imagination and your sympathetic understanding of other people are two of your greatest gifts.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ode To The Killing Field

Certain are my steps, with my courage burning wild
Though the flashlight of hell, emerges madly
Precise are my sight, through my passion keeping cry
Death is within my whole cell, casts crazily

Kill oh Kill
I said, killing me softly
Kiss ah Kiss (nani? Kuchizuke? O_o)
You said, kiss me deadly

Do you realize we’re dreaming in treachery? (Oh beholder of deceitfulness)
*We, marching desperately through the killing field
Time goes everlastingly, swaying for eternity
Together, chanting the ode of the killing field
Miseries approach eventually, sinners shout gloomily

Conceiting darkness, accomplishes desolated heart
Inside the torturing chamber, wishes to freeze the time
Blows the lethal breeze, in where the devil can comprehend
Within the boiled cell-brain, laments do come late

*We, igniting the light against neverending foolishness
Now and then, will incite over the flaming humankind
Together, burying in miserable stupidity, alas!
‘If only I can get one more chance’, said victims who blind

Sing oh Sing
I howl divine exclamation again and again
Wink oh Wink (wink? O_o)
You recite the silent prayers always and always

Do you believe we’ll end shortly after? (Oh confession of the graveyard)

*We, marching desperately through the killing field
Time goes everlastingly, swaying for eternity
Together, chanting the ode of the killing field
Misery approaches eventually, sinners shout gloomily

Oh.. Ode to the killing field
Oh.. March to the killing field


This is not-more-than-20-minutes lyrics written (and NOT STUDYING ACCOUNTING X(... FOOL!!). Nonetheless this lyrics express my feeling ;_;.
Please please please, do cross your finger on me, in preparing for the ultimate battle, the final massacre, the fiercest war against AA102 : Cost Management T_T, only on Friday.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Recently, I often dreamt about any uncanny things. In the first and foremost dream, it felt like I had an alter ego who supposed to jeopardize people around me. At the very end, my alter ego killed some people periodically, and i ended up being the most wanted serial killer in the entire Singapore *sweatdrop*. The so called "catch me if you can" scene had been very thrilling and exciting over the whole dream. It seems that the other side of me had intrigued my true self for somewhat reasons -_-".

The second and the most worst dream portrayed the first day of my internship, whereby i came up very late to the office, and they had mistaken me as a cleaning service officer! Instead of firing me, the HR manager changed my department and job responsibility to the Cleaning Service department as a sanction. You know what, at the end of my dream, i was cleaning and brushing the dirtiest restroom within the building T_T.

In the last dream, it seemed like i was hanging around Orchard road (if i wasn't mistaken), and thus recognized somebody pass me by. Then I was surprisingly screamed, "Gakuto samaaaaaaa" -_-".

Yes, it was Gackt, the ex-vocalist of Malice Mizer. I shamelessly asked him to sign my shirt, and we ended up hanging out together. However, he supposed to runaway somewhere since lots of his female fans were chasing after him abruptly -_-".

These was the silliest dream i've ever had. Naturally it was unavoidable ever since i watched so many PV of Gackt and Malice Mizer before sleeping -_-".

Friday, April 14, 2006

Exam Fever

Someone told me just now :

"Jika malam ini cerah , maka bulan dan bintang bisa jadi menemanimu belajar,
tetapi jika mendung dan hujan, maka jangan semangatmu hanyut!!
Karena aku insyallah berdoa demi kesuksesanmu dan semuanya ..."

Thanks for being so inspiring at all times =).
All the best for your everything...

Thursday, April 06, 2006


“Don’t sweat the small stuff(s)”, quoted somebody, and yes I did agree.

But once the term ‘stuff’ turns to a matter of ‘weight’-body weight, to be more specific -, I turn out to be awfully sensitive! To be honest, I confess that I hate those silly-dorky-stupid bunches of female magazines which are proudly campaigning the art of the perfect body form. Please do avoid to judge people only based on their body proportion and how well they conceal their face by chunky make up, it is mere irritating >_<.

During exams period, adrenaline really gave importance to fully control our actions. My fatal problem is my adrenaline couldn’t stand to devour greasy supper endlessly every night. In committing that ‘crime’, I always tell myself that I ought to study hard, and thus badly need massive energy to support those hefty schoolworks.
I think I might end up ballooning at the very end. No more repent is allowed.

Does NTU have an exact weight? I found too many variances (or standard deviation?) in every weight I tried.