Friday, November 20, 2009

I didnt mean to abandon the blog, just that the overwhelming presence of Facebook, Twitter and the such had impeded me to write in this medium.

Anyway, my old computer in which i kept my shitty arts has long been dead. I coincidentally stumbled upon an old art, made when i was still in-between job in Singapore. It is a pity that i couldnt do any kind of graphic design in my brand new HP mini 2133, since the processor's performance is tad too weak. Maybe it is the right time to sharpen my manual skill in arts.

I am artistically productive when I have nothing to do x(

* Speaking of psychological framework, this post is a form of self-denial. My scattered brain is no longer able to digest any rigorous academic paper nor write a proposal with scientific approach, hence the post :(

** I once promised myself to enroll to a part-time diploma program in manga-writing or animation design when I reach Japan. I am in Tokyo now and still have to postpone the plan until-God-knows-when :(.

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kyotoben said...

nice :)

i like it, maybe u should change ur major to art or so :)