Sunday, June 29, 2008

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention : Suntec City, 27-29 June 2008

I managed to catch this event! Even though I didn’t have much time to look around, I have fulfilled my primary purpose : to pose with some cosplayers and take pictures.


SD Gundam Force!

Haruhi Suzumiya! Kawaiiiiiiiii!!!

Kaoru/Hikaru Hitachiin? Kakkoiiiii!

Metal Gear Solid?

this is gosh-darn cute!

these androginy dolls cost a bomb T_T

It was unfortunate that I am in rush, otherwise I can spend couple of hours fooling around in the convention! I really want to browse around some cool booths of local artists as they are really inspiring :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Goblin Awakening

This is a whinning post.

Baru pulang dari KL, dengan keadaan super tepar dengan mood pengen makan orang.

Sengaja nulis pake bahasa indo yang nggak jelas se-nggak jelasnya supaya oknum2 di kantor ngga ngerti, huahaha. Akhirnya jebol juga pertahanan 'ga bakal nulis blog dalam bahasa indonesia'!

Bulan ini, ada empat kali presentasi, empat kali perjalanan bisnis, empat kali lipat penderitaan bikin laporan dan analisa, empat kali bertemu orang2 gila yang menyebut dirinya klien. Oh betapa sudah berapa ember air mata dan darah kutumpahkan untuk kalian2 semua....

1) Apabila mengerjakan analisa dengan baik, tak ada satupun penghargaan mampir
2) Apabila mengerjakan analisa dengan kurang baik, maka badai angin taufan puting beliung akan melanda fisik dan mental selama beberapa hari
3) Apabila mengerjakan analisa dengan SALAH, maka bersiaplah ambil tali dan gantung diri (self service)
4) Apabila ambil cuti lamaan dikit, teror mulai melanda; dari mulai ancaman2 serius sampe ancaman2 super serius
5) Apabila lapor ke bos kalau kerjaan terlalu banyak dan tidak bisa dikontrol lagi, maka didaulat kalau 'tidak bisa kerja!', 'tidak efektif kerjanya!', 'masa kerjain gitu aja lama banget, dasar bego!'
6) Apabila pulang tiap hari jam 10-11 malam, dan sabtu-minggu kerja, tak ada yang peduli, tak ada yang tahu, dan ketika masuk kantor paginya telat sejam, maka semua orang akan tahu dan bersiaplah masuk ke Chamber of Gas dengan bos tercinta sebagai pengeksekusi
7) Apabila bos melakukan kesalahan, kesalahannya langsung dioper ke kita dengan cepat dan rapi dengan konsekwensi berkali lipat
8) Apabila kita melakukan kesalahan, bos tutup mata tutup telinga dan bikin review jelek tentang 'associate saya yang bego itu bla bla bla bla' sambil bersiap meng-guillotine

I am seriously going insane! I want to eat people!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hyde's New Solo Project : VAMPS

Ohhh.... i smell intense yaoiness *ogles at my accumulated VAMPS pics*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

So Typical So Boring…

This post is dedicated to my sister who has secured a place in UGM – Accountancy.

Congratulation, Sis – even though I know that you won’t be reading this. Perhaps you don’t realize that I have been so envious of you! You possessed something that I am lacking of, which is perseverance and brain, and ability to conform. Unlike the moron yet adventurous me with tendency to jump prematurely into doing weird things, you can cope really well with your things and finish it smoothly. (inner self : Damn you lucky brainiac! Nerd! Geek! WTF with scoring almost 9 in all subject of the Final Exam and averaging almost 8.5 in the report card? You make me look even dumber! I always took remedial tests for lethal science subjects, and it occurred EVERY bloody semester! Do you think it’s fair? Hah? Haaaahh???)

The Moron and The Nerd

People said, like father like son, like mother like daughter (I made the latest one, whatever). All of my family members have destined to lead the path of an Accountant except for Yours Truly T_T. This family issue has been so typical and so boring for me. With Father being a Public Accountant, Mother has been a Corporate Accountant, Sister being an Undergraduate in Accountancy (and me being a fail business graduate). I think I am the only one going astray. In fact I got admitted into Business faculty by lucky coincidence. Initially I planned to enroll to Art Faculty in Bandung *grin*.

I think life will be merrier if the family composition satisfies the following :
- Father : Bio-molecular scientist experimenting on Frankenstein-look-alike
- Mother : Policewomen in seemingly 'The X-Files'-case department
- Me : Secret Agent cum Gundam Pilot cum Rock Singer (greedy? I am!)
- Sister : Nerd (that suits you, it wont change :p)


Okay, sorry, I will wake up.

But seriously yes, instead of doing the same thing everyday, that will only profit gigantic firms and certain conglomerates; I think it’s the time to move on, to give back to the society and the countrymen. Yet, to where shall I jump will be a big question mark. I must get out from this comfort zone as soon as possible. And I am currently trying….

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I was deadly swamped with work and fatigue from business trip in the past few weeks, hence, my sincerest apology for not updating this for a very long time.

Ladies and Gents, this is Apratz’ most anticipated posting EVER!

L’Arc-en-Ciel L’7 Tour Live In Hongkong Report !

Day 1 : Friday, 23 May 2008

Work is getting ridiculous in terms of everything. Clients are very demanding, Superiors set too high expectation, timeline is too tight and I myself have problem in touching up with everything. I am a human too, and not a bulky machinery that can be used as Thou please! Yixian and I worked until 12 AM while we will have a flight at 6 AM in the morning! We almost missed our flight since our body can’t awake that early…

Behold, our eyebags T_T!!!

