Sunday, August 02, 2009

Jakarta: an unspoken truth

Jakarta regional authority budgets a 28-billion rupiah custom house for the Vice Governor, claiming that the amount is reasonably cheap for a Vice-Governor level. The Vice Governor too, supports this decision, stating that the house's strategic location would help him to work closer with the Governor on a daily basis.
source: detiknews

At the same time, displacement happened in Cengkareng, West of Jakarta. The picture envisaged a child trying to find his pencil for school tommorow. This is just a random displacement captured by media, there are still numerous displacements happen beyond media attention.
source: detikfoto

Could we at least reduce this hypocrisy please?


jensen99 said...

Oh well, saya tak tau biayanya berapa, tapi Wagub disini (Papua) bangun sekaligus rumah dinas (macam istana), rumah pribadi (gak kalah mewahnya), dan sambil semua dikerjakan kontrak rumah temennya 1,2M setahun. Semua biaya provinsi, tentu saja.

BTW pakabar mbaksis? Baru kesini lagi, habis hiatus 2 bulan lebih :P

Zawa said...

Huuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa lama gak main kesini, gmn kabarnya ayu? :)