Thursday, March 26, 2009

Holy Scythe!!! I mistakenly erased my Bandung trip pictures ;__;

I went to Bandung during the long long weekend in the beginning of March, and catched up with some old-friends. We were so outspoken during online encounter, but why it felt so awkward when we met in person?


Lie xD

It only happenned in a minute, the next second, the chemistry came to emerge pretty easily *LOL*

Having said that, I don't think that a digital encounter could deprive a real-life rendezvous!

Sinar Penghancur!!! *pip pip pip*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To my dearest Agent:

I NOT STUPID!!!! -Error in purpose, don't bombard me


I read Business Law for one semester, and it went well even for a college freshman. Despite the atrocious English speech, i was a debater too! Don't ever mess around with me with all the bullshits, foxy schemes and fake assumptions, as I am ready anytime to take you down at the court!
On the more constructive note, please furnish your English so as to comprehend the law terms!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

On NTU-stabbing frenzy

My deepest condolences to David. Hope he rest in peace.

It was around 3 PM when NTU’s President Su Guaning sent email to NTU Community, brought up the concern courteously, referred to such incident as ‘tragic accident’, and consecutively utilized well-mannered dictions as follow: ‘fell of’ instead of ‘jumped’, ‘attacked’ instead of ‘stabbed’, et cetera et cetera. The way he brought up the issues is so noble until I really saw it as a tragedy instead of crime! And he said that NTU will formally pronounce the name of the student right after they have face-to-face meeting with the parents. It is a courteous gesture to respect both the family members as well as the closest friends of David! That’s a decent speech from a dignified man for you .

On the other hand, I am very pissed off toward the shameless and uncivilized Indonesian media such as They overtly publicized what they shouldn’t, despite the due diligence of press –I wonder if it’s existed in Indonesia though. Detiknews publicized the name before the chronicle is formally announced, as well as openly wrote about the incident over and over (please refer to Indonesia’s cheap celebrity gossip webpage, they wrote it that way). Is that how they supposed to treat their countrymen? Despite the actual facts or the timeliness, I still think that it can potentially create a blunder (as Detiknews is infamously known for) since they write something still doubtful. In the end I found the news became pretty much biased, judgmental and opinionated. Not to mention some harsh commentaries from fellow Indonesians as follow:

1. “C’mon, it’s just NTU, not Cambridge or MIT or Harvard. What do you think if he study there? He’ll carry a bazooka and slaughter people!”

Hey you have not even graduated from school and dare to say that? And if you are really a graduate, which University are you from? Could you stop all the unconstructive criticisms (read: bullshit!) please? And if thou art really a Harvard graduate, pity that you have lost your compassion and are not civilized enough to comprehend such tragedy!

2. “He just brings shame to the country. Now Indonesia’s image has been stained. Thanks to him!”

Hello? Who are you to say that? What have you contributed to Indonesia? -I bet it’s just a random bullshit on the crappy forums. That Indonesian student represented the country at the International Mathematics Olympiad 2006 in Mexico, was an ASEAN Scholar, and worked his ass off to flourish the image of the country. In case thou art really a Warren Buffet-level or Alan Greenspan’s league who are in a capacity to judge him, please understand that every individual is unique, and you cannot force your way of thinking to others!

3. “Suicide is a stupid thing and he is a fool. I bet that he’s not devoted to God.”

Dear Mr/Mrs Preacher, are you a Heaven admission committee? Are you really in a capacity to judge the good/bad deeds? It’s about him and God (and not you in between). I loathe to death if people start talk as if they are the man closest of being a God. It’s super sickening.

Sincerest apologies if I am really in a very bad mood today. But I really mean my words above!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

25 Random Things

Recopy from Facebook xP. And i am not inclined to tag any friends, coz it would be a nuisance.

Let's roll it!