After so many hiccups, we were able catch the flight. Surprisingly, we noticed so many Singaporeans inside the flight intending to go for L’Arc’s concert too, since some of them dressed in prominent grotesque gothic.

In Bus to Hongkong island. Sleep deprived state!

By the time we reached Hongkong at around 12 PM, we were super duper tired. We rushed to our hostel to get proper rest and recharged our energy for tommorow concert. After just 2-3 hours of so-called beauty sleep, we catched up with Chu Yang (Yixian's friend) in Causeway Bay who treated us very decent Hongkong cuisine dinner. Then he brought us around Causeway Bay area to enlighten us about what to shop later.

Times Square- Causeway Bay

Apratz, Yixian, and the sacred tickets :p

Looks like Hongkong mafia movie in 80's, no?

Day 2 : Saturday, 24 May 2008

D Day!

Intending to go earlier to get limited goods of L’Arc-en-Ciel, but surprisingly; the queue was already damn long by the time we reached Asia World Expo. There’s no way that we wasted our time just to queue for a super costly t-shirt!

DVDs, hehe

In exchange, Yixian and I hunted for cheap Live DVD instead *grin*. They came up sweetly with a special poster of the Hongkong Concert.

This is only 3 PM, while the concert will only start at 8 PM -_-"

Booth selling DVDs and CDs

Yixian signed the banner :p

... then me signing

Cielers from China

With Pam and her sister -facebook friend who helped us grabbing the tickets. Thanks a million!

Bringing camera inside the venue is definitely a no-no in every live concert, and not to mention L’Arc-en-Ciel! Luckily my fangirl instinct saved the day! I hide it somewhere in my cosmetic case so that camera could safely enter the venue! I managed to salvage the camera!

Get Out From The Shell!

The concert is finally started with ‘Get Out From The Shell’, voiced beautifully by our sex god Hyde. We turned into frenzy fangirl mode after seeing Hyde’s effeminate face in the big screen.

aaa visual orgasm!

This is our current exclamation:

What is Hyde? SEX!
What is Sex? HYDE!

His voice is sex! You can feel it through your ear.
His every move is sex! You can taste it though your eyes.
His scream is sex! You can sense it through your heart.

Everything about him is so so so so very deadly sexy! He is so addictive! The concert is totally a visual orgasm for both of us!

He is probably a vampire -too sexy to be true *_*

Creepy things are, Hyde looked like he doesn’t age! He was still the same as the past SMILE concert in 2004 –and looked even hotter! Sometimes I wondered that he might be a vampire who maliciously drained mental energy from the audience in order to gain eternal youthfulness. Who knows? *start fantasizing*


I was really thankful that I made the right decision to come for the concert. People might think that I am crazy and wasting money, but hey, I am a conscious working adult, and I paid everything with my hardwork. I have been waiting for 7 years to watch their Live concert, and thank God I had been given a chance to watch them. I am really very thankful :)

Fanservice during 'Killing Me'

I managed to record small part of ‘Driver’s High’ until my body can’t deny to dance and unison with the music! And so I kept dancing during ‘Seventh Heaven’, ‘Daybreak’s Bell’ and ‘Caress of Venus’.

Hyde MCing in Cantonese

Yixian started to pour tears during ‘Kasou’ and ‘Forbidden Lover’. She still can’t believe that she is there, watching them LIVE. It continued with ‘Honey’ and ‘Winterfall’. And they had ‘P’Unk-en-Ciel’ in ‘Stay Away’! They are so damn talented! Bands and singers come and go very often just because they are not supported with sufficient talent, and L’Arc-en-Ciel proved their existence until today not just because of talent and gift, but also hardwork!

Ethereal scene of 'Anata'

We were so high and went mad in ‘Revelation’, ‘Ready Steady Go’ and ‘Link’, but we felt extremely sad when ‘Anata’, the last song was played. This is the end of the surreal feeling. After it finished, we will have to go back to reality and leave this fantasy world.

Oh ah why such a darling face!

The concert ended.

But our heart was still there.

We didn’t want the concert to end! We wanted to stop the time and be in that night for eternity! (Nay, I’m exaggerating, but you should have known my feelings. The feeling of that night is still overwhelming even until now. I’m so happy with just having a slight recall of that night. I am so proud of being a Cieler and I sincerely thank God for everything.

Day 3 and Day 4 : Sunday-Monday, 25-26 May 2008

We went to Sino Center, famous for being Hongkong’s Akihabara, and spent like hundreds for DVD concert and some cute stuffs for gift

It's like small authentic ramen restaurant in Japan

very cheap but super decent Jap food

All in Chinese, I can't read. Lucky got Yixian with me :)

Things we got from Hongkong's Akihabara. Yixian's DBSK stuffs and my L'Arc's stuffs

Central area!

Looks like Singapore's CBD

Met Yixian’s friend in the evening and spotted Hongkong’s magnificent night skyscrapers in Central area.



Hongkong's famous beefsoup

Gifts and stuffs i bought

Day 5 : Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Time to go back to the living hell. We didn't want to leave Hongkong! Hongkong has huge resemblance to Japan –just that the people there are speaking Cantonese! Guys are cute and girls are very fashionable. And everything there is cheap, especially the food! Yes, called us dumbass since we went to Hongkong without even trying Dim Sum coz we went for Japanese food instead.

I will definitely go back to Hongkong If I can. For the guys and for the good food *grin*.