Friday, June 12, 2009


What do you need, in order to prove that you are more capable than others?

I would say, credentials....

As a strong believer of meritocracy, I won't admit a person to have a native level of English unless he could bring a perfect TOEFL/IELTS score as an evidence; to be capable of reading 1000 kanjis, unless he could bring a JLPT level 2 certificate; to have an expert level of monetary economics unless he graduated with Masters/Doctorate level in Economics.

Having said that, If I were to choose a leader, I will choose those with accountable credentials, such as good track records or outstanding achievements in their fields. I would choose those who are proven to be better than I am. Show me your resume, prove it, and there you have my respects :).

And as long as I am still sane, I won't admit under-achieved leader candidates with no academic credentials. I am a scholar, and I won't chose any leader with no scholastic ability! How come you believe on someone with less capability than you are -using a credential as an indicator.

There are so many intellegent people being a Public Relation for that mentioned candidate, and I couldnt help but to think that they made a stupid move. I would say it is like a college student choosing a secondary school student to be a president for their Student Union.

Isnt it stupid?

I guess Indonesia's political situation is hard to fit the common sense though. I hope it's really a common sense, and not just my self-proclaimed-know-it-all-sense.


Anonymous said...

Thought you are judging person by his/her cover...without giving chances to those who may not have briliant degree, then how could you find a more precious diamond that is never known if you just open your eyes on the diamond at jewelry store. A great leader came from the society who don't look at the credentials.

Apret said...

i dont care whether im being judgmental or not; we were talking about a person that would lead around 250 millions people, a candidate presidency in whom the future of the country is being determined, and not just 'leader' in common.

how could u judge a great leader quantitatively or qualitatively if not based on the credentials? lets put it in this way, there were 2 presidential candidates, one is a Harvard graduate and one did not even graduate from University. I would choose the first without further ado, because i use my common sense :)