1. I still think Hyde is a sexgod and staring at his live performance evokes visual orgasm =p (puh lease he's already 40)
visual orgasm material xD

2. I am not an early riser, I am a sleeping monster who can sleep everytime everywhere. I have spent a night comfortably at Kobenhavn's Kastrup Airport, Athens airport, Charles de Gaulle airport and fallen asleep at Musee du Louvre! xD

Zzzzzz everywhere

3. One of my biggest accomplishment in life is to be able to watch L'Arc-en-Ciel L'7 Concert in Hongkong in May 2008!

Nosebleed day

4. Due to wrong flightbooking, I spent a night in Paris alone at Charles-de-Gaulle airport. My last attempt to sleep at the prayer room failed, and so did the plan to sleep at the emergency staircase. Finally I ended up sleeping at the departure hall. I got countless eyes stared at me right after I opened my eyes. This was the biggest struggle in my life to sleep comfortably!

5. Berlin as a city always stimulates me intellectually; and keeps me pondering about the fallacy of socialism as well as the jewish's grandeur exodus. I heart the neverending historical dispute between socialism vs capitalism

Reichstag wooo!

6. I am a greek-geek and was a bit dissapointed to find out that Ancient Agora and Panthenon in Athens are just mere ruins ;__; (I WANNA SEE THE REAL THING LIKE THOSE DEPICTED IN SAINT SEIYA PLEASE!!!!)

7. Despite the temperature of just 33C degrees, I got severe dehydration on my 4th day in Greece, and ended up overheated at the hotel room

8. I am prone to injuries. I always hurt myself at least once a day. Be it a papercut or random stumbled upon something. And i am not a masochist! I think I am just... unlucky =(

9. I heart my current haircut xD

so cupu T_T

10. I can be a hardworker when I want to; but most of the time I am an acute lazybone. However, the hardworking side of me only appears once in a blue moon.

11. While Stockholm is probably one of the most safest city, my MP3 Player got stolen there ;__;

12. My all-time favourite anime/manga should have bishounens, boys' love, blood, psychological-thrill, unrequited love, blood, boys' love, bishounens, murders, and did i mention boys' love? I think platonic love is so pretty!

My most anticipated manga, bwahahahaha

13. I cried several times during Naruto's Sasuke Retrieval Arc and Uchiha Princes' grandeur combat (all hail Uchihacest!). I also cried almost 7 times when crybaby Kira has yet to turn godlike in Gundam Seed.

oh divine brotherly love! TT 3 TT

14. I think Lisbon is one of the most beautiful city in Europe

Oh so ancient, and secluded! i lurve!

15. I watched Shakespeare's Othello at Vienna's Opera House for 5 Euro, and cried -while its conducted in Italiano and I didnt understand a word. Sh*t! Why i sound like an extreme crybaby =__=

Tribute to Mozart ^o^

16. My childhood dream is to be a Manga Artist, my secondary-school dream is to be a lawyer and my high-school dream is to be a journalist. Now I am working my way to be a Manga Artist cum Lawyer cum Journalist xD

17. I often spend my Sunday sit comfortably over a cup of latte at the National Library; read random books -ranging from psycho-disorder theme to 'sewing for dummies' xD

a cup of latte costs $3 at Galilea Cafe

18. My friends have countless weird monickers of me, but i like 'Apret' the most

19. I think of my highschool era as the bloody nightmare I can never wake up from. Nevertheless, my high-school friends have been the most important people in my life!

20. I want to lead my life like Luffy does! Do random adventure, and live life to the fullest! Im soo strawhat's nakama wannabe T_T

Future Pirate King!

21. I wonder why Indonesians are so kaypoh. Being a busybody will only injure your self-esteem sometimes

22. I am suck at Maths and Sciences (well, basically at almost all subjects T_T). I am clueless and a slow-learner. If people around me embodied BMW, Audy or Ferrari, then I would take the role of a bajaj. But bajaj never gives up ne? ;)

23. I am not an anti-social, but i find it hard to keep the bonds of camaraderie. I am not good at maintaining relationship -i think im a hi-bye friend =(

hey you all, please be my friends still!

24. Tegar once said that I am fragile and I second this. My self esteem can easily plunge sometimes -even more volatile than the current stockmarket, but it can radically soar up too high. Enough said that I am an emotional rollercoaster

25. I cosplayed gothic-lolita on Singapore Animefest'08 @ Suntec City *LOL*

sakit jiwaaa xD